Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong is everyone’s crush back in the 1990s. He rose to international prominence as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and the lead guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day. To his credit, he is known for his child-like innocent face.

So when he becomes a girl, he will still be carrying that handsome look, turning it into a gorgeous lady. Douglas Campbell said that with his beauty, he would date either the man or woman version of him. Undeniably, he is stunning either way. Some said that he looks like Elizabeth Gillies to a certain degree, while others compared her to his fellow rock band vocalist Amy Lee from Evanescence.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is no ordinary actress— she is also a businesswoman. It looks like she was born to make a name, not only in the entertainment world but also in business. We all know her for her good looks and her pleasing personality, which could help her be a good boss to her employees.

What if Gwyenth is man? Will he have the looks of being an intimidating boss? Well, if Gywneth was a man, she will still have this well-respected aura—a look that says she’s everyone’s friend, with her friendly smile. Her employees are undoubtedly grateful to have a boss like her. She might have granted them excellent benefits, which they could use to put up investments of their own. If the Face App has taught us anything, it’s that anything’s possible!

Tom Hiddleston

Avid fans of the Marvel franchise will surely recognize Tom Hiddleston for his role as Loki in The Avengers. He has gained a massive following because of his exceptional portrayal of the trickster Norse god. But in real life, the degree of difference between Loki and Tom is very far. In fact, Stan Lee has even called him the nicest guy on Earth. It’s safe to say that Tom’s already huge fan base will be tripled if he was a girl. In this swap, Tom looks like a well-respected woman whose advocacy is to spread love and unity to the world, as commented by a fan. His girl version has similarities with Kate Middleton – well except for the hair.

Chris Hemsworth

Almost half of the female population has been charmed by Chris Hemsworth’s charisma. Who would not be swayed? Well, this is all possible with his good looks, his blue eyes, and his charming personality. He is every woman’s dream; if not, every guy at least wants to be him. If Chris were a woman, will he still possess the same charm? Credits to his excellent looking features, Chris looks even more stunning with long golden locks and those ever-captivating eyes. Though, to be honest, this doesn’t look much different from his character as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Regardless, he is, without a doubt, a fine-looking dame.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Men and women alike love Robert Downey Jr.— even young girls like him more than his much-younger son. Well, if you are as hot as Tony Stark in real life, it will never be a big surprise. But what if he becomes a woman?

His female doppelganger will be equally as beautiful as his wife, Susan, only much better. Although there is no way that Robert looks like a Latino, one commenter said that his girl version looks like a very sexy Latina – in line with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria. To his credit, Robert is undeniably a stunner if he becomes a woman. A lot of female celebrities should be thankful that he is a guy!

Scarlet Johansson

Many fans of Scarlet admired her beauty as well as her fantastic acting skills. She has starred in numerous movies, wherein she all portrayed her roles perfectly. She is so gorgeous that every hairstyle could fit her, making us wonder how she may look like if she were a boy. Well, she would probably be still as hot as she is right now, and it would not be a big surprise if she would sweep every woman of their feet. Credits to this app, we get to see how her boy version looks! Her male version undoubtedly still possesses an admirable beauty. Although we still prefer Scarlet as a girl, and we love her as she is.

Conor Mcgregor

We often see this man in a ring, with his fierce looks showing he is ready to knock down anyone. But behind those aggressive looks, Conor is one good looking man. He is undeniably attractive— and his looks could even pass for an actor! What if this fierce good-looking guy becomes a woman? Well, thanks to this app, we get to see how that’s possible. His female version is the definition of perfect— with a perfect smile and an overall innocent face. Although his female version looks unexpected to a certain degree, it still made sense since he is gorgeous.

Gordon Ramsay

Well, it is kind of hard to judge Gordon Ramsay’s female version with that stare. We all know the famous celebrity chef for his bluntness, short temper, strictness, and cursing when it comes to judging aspirant chefs on the TV series Hell’s KitchenThe F Word, and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Anyhow, his gender swap result showed that he looks like Amy Schumer to some degree, and some said that he has similarities with Marie Winningham’s looks. In fact, it seems like nothing has dramatically changed with his looks, only that he has long hair and a more feminine touch, making his face a little soft, although he still looks mad— just kidding.

Gerard Way

Millennials surely know Gerard Way as the emo guy who sings his heart out, being the vocalist of My Chemical Romance. He was every emo girl’s dream guy when they were young, that is for sure. Now, if you turn Gerard into a woman, he will look like an emo college girl— but definitely a lovely one. Some said that he looked like Christina Ricci when she was young. If you can remember, Ricci was given credit for the role of Wednesday Addams.

He will have a much lighter complexion, soft features, shaved eyebrows, and, of course, his trademark eyeliner. As the singer behind the hit song Helena, some named his woman counterpart, Helene.

Adam Sandler

This gender-swap seems familiar, and most probably, anyone could have seen it already. Well, this only looks like the Jack and Jill movie, in which Adam portrayed both titular characters. The aura seems so much alike– except for the hair. We somehow have seen Adam as a woman with softer features before. Many have surely laughed with him as he played numerous comedic parts, including the twins in this film. However, Adam looks better in this gender-swap than in the movie Jack and Jill. He looks like a well-respected woman and looks like a madame whose high status in life will never opt for a money loan.