Famous Historical Personalities You Might Not Know Identified as LGBTQ

Despite prevailing misunderstandings, homosexuality has been a part of human history for as long as it has been recorded. Throughout the ages, many influential figures, some of whom we learn about in school, might have identified as queer. While some were open about their sexuality, others remained more reserved, often due to the legal and societal constraints of their time. The historical personalities mentioned here include renowned authors, actors, royalty, politicians, and even a US President.

Leonardo da Vinci

The masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, including the renowned Mona Lisa, are celebrated worldwide. Adding another layer of intrigue to this legendary artist’s life are speculations about his sexuality. Historians believe that the foundation of these speculations may have been rooted in two accusations of ‘sodomy’ directed at him. Considering Florence’s reputation as a center for LGBTQ activity during that era, such assumptions might have some basis.

While many believe the rumors about his sexuality to be true, the debate continues about whether da Vinci was open about his preferences or chose to be discreet, potentially due to the accusations against him. Prominent psychologist Sigmund Freud also weighed in, suggesting that da Vinci’s writings hint at latent homosexuality.