Something You Don’t Know About Celebrity Kids


When your mother is ultra-famous actress Halle Berry, there must be a certain degree of pride that comes with it. Nahla isn’t fazed about her mom being a celebrity, however. Nahla does have an idea of “who” her mother is through the friends she’s made at school. Halle first experienced motherhood when she gave birth to her eldest child, Nahla, in 2008 alongside ex Gabriel Aubry.

As fans know, Halle takes immense pride in being an older mom. The Academy Award winner — who was 41 years old at the time of mini-me daughter Nahla’s arrival — previously dished why she held off from having kids in the earlier years of her life.“You’re so much more ready to be a parent after 40 than when you’re 20,” Halle exclusively explained to Closer Weekly in May 2019. “You know yourself better.”


It’s probably safe to say that Eissa Al Mana, Janet Jackson, and Wissam Al Mana’s 3-year-old son, will have it easy in life. His mom is Janet Jackson, after all, only one of the biggest musical acts of the 80s and 90s, and best known for her elaborate stage shows and provocative records. All her gross revenue from movie ticket sales, album sales, and more, throughout the last 20 years reaches $1.2 billion.

Not only that, but his dad is as moneyed as they come. He’s the executive director and co-owner of the Al Mana Group, a Qatari-based conglomerate whose business included interests in real estate, technology, media, and more. Janet and Wassim have reportedly separated and hired a divorce attorney after their son’s birth, but that hardly means little Eissa won’t be getting the support, financial or otherwise, from both his parents.


Diana Ross, who at one point became Motown’s most successful musical act, must be proud of her daughter, Tracee Ellis, who not only got her looks but managed to become an award-winning actress, too. Indeed, Tracee Ellis is, by all accounts, an accomplished actress, whose filmography boasts not just numerous film and television roles, but numerous awards as well. She starred in the television series Girlfriends and Black-ish.

Tracee Ellis even looks a lot like her mother and is often photographed sporting the same big and natural fro. Interestingly enough, Tracee poured some investment money into a company called Pattern Beauty, a company that, among other things, caters to women who, like herself, have “curly, coily and light-textured hair.” She once said that “Just embrace your hair! I really feel like I am not an advocate for people doing what I do. I’m an advocate for people discovering and finding what works for them.”


Homer James Jigme Gere, the son of famous actor Richard Gere and actress Carey Lowell, was born on February 6, 2000. He is named after his respective grandfathers. Homer is definitely as good-looking as his father during the latter’s Pretty Woman days, but we have to say that he more closely resembles his actress mother.

Homer is still young, in his 20s, so it’s still too early to tell whether he’ll be following in his famous parents’ footsteps. But one thing that we can be certain of is that he definitely has the boyish good-looks that his father was able to bank on early in his career. Whether that will be enough to increase his credit score among Hollywood circles might be another thing, but if the talents of his parents are anything to go by, then there’s little reason to doubt.


Sistine Rose Stallone, born on June 27, 1998, is the second daughter of American actor Sylvester Stallone and former model Jennifer Flavin. She follows in the footsteps of her dad, Sylvester Stallone, and joins the entertainment world. Sistine signed to IMG models in 2016 and made her debut at a fashion show for Chanel.

She now has movie credits of her own. Sistine could not forget the time when her father pushed her into the shark-filled water. This helped him do her debut movie, 47 Meter Down: Uncaged, perfectly. She did not need any inspiration, just the fear that her father instilled in her. Sistine cleared Sylvester did it for fun, as it was also an everyday activity to swim with sized reef sharks in the Polynesian paradise. But she could not deny that she had a full-on panic attack.


Brian Murphy is Eddie Murphy’s daughter to his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Despite their separation, they continue to be a part of their child’s life. In fact, they recently joined Bria as she launched her Art 4 All exhibition in Los Angeles. Here, she displayed her artworks that carry different degrees of artistic expression.

With her dad’s fame, the 30-year-old star, who is also an actress, joked that she just had to put her father’s name on the invitation so that people would come. She even admitted that she usually depended on her family whenever she would have an art show. But this time, she did it on her own and tried to beak her chains of identity with her paintings. She said, “Working in art is definitely way for me to make my own independence.”


We’re not sure who Zoe more closely resembles, her dad Lenny Kravitz or her mom Lisa Bonet. In any case, she can probably be said to look like both of them—indeed, both of them since her parents have an uncannily resemble each other, too. Maybe it’s just us or maybe it’s just the hair, but we think they are pretty much a trio of people who look like each other.

Zoe, as expected, has been following in her father’s footsteps, going for an acting, singing, and modeling career. To her credit, if her filmography is any indication, she’s probably even going to surpass her father in levels of fame real soon. She has earned herself several awards and nominations, Black Reel Awards for Television, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Behind the Voice Actors Awards, to name a few.


I guess Elijah Blue Allman is proof that a bad relationship with one’s mom doesn’t preclude the pull of following in her footsteps. He’s had a terrible relationship with Cher, after all, his mom who needs no introduction, having been, as it were, in the Hollywood entertainment industry for decades. They reportedly had a rift because Elijah eloping with a girl that Cher did not approve of.

Elijah married Marieangela King, the singer of the band King, in 2013, without inviting Cher to his wedding ceremony. But Elijah seems to want to reconnect. He explained, “You know, she’s really talented. She’s gorgeous – I mean, she’s Cher. What’s not to love?” In any case, Elijah was still drawn to music, despite his unfortunate relationship with both his mother and father. He is the singer and guitarist of the rock band Deadsy, which released a number of albums and singles to varying degrees of success.


Blythe Danner, the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow, is a multi-awarded American actress whose five-decade spanning career saw her working with such Hollywood luminaries such as Woody Allen and Robert Deniro. Anyone who’s familiar with her early work and with how she looked when she was younger can hardly deny the physical similarities she shares with her daughter Gwyneth. Indeed, photos of Blyth from the ‘70s and ‘80s can be confused with those of Gwyneth.

In any case, we’re sure she’s proud of how her daughter turned out, who’s not just one of the most recognizable personalities in Hollywood, but also something of a financial advisor with her company, Goop. As an actress, Gwyneth has received lots of achievements, such as Oscars Best Actress, Golden Globe Awards Best Actress. She is also the author of food books and published several books about her recipes.


Suri Cruise and mom Katie Holmes can frequently be seen together taking in the sights and sounds of various fashion shows. It is quite fitting because if there’s one thing that Suri seems to have inherited from her mother, it’s her sense of fashion. Katie Holmes, after all, is not just a big star but is also, to her credit, somewhat of a fashion icon, appearing as the face of such high-profile brands as Coach, Miu Miu, and Bobby Brown cosmetics.

Suri is the daughter of Hollywood icon Tom Cruise, who at one point was thought to be Katie Holmes’s forever love. However, they fail to go to the end. Today, 14-year-old Suri is living in New York City with her mother. Reports about her relationship with her father Tom Cruise has always been the topic but faced with so many conflicting news, no one could know the truth except themselves.


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was, to a huge degree, one of the most celebrated babies in Hollywood after she was born. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of how she looked, because her parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were widely regarded as the best-looking couple in Hollywood at the time. Well, now that Shiloh is 13 years old, we have to say that she certainly looks like both of her gorgeous parents.

Despite that Brad and Angelina have already split, they are still frequently seen with their three kids, so we’re sure there’s no lack of love for Shiloh in both the Pitt and Jolie household. As the LGBT teen icon, Shiloh has been exploring her gender since a very young age. Jolie once said in an interview that Shiloh wants to be a boy, likes wearing boy clothes, and considers herself as one of her brothers.


Aside from being a Tennis legend, Serena Williams is also a very devoted mom.  After spending years smashing world records on the tennis court, Serena finally added “mom” to her resume when she welcomed her daughter Alexis Olympia in September of 2017. Prior to the birth of her child, though, Serena and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, accidentally announced her pregnancy via Snapchat in April 2017.

Today, as Alexis turns three, fans can’t help but notice that she is the spitting image of her mother. Although it’s still unclear whether Alexis Jr. will continue her mother’s legacy, one thing is for sure – her insurance fund must be loaded from being the daughter of two millionaires. This family has an ideal perfect life and has been always lovely in public view – they like to share their good times on Instagram.


Yeah, we know; they look nothing alike. So you’re probably asking yourself why they’re on this list. Paris looks infinitely more like her mother Debbie Rowe than she does Michael Jackson, but there is still something in her eyes that reminds us of the King of Pop. Maybe it’s just us, but we do see something there. To be sure, Michael had large doe eyes, while Paris’s eyes are icy-blue, but again, they have the same look—that electricity and fire—which one might notice after comparing the pictures of a younger, pre-cosmetically enhanced Michael to those of Paris’s.

As the firstborn and only daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris and her father have deep and complicated emotions that people can hardly understand. Among Paris’ 50 tattoos, there are 9 of them inspired by Michael Jackson. Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust from a letter of her father, she chose to sear it near her clavicle.


While Michael Jordan’s children may be missing from ESPN’s The Last Dance, they’re making moves off-screen, especially his 27-year-old daughter Jasmine Jordan. The youngest child of Jordan and his ex-wife of 17 years, Juanita Vanoy, was born on December 7, 1992. She has two older brothers named Jeffrey and Marcus. She credits her childhood in the Chicago suburbs for expanding her worldview and leveling her with her peers.

“Oddly enough, it really proved that we weren’t really that different,” she said to InStyle. “Except my dad was doing what he did, and their parents were doing something different.” Nowadays, when Jasmine took in her father’s basketball journey as an adult rather than a kid, she expressed her excitement without any hesitation. She said she is a big fan of her father, and even likes him more than she was.


We’ve seen a lot of people on this list who are spitting images of either one or both of their parents, but here’s an example of someone who’s the spitting image of his grandfather. Indeed, Benjamin Keough looks so much like his grandfather, the King of Pop Elvis, that we won’t be surprised if he suddenly gets on stage and starts flooring people with his guitar skills while gyrating his hips in the manner that only his grandfather can.

In any case, we also have to admit that from all of Lisa Marie Presley’s kids, Benjamin has inherited their grandfather’s chin. And of course, the piercing blue eye. It seems to be an arrangement of destiny that Benjamin and his grandfather Elvis have similar handsome appearances and both have enthusiasm towards music. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s music career is not as smooth as his granddad and his works are seldom recognized.


Lily-Rose Melody Depp, the daughter of Johnny Depp and French singer, model, and actress Vanessa Paradis, is definitely someone whose career will blossom in the years to come, especially because she’s clearly been born into Hollywood royalty. And, at the age of 20, she’s been involved in a slew of films already, seemingly following her father’s trajectory. She also holds the distinction of being the youngest-ever face of Chanel and has been the brand’s ambassador since she was 15 years old.

Since her birth, Lily-Rose has been the target of the media, which has been paying attention to her life, including birthday parties, attending social events, and her fashionable clothes. But like we said, her career will only progress, and we can only hope that she manages to avoid the kind of legal ruts that her father and his lawyers have experienced.


There was a time when Will Smith wouldn’t lift a finger in front of the camera for anything less than $20 million. We’re not so sure this is still the case, however, considering the many flops he’s been involved in, but it still tells us that this is one man who won’t be worrying about bankruptcy anytime soon. So is his son, given that he is also working in Hollywood, too.

Jaden Smith started acting with his father since he was very young. He was famous for his performance in the 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happyness. He also took part in remakes of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2010) and “After Earth” (2013). While the young man is incessantly being criticized for being a benefactor of Hollywood nepotism, we can’t help but think that he’s still young and that there’ll be a lot of opportunities for him to prove himself.


Scott Eastwood, an actor, model, and all-around Hollywood star. During 2015, Scott Eastwood participated in the music video of American singer Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams“. In April 2016, he appeared in The Fate of the Furious 8. On June 30, 2016, he joined the science fiction monster film “Pacific Rim: Uprising“. The film is due to be released in 2018.

He looks so much like his father, Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood, that we will definitely be demanding that he play the older Eastwood should a movie about the legendary actor be made. Any picture of a young Clint Eastwood put side-by-side with one of Scott’s will easily remove all doubt about whether these two look similar. In fact, anyone claiming otherwise needs their eye’s checked and probably a bolt of electricity to jumpstart their brains because Scott and Clint are literal carbon copies of each other.


Sascha Seinfeld is the beautiful daughter of Jerry Seinfeld, who is an extremely successful stand-up comedian who starred in the show Seinfeld—you know the ‘show about nothing’ that Jerry created and named after himself. Seinfeld is a popular sitcom broadcast by NBC with a total of nine seasons and 180 episodes. At present, some TV stations are still rebroadcasting the play and it can be called a great comedy.

Looking at the father and daughter side-by-side, there is no denying the resemblance. Indeed, Sascha looks like a young female version of her father. It even feels like she’ll be getting on stage any minute and will be telling jokes in the same inimitable style that her father is known for. But Sascha is still relatively young, and only the future can tell to what degree she’ll be following in her legendary father’s footsteps.


The British power couple, Victoria and David Beckham are loved by millions of fans for countless different reasons. For starters, the pair are fashion icons whose influence in the fashion industry has stretched over the past couple of years. David and Victoria are also known to be very family-oriented and very hands-on when it comes to their four children. Now, all grown up, their kids are starting to embark on their own career path with Brooklyn and Romeo going into modeling.

Brooklyn, the eldest of the four, has gained quite a following after fans noticed his uncanny resemblance to his footballer dad. The young man is certainly quite lucky to have inherited his parent’s good looks and not to mention, their assets and investments. Besides, Brooklyn is also interested in photography. In 2017, he announced that he was about to enter for a degree in photography. However, after a year in the United States, in 2018, he decided to return to the UK for a photography internship. In 2019, he interned for British photographer Rankin.


Kendall Jenner is probably the member of the Kendall-Kardashian clan that gets featured the least in the hit reality series Keeping up with the Kardashians. We’re not really sure why this is, but we suspect it’s primarily because she prioritizes her other investments more than the show. She has only guest-starred in one film and two TV series. She is more focused on promoting her own brand and has been on the show for her own brand.

In any case, we think that among all the Kardashians (and among all the Jenners, for that matter), it is Kendall who most resembles Kris, the matriarch of the huge clan. In fact, we’ve gone through Kris Jenner’s old photos, and it’s a tie between Khloé and Kendall as to who looks like their mother the most. But, overall, we’re giving the edge to Kendall.


Kanye West is definitely one of those celebrities who have a lot to be famous for. From being a musician to being an entrepreneur, and now a member of a reality show dynasty. Kanye certainly does not run out of fresh ways to be relevant in the entertainment industry. However, one thing that seems to cast a shadow over Kanye’s spotlight is his own daughter, North.

North West, who has “the most talked-about partner” parents, has naturally attracted attention from birth. Under the age of one, she also appeared on the inside page of the April 2014 issue of Vogue with her parents. Being born to mega-rich and ultra-famous parents, North has earned quite a fan base and seems to have overtaken her parent’s fame. The girl is only 7 years old, but she already has an empire of wealth and investments waiting for her.


If there’s any pair on this list that needs no introduction, these two would be it. They both collectively have more than a century’s worth of work in the industry, with the younger Douglas having started in the 1960s, while Kirk, the patriarch of the Douglas family having started as an actor in the 1940s. Indeed, both have been flooring audiences with their acting skills at a young age.

Their physical resemblance, of course, is clear—indeed, among Kirk’s many sons, it is Michael who seems to resemble his father the most. Unfortunately, the older Douglas passed away in February of this year. They devoted their lives to the film industry. Next, the children of younger Douglas also entered the entertainment industry and began to participate in the film. Maybe the family’s story in the entertainment industry will continue.


Sydney Simpson’s mother was only 8 years old when she was murdered. To make matters worse, she was in the apartment that night. Although regardless of aage,a mother is killed, and the father is accused of murder, it is not easy for a person. But at only eight years old, this problem must be more difficult to face.

Sydney created a life away from the spotlight, working as a real estate investor and restaurateur. While it is typically the case that being the child of a celebrity entails the benefit of having a few doors of opportunity opened for you, this seems to have not been the case with Sydney. It seems like she wanted to distance herself as far away as possible from her father, who’s been accused of murdering her mother. Sydney and her brother reportedly keep a low profile and have gone through the trouble of relocating to escape the shadow of their father.


Here’s another celebrity offspring that looks almost exactly like her celebrity parent. Indeed, Lourdes Leon’s pictures can be confused with Madonna’s herself during the latter’s teenage years. One could even readily notice that for some of Leon’s pictures, we can credit her eyebrows to her mother’s, which is quite uncanny.

There’s not much information about her father, but what we do know is that he’s a Cuban fitness trainer named Carlos Leon who at some point got romantically entangled with this ‘Material Girl’. Obviously, they’re no longer together, but it seems as if Carlos has a healthy relationship with his daughter. Ruth Lyon showed high sensitivity to fashion when she was very young. She also has her own thoughts on clothes. She has no specific style or brand. Sometimes she is sexy, hot, sometimes casual, sometimes handsome, and she can easily control all kinds of styles.


Zelig Dinklage may have a world-famous dad, but her life has been relatively private over the years. Zelig was born to Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage and his wife, Erica Schmidt. When Zelig was born back in 2011, the pair made it their top priority to protect their child’s privacy that, for a time, they did not disclose her name to the public.

However, as years went by, and as Peter’s career grew, life became more and more difficult to conceal. Today, countless images of Peter and his daughter can be pulled up from the internet. And from those photos, we can’t help but notice the degree of similarities between him and Zelig. The lovely young girl seems to have taken after her dad quite a bit by mirroring Peter’s eyes and charm.


If one could choose to be the son of anyone on this planet, Cristiano Ronaldo, to a huge degree, would be high on that list. The man has the looks of a Greek god, after all, which is something one would be happy to have the chance of inheriting. He’s also worth $460 million, which necessarily means that the lives of those lucky enough to have spawned from his seed will be good.

So, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is probably one of the luckiest 9-year-olds on the planet. Indeed, he won life’s lottery despite that he’s too young to realize it. Soon after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Ronaldo declared himself a father. The sudden news shocked the entire football world at that time. As for Ronaldo Jr.’s mother, Ronaldo insisted on keeping it secret, and the identity of this mother became a mystery. “My father is the greatest player in the world” Ronaldo Jr. Said.


There is no denying that Elizabeth Ann Hanks has got the same smile as her father, Tom Hanks, who’s one of the most celebrated actors of our time. She also has Samantha Lewes, Tom Hanks’ first wife, as her mother, an industry veteran who’s appeared in a few films with Tom in the ‘80s. Unfortunately, her mother passed away from bone cancer in 2002.

While many celebrity children typically follow in their famous parents’ footsteps, this appears to have not been the case with Elizabeth, who decidedly eschewed the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to get a degree in English Language and Literature. Elizabeth did not have an acting career like her father and late mother, but she acted in a small number of movies and TV. In 1994, she played the role in “Forrest Gump”; in 1996, she was hailed as a “boring girl” in “That Thing”.


One would’ve had to be living in a cave with airtight home security for the past two decades to be unfamiliar with the name Angelina Jolie. She’s a huge star, after all—in fact, there should exist another category for stars who are as big as she is since the term ‘A-lister’ is too effete a word to describe just how huge she is. What many might not know, however, is that she’s the daughter of Jon Voight, who himself was a huge star in the ‘70s.

Interestingly, these father and daughter stars seem to have widely disparate political views, and while both were reportedly estranged for a time. When their relationship was most tense, Julie legally deleted her last name “Voight”. In the next few years, neither of them had any contact. But they’ve managed to patch things up, with Jolie even thanking him for his support during her Oscar acceptance speech.


It is quite fitting that Damon Wayans names his son after himself. After all, they look almost exactly alike. Indeed, to some degree, they are exactly alike. All the evidence one needs to be convinced of this is a picture of both of them side-by-side, smiling—yes, they even have the same smile! Their similarities don’t even end there. Apparently, the junior inherited the senior’s ability to make people laugh. This is why, just like his father, he’s now in the entertainment industry, doing just that: making people laugh.

Damon Jr. is definitely a welcome addition to an already massive Wayans clan that works in the entertainment industry. Damon Wayans Jr. Said:” We are very happy together. It’s like hanging out and getting paid. Because in daily life, we often challenge each other to laugh. It’s great to be able to act with one of your best friends. ”


Maya Thurman-Hawke’s performance in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things simply confirmed to us that we are right about what we’ve been thinking all along the moment we saw her in the television series Little Women. It is that she is, without a doubt, one of the actresses to look forward to. She’s got all the skills, after all. And it’s no surprise that she does since she’s the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, two Hollywood luminaries who have such enviable careers.

Maya never let her parents down, she took over the work of her mother and grandmother and became a model for Vogue. Maya is still young, and most kids her age aren’t even old enough to have paid off their student loans. So trust us when we tell you that this lady will be a huge star in a few years.


Life must be good for those who are lucky enough to have celebrity parents, especially if said celebrities are actually A-list celebrities, whose combined credit report in the industry is so enviable that it pretty much assures that many doors of opportunity will be expressly left open. What better example of someone who has this life than Dylan Penn, who counts two Hollywood icons—Sean Penn and Robin Wright—as her parents.

She’s appeared in magazines, has been the face of high-profile brands, and has been a fashion magazine favorite ever since she hit puberty. We probably shouldn’t be surprised, since she managed to inherit the best features of her beautiful parents. Payne’s debut film is the horror film Condemned, in which she plays the girlfriend of a band member who lives in a dilapidated building. She shows unlimited potential.


We suppose that one problem for children of celebrities are the comparisons people will reflexively make of them and their famous parents. Luckily for Mariska Hargitay, daughter of ‘50s Hollywood icon Jayne Mansfield who inspired developments in 1950s brassieres, she’s got an awesome career that nobody can argue pales in comparison to that of her mother.

Indeed, the many roles she’s had for television alone places her, to her credit, among the most prolific television actresses of our generation. That doesn’t even include the roles she’s managed to grab for film, which seem to be numerous as well. Her best-known role is Olivia Benson, a New York City detective in the NBC TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The series has been produced and broadcast for 18 seasons since 1999, winning her many awards and nominations, including the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award.


Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who has not one but two celebrity parents, namely, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and actress/producer Tish Cyrus. However, it’s safe to say that Miley Cyrus’s celebrity status has now surpassed that of her parents by miles. She’s a much bigger celebrity than even both her parents combined, but of course she no doubt owes it all to them, who opened her eyes to the industry.

After the premiere of Hannah Montana in the United States in 2006, Miley immediately became popular in the United States. Miley inherited the talent of her father Billy Ray Cyrus in singing and acting. She not only sang, acted but also composed music. There’s no escaping the obvious, though, that when it comes to Miley’s drop-dead gorgeousness, she clearly took after her mother Tish, who still resembles Miley despite all the investment money she spent on plastic surgery.


Kai Dugan, the son of actress Jennifer Connelly and esteemed photographer David Dugan, reportedly leads a normal life, despite all the trappings of celebrity to which people like him have grown accustomed to. His parents are separated, but Kai frequently gets photographed alongside his mother, who is now romantically entangled with fellow actor Paul Bettany.

Jennifer and Paul got to know each other through the film A Beautiful Mind, which not only helped her win the Oscar but also helped her find a lover. Now, Kai had a half brother Stellan and a half-sister Agnes, but the family seemed to get along well. In any case, photos of Kai with his mother abound—it looks like they love taking long walks! Whether they’re both taking a stroll, or using Jennifer’s credit card to shop, it seems Kai isn’t like other young chaps who would rather avoid being seen with mum!


Gillian Anderson—or should we say Dana Scully from The X-Files—has a gorgeous daughter who’s managed to inherit her serious look—the kind of serious and pensive look that detectives and lawyers have in spades. Her name is Piper Maru Klotz, and she’s a stunner! Piper has appeared in minor roles for a few television shows, particularly shows that her mother was involved in.

There is very little information about Piper since she is reportedly living a very low-profile life, but we’re hoping she’d be cast in her mother’s role in some future The X-Files reboot, because why not? She looks like Dana Scully, after all. TV audience would like to see actors like Piper more than stars who are full of gossip because they study more and can bring more good works. Looking forward to her new film.


Bryce Dallas Howard has two parents who are working in the Hollywood industry. One is her mom, Cheryl, who’s an actress, and the other is her dad, Ron, who’s a famous film director. So, it is absolutely no wonder that Bryce found her calling in Hollywood, where she is now a very recognizable star. In particular, as the heroine of the 2015 blockbuster film Jurassic world, her fame has been rising unprecedentedly.

Bryce’s success does not come from her star parents. To a greater extent, she relies on her own efforts. But as it happens, Cheryl and Ron are both redheads, which explains Bryce’s enigmatic, redheaded allure that makes her somewhat perfect for certain film roles. And to Bryce’s credit, it seems that her rise in Hollywood was (at least largely) due to plain talent, given the many industry awards and accolades she’s received.


Actress and musician Sasha Spielberg, also known by her stage name Buzzy Lee, is the daughter of Steven Spielberg, who is one of the most celebrated filmmakers of our time—or, actually in the history of filmmaking even. Sasha is also the daughter of actress Kate Capshaw, who is still the wife of Steven Spielberg, despite the tendency for relationships in Hollywood to be short-lived.

Sasha once formed a band called Wardell with his brother Theo and released a record The Accidental Zoo in 2011. She also works with composer Nicolas Jaar, an alumnus at Brown University. They released a cover from Leonard Cohen’s Avalanch and an original song, Don’t Tell Me. Interestingly enough, Sasha has appeared in some of her father’s films such as Munich, The Terminal, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. To her credit, she’s been able to produce and star in Snapchat’s first mobile series, Literally Can’t Even.


It is really amazing how much these two look alike. If we had to choose who among the celebrities we’ve put on this list look most alike, these two will have to be it. If one saw them walking side-by-side from a distance, one would be excused for thinking them to be twins. At the very least, they can be confused for sisters, given the uncanniness of their resemblance to each other.

Donna Karan is a fashion pioneer of the times with her own brand, Donna Karan. But in 2015, Donna Karan announced that she would step down as head of her namesake company and focus on her lifestyle brand, Urban Zen. Her daughter Gabby Karan is quite known for flashing her indulgences on Instagram, something she can afford to do, given her mother’s many investments in the fashion industry.


Here’s another mother-and-daughter pair that have a connection to some huge high-profile fashion brand. It is Allegra Versace, daughter of the inimitable Donatella Versace. Although it was Donatella’s brother (Allegra’s uncle) Gianni who founded the Italian Luxury brand Versace, Donatella now controls 20% of the company and is now its chief executive officer.

In any case, we do see the resemblance between mother and daughter, despite the thousand or so cosmetic surgeries the older Versace had clearly undergone, to varying degrees of success and failures. And, as luck would have it, before Versace patriarch Gianni died, he willed 50% of his company to young Allegra, who became worth hundreds of millions the moment after. Although she was legally in full control of her inheritance at the age of 18, she chose to focus entirely on her studies and didn’t really get involved in Versace until she was 24.


Liam Gallagher is one of the spiritual leaders of the British rock trend in the 1990s. His Bohemian behavior, outstanding singing style, and rude attitude are often the objects of public opinion. He is one of the most iconic figures in British music today. So we’re not surprised that Lennon Gallagher, son of Liam Gallagher, chose to model over the rock-star life.

Lennon’s got the looks for it, after all. He does resemble his father in more ways than one, but he also happens to look like a male model, and we’re sure that his father’s credit report in the entertainment industry has managed to open a few doors for him in the trade. To be sure, Lennon is into music—indeed, he has a band. But as the face of Saint Laurent menswear, it’s clear that he’s excelling in modeling at the moment. But, hey, who knows—maybe he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps soon enough.


We remember the days of Growing Pains, where Alan Thicke plays the role of a loving father who frequently lays down the law on his kids in the hope of straightening them out. Alan was the quintessential father figure, and will always be remembered as such. His son, however, was one apple that didn’t fall far from the tree as far as looks are concerned, but it did indeed fall way off in terms of career path.

Robin opted to get into music instead of film and television. His music career has also made some achievements. He and his partner, Pharrell Williams, performed Blurred Lines, which won the billboard’s top 100 singles list for 12 consecutive weeks, becoming Sike’s first top single. In any case, this father and his son deserve all the credit for their success, which they’ve both come across through incessant hard work.


Riley Keough has that same lazy eye that Lisa Marie Presley has, which is the same one that Elvis had. The similarities are amazing as Lisa Marie always looked like the female version of her father. Well, now she’s got a female version of herself in the form of Riley Keough – and, boy, do they look so similar. In fact, Riley can play her mom should someone create a biographical film about her or even a biographical film about Elvis and his electricity-laden hips himself.

After all, Riley can already be considered a veteran in the Hollywood industry, having been involved with numerous films since 2010. She has been working with director Steven Soderbergh since 2012 in movies like Magic Mike and Logan Lucky, and Soderbergh’s first season of the TV series called The Girlfriend Experience. Her performance in The Girlfriend Experience made her the best actress at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.


Charlie Sheen, the wild child of Martin Sheen, is one example of an apple falling far from the tree. In fact, if anything, the young Sheen is an example of an apple that not just fell, but rolled downhill and off a cliff. In the past, he has portrayed many classic characters, including the protagonist Chris of the Platoon, the agent in Wall Street, and The Three Musketeers of the classic remake. These characters made his acting skills highly praised.

Everyone remembers the absolute mayhem and moral bankruptcy that ensued when Charlie was fired from the hit series Two and a Half Men for calling the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, not just a “charlatan” but also other flavors of horrible things. In other words, Charlie is the exact opposite of his father, who’s quite known as a straight arrow in the industry.


Wayne Gretzky was named “top 10 Canadians” by television viewers for her outstanding contribution to the field of hockey. So he set a good example for his son. Trevor Gretzky’s athletic talent was discovered by his father very early. Trevor Gretzky, the son of Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, followed in his father’s footsteps in the sense that he got into sports, too. Given that Wayne Gretzky is already worth $250 million, we think Trevor will do just fine if he needs to live off of his dad’s investments.

But their love of sports and their uncanny resemblance is just about all that they have in common because Trevor ended up diverging from his father’s trajectory somewhat in getting into baseball instead of hockey. Not only that, the younger Gretzky apparently wants to get into acting, too, and was cast alongside Mark Wahlberg and MMA fighter Ronda Rousey in the film Mile 22.


Life must be easy for those who come from Hollywood royalty. Stella Banderas, daughter of Spanish actor and director Antonio Banderas and Hollywood veteran Melanie Griffith, probably knows this all too well. Antonio Banderas is a Spaniard who was introduced to Hollywood by Madonna. He also made a name for his role in the classic film The Mask of Zorro. Melanie Griffith was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Working Girl.

Stella is a head-turner, and, of course, who would have expected otherwise, considering who her parents are. She’s also slowly making a name for herself, flooring everyone with her good looks while modeling for lifestyle label Madhappy. Stella is only 23 years old, so her career has a long way to go, but if her sister Dakota Johnson’s trajectory is any indication, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of Stella in the years to come.


Argentinian actress Dalma Maradona definitely looks like her father, Diego Maradona, who’s widely regarded as one of the best football players of all time. Hell, the man’s Wikipedia page is longer than usual and is confirmatory of the fact that this man had a very storied career, both as a football player and as a football team manager. He is called the hand of God by the fans, but at the same time, he has a lot of controversies. He has a distinctive personality and has become a new generation of football king after Pele.

Dalma is the child of her father and ex-wife, whose parents divorced in 2003. She took another career route, opting to be an actress instead of getting into football. But she’s no doubt had a good push through the door, probably thanks to the many investments and accomplishments of her famous father.


One thing that Justin Dior Combs has in common with his father, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs—apart from their good looks—is a sense of style. Sean Combs is also called Diddy or PuffDaddy. In 1991, Puff Daddy created his own clothing brand Sean John. A brief gloss over Justin’s social media pages will put any doubt about this to rest. The man dresses well, and should anyone really expect anything less from P. Diddy’s kid?

Justin received backlash a few years back for accepting a $54,000-football scholarship from a school that his dad had enough investment money to completely buy out, but as far as we know, he hasn’t launched a career in hip-hop yet despite the expectations he would. But, hey, he’s still young, so who knows what the future holds for this man. Last year, his father made public his new girlfriend, and it was discovered that he was Justin’s ex-girlfriend.


Chloe Rose Lattanzi, daughter of both Olivia Newton and Matt Lattanzi—both of whom have enviable careers in Hollywood—is quite open about all the surgical work she’s had done on herself. We think she already looked fantastic pre-surgery, but hey, this is Hollywood, where people are so inordinately inclined to go under the knife to varying degrees of success.

In any case, Chloe does look like her mom, underneath all the plastic surgery, so we’re including her on this list. She’s also managed to land a few roles in film and release a number of tracks, but in terms of her mom’s CV, there’s quite a long way to go. After all, Olivia has won four Grammy Awards and two Billboard Championships. Not only is she one of the best-selling artists of all time, but she is also quite accomplished in the field of performance. She was nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globe Awards.


Julie Marie Pacino, Al Pacino’s daughter, is quite the businesswoman. She’s made an investment in the form of her own production company, and they are reportedly creating a new TV series called Harmony in Gold. Not only that but Julie’s father is also said to be one of the creators and writers of the series, alongside producer Kate Glover, from the Black Mirror fame.

Al Pacino, of course, needs no introduction. He’s an icon of Hollywood whose career spans more than five decades. He is not tall, but very powerful. The Godfather of the classic series made him famous, and the film “Scent of a Woman” won him an Oscar for best actor. So we’re pretty sure that Julie has got what it takes, if not in talent then at least in support, to make it big in the industry.


Glenn Close is such a celebrated actress that it was of absolutely no surprise that her daughter, Annie Maude Starke, decided to follow her footsteps into a career in Hollywood. She has been nominated for best actress at the Academy Awards and has won many Tony Awards for best actress in drama and music. Anne was the daughter of her and then-boyfriend John H. stark, who was also a producer, but the last two were separated.

While she doesn’t have as impressive a career as her mother does—because that would be a tall order considering who her mother is—she’s still been able to land a few roles in film and television. The young Starke is also married to Marc Albu, who is a well-known money management figure in the industry, so we’re certain that a splendid career in business is somewhere in her future.


Rafferty Law, whose actual name is Rafferty Jellicoe Frost Law, is the son of actor Jude Law and actress, producer, and fashion designer Sadie Frost. Like his sister, Iris Law, he’s also done quite a few modeling gigs, most notably as the face of high-profile brand Dolce and Gabanna and Timberland. Currently, however, Rafferty seems to be giving acting a go, having nabbed the lead role in a film remake of Oliver Twist.

We’re guessing that this is merely the start of a great career for the young man, who, to a huge degree, seems to have inherited the moxie of his father. Through his role in The Talented Mr. Ripley, he let people see his superb acting, which led to the nomination for Academy Awards for best-supporting actor. Later, he won the Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in the Cold Mountain.


Taylor Ann Hasselhoff, the daughter of Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff, turned heads—and raised eyebrows—in the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Her father impressive performances in Knight Rider and Baywatch earned him the popular actor award. He also made a guest appearance in the popular science fiction film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Pamela is the daughter of her father and first wife, and her mother is also an actress, but they divorced after 16 years of marriage. Suffice to say she’s got an over-the-top lifestyle that many could only dream of. She’s the daughter of a huge star, so we’re not really surprised. In any case, we’re sure she’ll be making more money soon, if she hasn’t already, as an agent of the John Aaroe Group, an esteemed luxury real estate brokerage company that she joined not more than a few years ago.


Lily Mo Sheen looks like the spitting image of the incredibly beautiful Kate Beckinsale, who happens to be her mother. In fact, Kate is also from an entertainment family. Her parents are famous British actors, but her father died when she was six years old. Kate’s first acting was at the age of four. She was a very intelligent person, with an IQ of 152. Later, she gave up the chance to study in drama school and went to Oxford University.

Her first foray into Hollywood was in her mother’s very own movie, Underworld: Evolution, where she played the younger version of her mom’s character. Lily’s father, Michael Sheen, is himself a renowned actor, who most will know for playing the evil vampire Aro in the Twilight films. For all her parents’ investments in the entertainment industry, Lily seems to be keeping a low profile, eschewing the very limelight that she was once thought to be pursuing as a young actress.


Alice Zenobia Richmond seems to have been cast in the same mold as her mother, SNL alumnus, and all-around funny woman, Tina Fey, so much so that she was cast as the younger version of Tina’s character in one episode of the hit comedy series 30 Rock. Of course, the casting was totally epic—we see even Alice successfully copying Lemon’s (Tina’s character) hilarious mannerisms to varying degrees of hilarity.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Tina shared that Alice, now 14 years old, is keen on entering the entertainment industry and is even currently at work for a movie project. Tina Fey said, because of her work, that her daughter is very humorous and easy-going, and likes going to parks and entertainment venues. In 2014, Alice, who was only nine years old, walked the red carpet with her mother.


William Reeve is quite the spitting image of his father, Christopher Reeve, who we all remember as Superman, the man of steel. Christopher Reeve was an icon of cinema who spent the latter part of his life as a quadriplegic after falling off his horse during an equestrian competition. After his paralysis, Christopher devoted himself to public welfare. In 1997, he returned to the film screen and played in the Rear Window of the film in 1998.

The older Reeve died in 2004 after suffering a cardiac arrest, but if he were alive today, he’d no doubt be proud of his son, William, who not just inherited his looks, but also his passion for acting, having forayed into the industry briefly. William earned his degree in English and American literature from Middlebury College back in 2014 and is currently working as a reporter for ESPN SportsCenter.


These two seem to be extremely close, judging from the many paparazzi photos of them walking together, hand in hand, probably shopping with credit cards on tow. The person in the picture is Teri Hatcher and her daughter. She used to play superman’s girlfriend in TV series, and in movies, she fell in love with James Bond. She married fellow actor Jon Tenney in 1994, gave birth to Emerson, and then divorced in 2003.

The young Emerson Tenney, daughter of Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives, is a voice actress who lent her voice for animated films like Planes and Coraline. Emerson is still quite young at 22 years old, so we can’t wait for her to move onto bigger acting projects in the near future. To date, she seems to be keeping a low profile and sticking to voice acting projects.


Mamie Gummer is an American actress, starring in The CW series Emily Owens, M.D. (2012-2013). She was was born in New York City, New York on August 3, 1983. Mamie Gummer has a somewhat eccentric name, but who cares? She’s the daughter of perhaps the most talented actress in Hollywood, after all.

And, yes, we do mean that literally since Meryl Streep is considered by some as the most talented actress in Hollywood, especially if the standard by which one reasonably determines who the most talented is includes the number of Oscar nominations an actor or actress has had through the course of their career, because, quite frankly, Streep has had the most. Mamie, to her credit, has been fortunate enough in her career, judging from the many roles she’s landed for film and TV, but compared to her mom, she’s got a long way to go.


Ava Sambora, the 22-year-old daughter of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, born in Los Angeles, California, looks so much like her mother that from a distance, they literally can be confused for each other. Ava Sambora made her debut at only 14 years old in the film This Is 40 (2012) and actually did really a good job.

It is no doubt a compliment for Ava, who’s already been flooring people with her beauty in recent years, to be told that she looks like her mother since posters of her mother were hung in many a teenage boys’ bedrooms during the ‘90s. Indeed, Heather Locklear was every man’s dream during the peak of her career, and if Ava’s accomplishments so far are any indication, she just might be reaching the heights her mother managed to climb in no time.


It’s amazing how someone could look so much like both their parents, despite that both parents looked nothing alike. Lila Grace Moss Hack is one such individual; she looks like a younger version of both her mom Kate Moss and her dad Jefferson Hack, who is the Dazed Media founder. Although Lila is only 17 years old, she’s definitely got the look of a supermodel, so we fully expect that breaking into the industry won’t be all that difficult for her.

She’s also, to some degree, inherited her mother’s sense of style, as both can often be seen together attending fashion shows and gala events. Lila Grace Moss Hack just made her runway debut At Miu Miu, although Kate Moss was reluctant to let her daughter start her career at such a young age. But Finally Kate Moss make exceptions for her daughter.


Lou Sulola Samuel, born with a silver spoon in mouth, has famous supermodel Heidi Klum and international singer Seal as her parents. She looks exactly like a combination of both celebrities, having features of each that make her distinctively their daughter. She’s only 10 years old, so we’re still unsure whether she’ll become a supermodel or a singer, but she’s definitely got the opportunity to do both, given her parents’ enviable credit in both fields.

If anyone is wondering about her unique name, ‘Lou’ means “famed warrior” in German, while Sulola is a Nigerian name that she was given to highlight her father’s Nigerian roots. Heidi Klum and Seal divorced in 2014 after 9 years of marriage. In 2019, Klum married Tom Kaulitz, who is the guitarist of a German rock band Tokio Hotel. Now it seems Tom gets along well with Lou from Klum’s instagram.


Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler is a talented singer, actor, songwriter and record producer, born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain. He is acknowledged as the King of Latin Pop. He holds the record for the most number one songs on the Billboard as of 2020. If there’s another thing we can credit Julio for bringing into this world apart from his music, it’s his sons, Enrique and Julio Jr., who are both as impossibly good-looking and as musically talented as he is.

Indeed, I think it’s safe to say that Enrique Iglesias is now a much bigger star than his father Julio Iglesias ever was. Of course, the Spanish-Filipino crooner’s musical talents didn’t simply emerge from a vacuum, we’re betting he’s inherited much of it from his dad, who’s won practically every industry award that exists and even has his own star in the Hollywood walk of fame.


Robert De Niro is no doubt an icon of Hollywood Cinema. He was born in the Manhattan borough of New York City and holds both American and Italian citizenship. Interestingly, though, while most children of Hollywood stars follow in their parent’s footsteps, not least because those footsteps mean a very lucrative career that pays millions of dollars, Julian Deniro seems to have made it clear that he has no interest in acting.

We, of course, think this to be somewhat tragic, considering he looks almost exactly like the young Don Corleone in Copolla’s Godfather 2, which was the role that made his father a household name. Needless to say, all of Deniro’s kids are probably set for life, given the many investments he’s made throughout the course of his career. This means that Julian has all the time in the world to decide what he wants to do.


Jason Morgan Ritter was born on February 17, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, son of  Nancy Morgan and John Ritter. Jason Ritter is on a roll. A quick peek into his filmography reveals that it won’t be long before his CV becomes as thick as that of his father’s. His father, of course, is legendary comedian John Ritter, who’s known for his role in the hit TV sitcom Three’s Company and who was reportedly so funny that he could make a joke about something as trivial as home insurance.

John Rotter was also known for a lot of other shows since he was involved with so many hits since the ‘70s. Interestingly enough, Jason’s grandfather (John’s dad) was also a performer—a country music performer, to be exact. So performing, whether onstage or onscreen, seems to be in the Ritter family’s blood.


Joely Richardson, along with her other famous sibling Natasha Richardson, comes from a long line of actors and actresses. She was born on January 9, 1965 in Marylebone, London, to actress Vanessa Redgrave and director Tony Richardson, the granddaughter of actors Sir Michael Redgrave and Rachel Kempson. Her parents Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson were industry veterans, with Vanessa having worked as an actress and Tony as an acclaimed filmmaker.

Not only that, but Vanessa was also born into film royalty since both her parents worked as actors, too. So it wasn’t a surprise that Joely found herself doing the same thing, following in the footsteps of her parents. To her credit, she’s emulated her mother’s life of activism as the ambassador of The Children’s Trust, which is a charity in the United Kingdom that’s dedicated to helping children with brain injury.


One-time teen idol and now entertainment journalist Mario Lopez has an adorable 9-year-old child, and her name is Gia Francesca. She’s still too young to have her own credit card, but she is already on her way to Hollywood stardom, having been given a voice role in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. Also his father Mario Lopez published a book titled Mario and Baby Gia in 2011.

Her father Mario Lopez and mother Courtney Mazza work as cogs in the Hollywood industry, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of this cutie in the years to come. She’s also, quite amusingly, inherited her father’s infectious smile, complete with matching dimples! To know more, Gia Francesca was born in in Burbank, California, and is of American nationality, while her parents are both of Mexican descent. She is the first child of the couple.


Rumer Willis is the daughter of actress Demi Moore and actor Bruce Willis, born on August 16, 1988. It’s amazing how Rumer Willis can look like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in equal parts. She’s definitely got the eyes and nose of her mom Demi, but she’s also got that distinctive Bruce Willis smile.

Rumer also seems to be following the in the footsteps of her famous parents, and if her filmography is any indication, it looks like she’s doing more than well in that regard. Indeed, Rumer had already been appearing in films as young as 7 years old, while the people twice her age weren’t even old enough to apply for student loans. She’s still relatively young at 31 years old, but we’re fully expecting to see more of her on the screen in the years to come.


Billie Lourd, the only child of actress Carrie Fisher, was born on July 17, 1992, in Los Angeles, California. To her credit, Billie Lourd looks so much like her mother, Carrie Fisher, that she can play Princess Leia in a film about the Star Wars franchise’s Age of Rebellion days while leaving nobody batting an eye. Of course, Lourd did, in fact, play a part in Star Wars (as Lieutenant Kaydel Connix) but we still think her character should have been related to that of her mother’s, just on account of how identical both looked on set.

Currently, Billie Lourd seems to be following in the footsteps of both her famous mother and grandmother, landing roles in hit shows for TV and film, including one in the hit horror anthology series, American Horror Story. It’s reported that Lourd would return to American Horror Story for its tenth season.


Eva Amurri is an American film and television actress, born on March 15, 1985, in New York City. She is the daughter of Italian director Franco Amurri and American actress Susan Sarandon. It must be hard to be constantly compared to Susan Sarandon. She’s had such an enviable career in Hollywood, after all, not least because she possessed that rare combination of talent and sex-appeal.

Indeed, Susan revealed for one interview that sensuality was the key to staying young. But despite how difficult it must be for Eva Amurri to be holding a candle to her mother’s bona fides, she seems to be managing quite well. In fact, she’s slowly carving out a name for herself as one of the hottest actresses in the industry, flooring people with both her talent and sensuality just like her mother back in the day.


Brandi Brown is the first child of Roseanne Barr, born on May 16, 1971. Brandi Brown, unfortunately, was not raised by Roseanne, who’s her biological mother. For one interview, Roseanne revealed that she gave up Brandi for adoption because, at the time, she was a down-on-her-luck 17-year old who wouldn’t even qualify for a cash loan if her life depended on it. She gave her up to the the Jewish Family & Children’s Service only 9 days after Brandy’s birth. Roseanne said that she knew that they would meet again and reunite eventually.

Brandi and her mother definitely have an enviable relationship, despite that their first meeting was when she was already an adult. Indeed, the two worked together on the set of the hit series Roseanne, with Roseanne, of course, playing herself, and Brandi as one of the production assistants.


During the 1980s, few supermodels had the gravitas of Christie Brinkley. The supermodel, after all, appeared in almost every magazine that existed. She even held the distinction of having one of the longest modeling contracts in history, when she was signed by cosmetics giant, CoverGirl, to be their ambassador. However, Christie Brinkley’s money does not mainly come from modeling but from her sagacious investments in real estate.

So, it can only be a huge compliment for Sailor Brinkley Cook, Christie Brinkley’s daughter, to be told that she looks almost exactly like her mother. It also looks like Sailor inherited her mother’s money management skills, too, considering she’s managed to increase her net worth at the young age of 21. Admittedly, Christie Brinkley set a good example in wealth management, who has a net worth of $100 million now.


Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, daughter of model and television personality Anna Nicole Smith, is already following in the footsteps of her mother at thirteen years old. Dannielynn is currently a reality television personality and model, just like her mom was. Anna once was famous for her photos on Playboy and was chosen as the best playmate of 1993. The same as a model, Dannielynn was regarded to have the same playful spirit as her mother had.

But life wasn’t always good for the young Dannielynn; both her mother and brother passed away from a drug overdose when she was just a baby and the questions that arose over who her real father is were fraught with lawyers, lawsuits, and scandals. Luckily, those days have passed, and it looks like Dannielynn is having an excellent life with her loving father, Larry Birkhead.


One thing very noticeable about the renowned journalist and TV anchor Brian Williams—well, apart from his overly formal manner of speaking, of course—is his jawline. It’s quite distinctive, and this seems to be one physical characteristic that’s been inherited by his daughter, Allison Williams as they have the same jawline! When they both laugh, this peculiarity will be particularly obvious. Although not as topical as her father, Alison still is the spitting image of Brain.

But instead of going the news circuit route as her father did, Allison opted for Hollywood. Alison now is an actress and singer, who was known for her role in the series Girls (2012-2017). She’s currently managing a rather enviable career, having been involved with the critically-acclaimed horror film Get Out, where she played a member of a strange family that slowly devolved into a preternatural kind of moral bankruptcy.


George Alexander Trebek was a famous game show host, being active from the 1960s to 2000s. One could be accused of being a hermit for not knowing who Alex Trebek, the host of the long-time running game show Jeopardy!, is. Indeed, Jeopardy! debuted in 1964 and has been on TV ever since. The show did go on hiatus in 1975 but was revived in 1984 with Alex Trebek at the helm as the show’s host.

Matthew Trebek, the inimitable son of Alex Trebek, didn’t quite follow in his father’s footsteps and chose to eschew the celebrity lifestyle for a shot at being a businessman. To date, he’s highly successful at it, having also made a slew of investments in the hospitality industry. He now owns multiple restaurants and credits his time as a bartender for opening his eyes to the industry.


Jane Carrey, daughter of both Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey and of actress and film producer Melissa Womer, initially seemed to be following in her father’s footsteps by getting involved with a few films that starred the older Carrey. She is known for taking part in Kidding (2018), and American Idol (2002). Eventually, she seems to have called it quits a short while after.

Jane Carrey’s certainly got her father Jim Carrey’s smile (minus an inordinate amount of wrinkles, of course), but we’re not sure she’s as flexible or as blessed with the same comedic electricity that her father has. At least we have yet to see her contort herself in the manner that Jim is clearly capable of. But Jane clearly inherited her father’s passion for health advocacy, often helping her father and his ex-partner, Jenny Mcarthy, on various anti-autism fund-raisers.


Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, is on this list attached to the latter and not the former, primarily because.. well, just look at her—she clearly resembles her mother more than her more famous father. Katherine and Maria look almost exactly the same when they smile. In addition, the eyes of them are surprisingly similar that no one will not believe in the power of DNA.

Don’t get us wrong, she still has that “Terminator” look, but a simple gloss through the younger pictures of Maria Shriver will tell anyone that Katherine is practically the woman’s carbon copy. Unlike her celebrity father and journalist mother, however, Katherine seems to have found writing to be her passion. Indeed, the young woman has already, to her credit, completed 7 books, and we’re fully expecting she’ll be releasing more in the future.


Older generations will no doubt be familiar with Loni Anderson, a huge star in the ‘60s and ‘70s who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Burt Reynolds and Steve McQueen. Indeed, Loni was flooring men with her impossibly good looks and hour-glass figure long before the popularity of the internet. Loni, as an actress, is active from the 1960s to the present,  known for the role of Jennifer Marlowe in WKRP in Cincinnati. She has four marriages and two children.

Deidra Hoffman, her daughter, didn’t quite manage a career as storied as her, having had only minor appearances in a few television shows. Nevertheless, there exists an uncanny resemblance between the two, and we think Deidra could even play her mother should a biographical drama about her life come out. Obviously, Loni and Deidra share more than just DNA.


Speaking of female versions of male celebrities, here’s another one. It’s Kimberly Stewart, a socialite and television personality who looks so much like her dad, Rod Stewart, that they even have the same bleached hair. Alana Kimberly Stewart is now a model, actress, and fashion designer, who was born in 1979. Although Kimberly didn’t get into a musical career similar to her father, she has, to her credit, done quite well, working as a model, actress, and fashion designer.

Kimberly Stewart had a child with actor Benicio del Toro in April 2011. Reportedly, Kimberly’s child – the girl called Delilah Genoveva Stewart, has the distinction of being Rod Stewart’s first grandchild, but apart from that, there’s not much information about her life. We do know that she’s romantically entangled with Hollywood producer Jesse Shapira. However, maybe her father Rod could tell us the truth.


Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe married in 1997 and had their daughter Ava in 1999. Up to now, we are still arguing amongst ourselves who Ava Elizabeth Phillipe more closely resembles—whether it’s her mom Reese Witherspoon or her dad Ryan Phillipe. We suspect that, to some degree, she looks like both, almost fairly equally, since she looks like Reese from some angles and like Ryan at others.

In any case, what we’re certain of is that she’s a bombshell. She’s got the same blue eyes and heart-shaped face that made her mom a stunner as well as the same smile and expression that made her dad a teen heartthrob in the ‘90s. Ava has been a cute girl since she was young, and now the little girl has grown into an attractive woman, as a rising model.


Ireland Eliesse Baldwin isn’t merely a product of the Baldwin family, she also happens to be Kim Basinger’s daughter, which makes her doubly entrenched in Hollywood by our lights, given she’s come from not one but two well-known and well-connected celebrity families. As a fashion model and actress, Ireland started her career in 2013, making her first appearance in the film Grudge Match and magazine Grazia. Also, Baldwin began to be a DJ since 2019.

We have to say that she’s the spitting image of her mother, Kim. They both have the same sensual expression, which will surely help the young Baldwin in her rise to the top. True, she’s not in the spotlight as much as her cousin Hailey, who’s been flooring everyone on social media with her over-the-top lifestyle. But we think Ireland has what it takes to be just as recognizable, and perhaps even more so.


Mel Gibson is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter born in Peekskill, New York. He is well known for playing the role of an action hero, such as Max Rockatansky in the action series Mad Max. He is been through a lot lately, and most of it has not been good. His lawyers are working double-time, handling the many cases he’s embroiled in, so it’s fair to say that it’s been, and will continue to be, another rough few years for the man.

But Gibson can at least rest assured that his son Milo, who’s inherited both his good looks and his love for acting, is doing well, having landed roles in a few films of late. One of which was Hacksaw Ridge, where he starred alongside such luminaries as Andrew Garfield and Hugo Weaving. In the future, people can pay more attention to this second-generation star on his performances in the film industry.


Not too many might recognize Janet Leigh since she’s come from the generation that’s come right after the golden age of cinema. But all credit to her for having had such a successful career, and on that spanned more than half a century. Indeed, Leigh’s worked as an actress in Hollywood since the ‘40s and was able to bag a slew of awards throughout her storied career. She is not only an actress, but also a singer, dancer, and author, who was active from the 1940s to the 2000s.

Leigh passed away in 2004, but if she were alive, she’d no doubt be telling everyone about how proud she is of her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, who, like her, has managed an incredible career in Hollywood. She and her mother Leigh have surprisingly similar appearances, especially, when they don’t smile, they both give people a feeling of mystery and distance.


Minnie Ripperton, who’s former SNL cast-member Maya Rudolph’s mother, was known for her five-octave coloratura soprano range. If you don’t know what that means, don’t bother looking it up, because we’re here to tell you that it means she can sing like a goddess. Minnie was, in fact, a very successful singer in the ‘70s, whose song Lovin You reached number one in the Billboard Hot 100 at the time. Sometimes the more successful a person is, the higher the expectations people will have of her children.

It’s a bit surprising that Maya Rudolph became successful for her comedic talents, considering her mother was such a storied singer and songwriter. In any case, both mother and daughter, who has an uncanny resemblance to one another, is astonishing and have achieved a high degree of success in their chosen entertainment fields.


We were particularly surprised by this, too. We knew who these two were, but we didn’t know they were related. Since putting their photos side-by-side, it made us wonder why we never made the connection. Yes, they look so much alike—there’s no denying that Ashley’s eyes are exactly like that of her mothers. If you see the photos of young Naomi, you will be more likely to verify the statement.

Ashley Judd is a Hollywood actress activating from the 1990s to the present. She was born in a star family: her mother and half-sister both are country music singers. In any case, while the older Judd was famous for her music, Ashley became a movie star with an arm-length filmography that included quite a number of box office hits. She also happens to have a degree in mathematics, an example of someone with beauty and brains.


Chaz Bono is Cher and Sonny Bono’s only child. Although born as a female, Chaz now identifies as a male. He went through the process of transitioning where he got the full support of his mother. Aside from looking like his mother, Chaz has also carved a name for himself in the entertainment industry. You might be familiar with his performances in the American Horror Story franchise and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

However, that’s not all. Chaz is also an author with three books under his name. This includes his NY Times Best Sellers namely Family Outing and Transition. He wasn’t shy about creating a documentary on how he transitioned from being Chastity to Chaz. His investments in himself have certainly paid off as he is now much happier for being true to himself. For sure, he is on the right path to establishing his acting career. After all, he has already landed roles in films like Three from Hell, Dirty, Reborn, as well as Reboot Camp.


Louis Bardo Bullockmay does not look like his adoptive mother, Sandra Bullock, but he certainly has the traits of the Hollywood celebrity. Sandra was open to adoption and the opportunity came after the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which displaced thousands of families. However, she had to wait for four years before she could become a mom for the first time. She kept Louis out of the limelight as much as she could so that he could grow up away from the prying eyes of the media.

Louis then prompted his mom to adopt another child, which turned out to be Laila. The young man is now 11 years old and looks wise beyond his years. Fortunately, his mom has smart investment planning in mind to keep her children happy. The best part? Both Louis and Laila get along well, plus, Sandra’s longtime boyfriend has been filling in the role of their father. Love wins!


John Travolta has certainly made an impression on his daughter, Ella Bleu, as she is now a budding actress in her own right. Aside from having the same features as that of her father, Ella has also been bitten by the acting bug and has landed several roles already – with the latest being Get Lost, a modern-day adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The young actress has gushed about it on her social media page which is not surprising given that she will be working with Daniela Amalia as well as Michael Mendelsohn.

Ella is no stranger to acting as she has worked on films such as Old Dogs, The Poison Rose, and Entertainment Tonight. She sees her father as her best friend, too which only shows that these two have been buddies right from the start. With her new project on hand, the actress may need a financial advisor to teach her how to manage her money as well as save for her future.


Dannielynn Birkhead closely resembles her late mother, Anna Nicole Smith, at first glance. It seems that she is also following in her mother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry as she is now a reality TV star, not to mention a model, too. Although she did not get the chance to meet her mother, since Anna Nicole died when she was still a baby, she learned much about her in a special documentary that was released recently. Both Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead were written as the father, but Howard made sure that Larry got sole custody of her.

The new documentary features Larry showing his daughter her late mother’s personal things. According to him, his daughter has the same big heart as her mother which was why he believed that she would appreciate the fact that they are going through her mother’s investments and items. Dannielynn may not be able to grow up with a mother, but she is surrounded by people who love her.


Marie Osmond is quite a celebrity in Hollywood as she has received plenty of accolades during her career. Her biggest role, however, was welcoming her children into this world. As a matter of fact, she couldn’t have been more pleased when her daughter, Rachael Kreuger, grew up to look exactly like her! However, Rachael has other plans when it comes to her career. As a matter of fact, she found a different path and it was being a costume designer as well as a professional hairstylist.

Rachael has a good relationship with her mother, and it is evident by the way her mother gushes about her on social media. For Marie, the two have the same personality, which was one of the reasons why they get along so well. Their bond became stronger, too when Rachael became a mother herself. She may not have the same net worth as her mother, but she has made some smart investments in her career, which is why she doesn’t have to worry about raising her family.


The power couple of country music, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been graced by three beautiful daughters. Gracie, the eldest, looks just like her mother, and it seems that she has also inherited her parents’ musical talents. At 23 years old, she has already moved out of her home to pursue a career in acting, which means that we might see more of her in film or on TV. Nevertheless, Faith and her husband are proud parents of Gracie as she is turning out to be a creative lady in her own right.

Gracie was seen singing along with her dad on stage back in 2015, and everyone was impressed by her voice. She also has her own band called Tingo back when she was 18 years old, and they performed in public. Although the band is no longer together, Gracie has shown that she has the voice just like her parents. After all, she continued doing music, by joining a rock group, while she was getting a degree.


Lil’ Kim has certainly made a name for herself in the world of hip-hop, but she has established herself as a fashion icon as well. She also appeared in films and TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars. There was one more job that she took on in 2014 and that was being a mother to Royal Reign Jones Neil, whom everyone believes is the spitting image of the rapper. Since both parents are musicians, there is a possibility that we will be seeing little Royal making her own music when she gets bigger.

Although many are waiting to see what Royal can dish out, Lil’ Kim already thinks that she is a superstar especially after showing off her dance moves on TikTok. The little girl isn’t one to shy away from the camera as she also appeared to promote her mother’s newest album. With Lil’ Kim’s investment money neatly tucked away for Royal’s future, we know that they will not worry about running out of funds by the time she hits college.

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