You do not have to be ripped to be considered healthy, but Jack Black is perhaps going in that direction. The School Of Rock star posted on YouTube that he would be working on losing some weight. He realized that he was not getting any younger, and with 2020 coming (when he made the post), the actor knew he needed to get in shape. He even planned to get ripped.

The comedian certainly meant business, and so he hired a famous celebrity trainer, Mark Wildman, who helped him on the journey of losing 25 pounds. He started at 240 pounds, a bit too much for his 5’7” physique. He was inspired by Chris Hemsworth, and he even joked that he would be coming after the actor. Well, to a degree, it is best that we have people we emulate so that we can reach our goals. Being healthy is also a goal everyone should have to live a longer and fitter life.