The Good Old Days: Celebrities From The Past


Jane Fonda can definitely boast a bright and successful career. During her heyday as an actress, Jane was among the most talented and most beautiful stars in Hollywood. Jane made her debut in the Broadway play, There Was a Little Girl, for which she earned a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Play. From there, Jane’s career gained more and more momentum. On-screen, she was known for her acting credits in the films Period of Adjustments and Barbarella.

Off-screen, she was known for her relationships and political beliefs, which sometimes paved the way for unwanted attention. Despite that, however, Jane succeeded in establishing a career and continuing the acting legacy that her father, Henry Fonda, started. Today, the actress is 82 years old but remains graceful and active as ever. Over the years, she has amassed quite a fortune and has made very smart investments with her savings.