Los Angeles Restaurants to Go to Spot Celebrities

Los Angeles doesn’t just boast the best food in the country. It’s also the best town to spot celebrities. Spotting a celebrity can be quite a thrill, and we’ve managed to round up some of our favorite spots to come across, and maybe even interact to a certain degree, with some of Hollywood’s stars.

As you know by now, you probably won’t see an elite Hollywood star walking down Hollywood Blvd. They also won’t wave to you when you come across their homes during a celebrity-home bus tour. Interestingly, you can see them in places such as their favorite restaurants. With this in mind, here are some of the food spots to go to when you just want to spot a Hollywood celebrity:

Giorgio Baldi

Giorgio Baldi is a classic Italian restaurant that sits in the Palisades neighborhood. It’s one of the best restaurants to go to if you want to see celebrities such as Rihanna. Giorgio Baldi serves a fantastic plate of their famous burrata, and they also offer other best-sellers such as their famous sweet corn agnolotti. Without a doubt, dining here is the best decision you can make using your credit card if you want to go celebrity-spotting.


Dining at Craig’s will certainly give you the highest statistical probability of seeing someone notable and famous. This restaurant has the highest odds of serving celebrities more than any other restaurant in the city. Besides seeing a famous celeb, you’ll also be able to indulge yourself in some excellent food. One of the best items in this West Hollywood spot is their bread!

It’s essential that you book yourself a reservation using your credit card in advance. It’s worth noting that it’s a hub for celebs, and together with their good food, seats tend to be incredibly limited.

Dan Tana’s

There are restaurants that regularly cater to celebrities, and there’s the famous Dan Tana’s. Dan Tana’s is an iconic Italian spot that sits in West Hollywood, and the interesting thing about this place is that it doesn’t have any rules. You can come in at any night of the week, and you can indulge yourself in a premium shot of tequila. It’s certainly worth booking using a payday loan just to get to mingle with celebs, including the famous Ron Jeremy!

One of the best items on this restaurant’s menu is the chicken parm. You could say that dining at Dan Tana’s is an essential LA dining experience that offers a great atmosphere, with a high chance of staring at and even partying with well-known Hollywood icons.


There’s no question that Wolfgang Puck is one of the most celebrated chefs in the world. His flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills called Spago is one of the places that seem like the food couldn’t possibly be good- but it certainly is. That, and the fact that this food hub is always packed with some of Hollywood’s finest.

If you want to fit in, you’ll certainly have to prepare your credit card to order some of the restaurant’s best sellers. Spago offers exceptional food items such as the salmon pizza, the wiener schnitzel, and even the spicy tuna cones! They also offer an incredibly delicious smoked-fish pizza, and it’ll certainly be a delight to feast while spotting famous celebrities at a corner table.

The Ivy

Celebrities have a knack for staying hidden when the sun is up in Los Angeles. However, one place where these Hollywood celebs seem to be always out in full force is the iconic The Ivy. The Ivy is a classic Beverly Hills lunch spot where every movie star takes their agent to negotiate a deal. You could say that The Ivy’s Cobb salad, guzzle house gimlets, and other classic food items are good enough to aid them in closing a very important deal.

It’s worth noting that as it’s a well-known celebrity spot, your credit card is going to take quite a one-time hit. In our opinion, there are other spots in LA that serve better food at a lower spot. However, if you desperately want to spot your favorite celeb, then The Ivy is definitely one spot you should visit.

Sushi Park

There are certainly other food spots that serve exceptional sushi around LA, including the famous and respected Nobu Malibu. Despite Nobu Malibu’s mystique when it comes to serving sushi, it’s actually Sushi Park that takes home the belt for the best sushi in Los Angeles. Not only does it serve the best sushi in town, but it’s also a go-to by Oscar-winning actors who come just wearing flip flops.

Sushi Park sits at a small strip mall spot, and it’s safe to say that you won’t need any money loans just to dine with famous celebs. You could say that their omakase is the perfect delicacy to chow down while you’re staring at some of Hollywood’s finest!