6 Hilarious Onscreen Goofs in Television and Film

We’re all humans, and it’s tough to blame a well-known television show or a famous film for making a minor mistake every now and then. Producing a film or a television show comes with a hefty price tag and tons of investment money. Not to mention, it’s also an incredibly emotional and time-consuming rollercoaster. With this in mind, a couple of mistakes often get overlooked.

We can often see some of these mistakes in some parts of a movie, and one cannot deny that they can be pretty hilarious. We certainly have to credit the actors and the staff for pulling it off perfectly despite the mistake. There’s certainly no harm in pointing out these hilarious mistakes, and here are some of the hilarious goofs in television and film:

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is easily one of the most celebrated television shows in history. Interestingly, it had its fair share of on-screen goofs, and this one took place in one of the final episodes of the series. In the scene, audiences can clearly spot a coffee cup on the set, and for a show that earns over $10 million an episode, you’d think that the staff would at least notice it in post.

So who actually owned the infamous coffee cup? While it’s safe to bet your payday loans on Emilia Clarke, she’s actually denied it. The rest of the cast also denied the allegations regarding ownership of the cup. More interestingly, they seem to have been throwing each other under the bus. At least one thing’s confirmed regarding the coffee cup fiasco: it isn’t a Starbucks coffee cup, but rather a coffee shop that’s near the show’s production.

Back to The Future

It’s safe to assume that most of us have seen Back to The Future movie a million times, and this classic also had its share of on-screen goofs. You may not know it, but the speedometer in the DeLorean appears to have its own flux capacitor. It certainly is the best explanation we have for why the DeLorean’s odometer ticks back almost hundreds of miles between shots.
It’s also incredibly odd that the dashboard appears to slightly change when Marty checks it a second time. You simply can’t help but wonder if something took place while they were filming this scene that they needed to use two different cars. You could say that this is one of the most demanding cutaway shots in film history! It was still worth the investment money, though.

The Simpsons

There’s certainly no question that The Simpsons is one of the most iconic television shows in history. So it’s certainly a surprise to learn that there’s a couple of glaring flaws in this iconic television franchise. Interestingly, producer Matt Selman pointed it out when he tweeted a problem in the episode titled, And Maggie Makes Three.

Marge tells Homer that she’s pregnant with Maggie in the episode, while we can clearly see a picture of baby Maggie on the wall. Selman certainly deserves credit for pointing it out, as we’ve never could’ve noticed the flaw in one of the franchise’s most celebrated episodes.


One can argue that the 1995 film Braveheart is one of the most celebrated movies during its era. It’s a period film, and everyone knows that creating a period film poses many opportunities for hilarious screw-ups. It can certainly be a tedious task to ensure that there’s nothing modern in an un-modern film. Unfortunately, there was one scene where viewers could see a white parked car in the background.

The car can clearly be seen during the scene where the warring horde was rushing away. It’s a subtle one, yet it’s enough for the Internet people to take notice! It’s undoubtedly a hilarious screw-up, and the staff deserves credit for minimizing the damage.


Friends is unquestionably one of the most memorable television sitcoms of the 90s and the early 2000s. In the episode titled The One with the Mugging episode, Courtney Cox morphed into a different woman for the frames in which she’s only peripherally present. Interestingly, the showrunners didn’t believe that she’d appear in the frame, forcing fans to wonder about the rando suddenly barging into their conversation.

It’s difficult to expect actors just to sit around all day; that’s why they have “stand-ins” whenever production needs to block a scene. For obvious reasons, fans and the audience never get to see these stand-ins at all. To the staff’s credit, this isn’t the only time they slipped up, and this mistake just makes us feel like we’re in an alternate reality.

Quantum of Solace

It’s easy to imagine that tons of labor workers out there only dream of making it big in Hollywood. However, it can be quite crushing to have such high dreams only to play the role of a dock sweeper in the latest James Bond movie. You could say that this was the sentiment of a specific background extra in the film Quantum of Solace, who’s clearly pretending to sweep.

You could say that the extra stopped caring to do his job as a believable sweeper after spending many hours under the sun. To his credit, it’s menial work that requires being under the hot sun, so the heat could’ve easily caused his actions and demeanor.