6 Amazing Facts About Your Favorite Movies

Whether we like it or not, movies have effectively made their mark in society’s mainstream culture. From the smart Sci-Fi Fantasy realms to the action-packed popcorn blockbusters, films of different genres continue to entertain people across the world. This is why studios spend millions in investments to produce the best films possible with the best actors and directors available.

We all have our own favorite movies, and as a film buff, I would like to think that I know certain movie details that might not be well-known to most people. Here are a few of them.

The Matrix

This movie franchise is probably one of the most iconic blockbusters from the 2000s. With an upcoming additional film premiering soon, you know that it continues to stay relevant to this day. Apart from the amazing gun-fu and slow-mo action sequences, who can forget the iconic green symbols trailing down like random algorithm codes? However, it is not what it seems. We credit the production designer who came up with this, but those “codes” are actually scanned symbols from his wife’s sushi cookbook.

The Godfather

When talking about masterpieces in the film industry, most people would probably rank The Godfather among the very best. It is Francis Coppola’s magnum opus, featuring Marlon Brando’s best performances of his career. In one of its iconic scenes, we see Brando holding a kitten while delivering his lines.

Did you know that the cat wasn’t part of the original script? A stray happened to wander into the set, and Coppola spontaneously handed it to Brando. They say that the kitten was so fond of the actor that they all decided to add it to the scene.


This historical blockbuster is given credit for being the most successful film of its generation. It is one of James Cameron’s best films to date, filled with iconic scenes that none of us will ever forget. One of those is when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, sketched a portrait of Kate Winslet’s character, Rose. Little did most of us know that the one who really drew that piece of art was actually Cameron himself.

Sean Connery’s James Bond

Some of us idolize James Bond for his devilish good looks and boundless confidence, but all of it might just be too good to be true. Sean Connery might have received credit for being the best Bond actor, but the Englishman actually wore a toupee during his tenure. Some say that Sean started balding at the early age of 17.

Fight Club

Over the years, the film Fight Club has received endless credit and even grew its own cult following among avid moviegoers, and rightfully so. It is a movie with a strong counterculture message that remains relevant in today’s society.

David Finch, the director, says that he intentionally snuck in a Starbucks cup in every scene, with permission from the company, of course. In the ’90s, David noticed that Starbucks was quickly growing in LA, opening up shop across almost every block. It was his way of poking fun at the coffee chain.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

There is no question that George Lucas made a name for himself from the success of his Star Wars franchise. This is also true for Harrison Ford, who played the iconic and charming Hans Solo. So when the two did another franchise in Indiana Jones, fans were expecting much from the duo. Fortunately, they did not disappoint, and Raiders of the Lost Ark gained praises and credits from critics and fans alike, and effectively set the tone for the franchise’s coming successes during the ’80s.

However, did you know that R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars were also in the movie? In one of the hieroglyphics, you can see that one symbol is a drawing of the Droid. Now you know!