50 Most Expensive Restaurants Found In The World

When given the opportunity, almost everyone would treat themselves out for a drink or a meal or even both, especially on occasions. However, there are some places that exceed our maximum budget all for a treat.

For some, to dine elsewhere is more than just the scrumptious food or the convenience of it all by not having to clean up after eating but the culinary experience that can be enjoyed, because of which people are even willing to pay regardless of the price. There are multiple, high-class restaurants in the entire world that diners are willing to attend to and pay astronomical prices just to experience the culinary delights these restaurants offer. What makes these meals pricey are the rarity of their ingredients and quality; the presentation, the innovative and creative techniques used to prepare the meals, and the ambiance or atmosphere of the dining area.

If you are interested to participate in this amazing culinary experience and have the cash to spend, then here is a list of the few most expensive restaurants around the globe.

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Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse

The Le Meurice, a two-Michelin star restaurant, found in Paris and inside the magnificent Hôtel Meurice, whose rooms were an inspiration from the Salon de la Paix located in the Versailles Palace. Her dishes are prepared by the famous chef Alain Ducasse whose specialty is traditional French high-end cuisine and technical skills. A meal in this restaurant would cost you substantially,  a chef’s table would amount to £400 or $549.

The main focus of Le Meurice is to deliver elegant, sophisticated, and high-quality food that highlights the beauty of each ingredient. A fine dining experience, that could cost the privilege for a five-course menu an amount of $480 per head.