Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono grew up under his famous parents’ wings but wanted to outgrow their shadow and make a name for himself. He focused on music, LGBTQ+ politics, and reality TV roles before returning to acting. He made headlines because of his gender transformation and surprised everyone with his new appearance. Chaz was able to flaunt his trim new body after having lost a ton of weight.

Bono struggled with his weight for years. Following his gender transformation, Bono weighed 250 pounds. Finally, at ease in his skin, he publicly promised to lose 50 pounds in November 2012, and by the following year, he had lost an impressive 75 pounds. How did Chaz pull it off? Besides adopting healthy eating habits, the actor stays engaged by doing the ballroom moves he learned on Dancing with the Stars. He’s lost 85 pounds to date, and he says that maintaining a good body image as a result of his gender change aided him in his efforts.