This Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Will Inspire You to Work Out and Shed off the Pounds


Amber Rachdi decided to make a 360-degree change in her life after finding it hard to drive or even bathe. The reality star joined the show My 600-Lb Life and brought everyone on a journey to lose weight. She’s about 657 pounds at the time, making her feel “nasty and yucky” of herself, calling her big image a “monster.”

Rachdi had obesity at an early age. She used to have an eating disorder when she was a teenager. She enjoyed binge-eating to make her feel comfortable, not knowing it’s already deteriorating her health. She started by losing 20 pounds to prepare herself for gastric bypass surgery, and it was a success. From here, Rachdi began changing her lifestyle as a whole, losing a whopping 400 pounds in the process. The dramatic change in her body benefited her health and appearance. She now looks every inch a bombshell after weighing over 600 pounds, which is now a thing of the past.