This Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Will Inspire You to Work Out and Shed off the Pounds

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is, to some degree, known for doing whatever it takes to play a role perfectly. He’s a man who can play any part and portray anybody, whether it’s Bruce Wayne or Patrick Bateman. He’s proven over the years that no one can adapt to a movie role the way that he can.

Bale’s ability to transform into a near-unrecognizable version of himself has already become the stuff of Hollywood legend — indeed he’s gone from fat to skinny numerous times over the years. His appearance in the 2005 thriller, The Machinist, however, was the most surprising. Bale’s almost distorted skeletal frame was one of his most unforgettable performances. His diet consisted of 200 calories a day. The man literally looked like he was dying in the movie. That’s a lot of weight to shed for a movie role, so it’s no surprise he’s become an icon.