50 Most Expensive Restaurants Found In The World

When given the opportunity, almost everyone would treat themselves out for a drink or a meal or even both, especially on occasions. However, there are some places that exceed our maximum budget all for a treat.

For some, to dine elsewhere is more than just the scrumptious food or the convenience of it all by not having to clean up after eating but the culinary experience that can be enjoyed, because of which people are even willing to pay regardless of the price. There are multiple, high-class restaurants in the entire world that diners are willing to attend to and pay astronomical prices just to experience the culinary delights these restaurants offer. What makes these meals pricey are the rarity of their ingredients and quality; the presentation, the innovative and creative techniques used to prepare the meals, and the ambiance or atmosphere of the dining area.

If you are interested to participate in this amazing culinary experience and have the cash to spend, then here is a list of the few most expensive restaurants around the globe.

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Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse

The Le Meurice, a two-Michelin star restaurant, found in Paris and inside the magnificent Hôtel Meurice, whose rooms were an inspiration from the Salon de la Paix located in the Versailles Palace. Her dishes are prepared by the famous chef Alain Ducasse whose specialty is traditional French high-end cuisine and technical skills. A meal in this restaurant would cost you substantially,  a chef’s table would amount to £400 or $549.

The main focus of Le Meurice is to deliver elegant, sophisticated, and high-quality food that highlights the beauty of each ingredient. A fine dining experience, that could cost the privilege for a five-course menu an amount of $480 per head.


Known for its Japanese dishes, including sushi, this restaurant is found in Los Angeles. Headed by the popular chef, Hiroyuki Urasawa along with his team, the restaurant creates and serves 29 different courses that change daily. Indeed, no two meals are the same at this special restaurant. Popular with some celebrities such as Tom Cruise and many others, this exclusive culinary experience would cost you roughly £869 or $1200. A very high price for a one-of-a-kind experience, that’s for sure!

The Fat Duck

In England, located in Berkshire, is an old restaurant called the Fat Duck that has been up and running since 1995 thanks to its owner Heston Blumenthal. For generations, the restaurant has served countless guests who all admired its special cuisine. Prior to recent years, this venue, which has a 3-Michelin star acknowledgment focused on serving French cuisine styled like a bistro.

Now, it has been developed and has started becoming known for new, experimental cooking, and guests have been fondly looking forward to their gastronomical experience at this place. For those interested to dine in the Fat Duck, customers would have to book and have to pay as high as £325 ($448) for each person before dining. A steep price to pay, one might say, but definitely worth it.

Anne-Sophie Pic: The Restaurant

Located in the city of Valence in France, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many people want to have an experience at this grandiose restaurant. It costs around £285 ($390) per person for an inventive menu with nine delicious courses.

The chef at this restaurant, Anne-Sophie Pic, was actually given a 3-Michelin star award for her restaurant that provides sumptuous meals to people. In fact, in 2011, the restaurant Anne-Sophie, named after Pic herself, was given the award for being the World’s Best Female Chef. This was done at the ceremony for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.


Created as the brainchild of Paul Pairet, a popular French chef, this new restaurant in Shanghai has got to be one of the restaurants there in the world. It’s built with the idea of providing an experience that can stimulate multiple senses at once. The entire place has to surround sound, and guests are entertained with visual projections, music, and fresh aroma while they dine.

Reservation and service from the Ultraviolet restaurant are extremely limited, actually. Right now, the place only has one table that can seat only 10 guests. The full-course meal, which has 20 courses in total, will cost £450 ($621) per person.


Named as the top and most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion can go as high as £1,458 or $2,000 for each person. It’s located in Ibiza, an island in Spain. In this restaurant, lights are directly projected onto the dining table and chairs to provide better illumination. Diners are even given headwear for virtual reality in order to achieve the ultimate dining experience. There’s even a choreographed service to complete everything. Obviously, the theme here is science fiction, and guests will certainly feel that upon entering.

The menu consists of a whopping 15 courses. Some examples of servings include fish from cockleshells, olive oil frozen in nitrogen, and oysters with caviar. This is all created by Paco Roncero, a chef who was awarded 2-Michelin stars, in 3 hours.

Restaurant Guy Savoy, Paris

Located in Paris, it has six rooms designed with contemporary and elegant decorations; the restaurant Guy Savoy offers a meal with 12 courses called Flavours, Textured, and Colourful that would only cost £352 ($486). Managed by internationally renowned French Chef Guy Savoy, Guy Savoy has been awarded three-Michelin stars for its light yet elegant, exquisite menu, which invites guests to dine once more.

An example of such an exquisite menu is aged duck and sweet spices, and smoked sabayon accompanied by a sea urchin while dining on caviar. Overall, it’s certainly a restaurant that anyone who loves food would be delighted to try.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse’s London domain, which was awarded no less than 3 Michelin stars, is located inside the lavish 5-star hotel, The Dorchester. Designed by Jean-Philippe Blondet, executive chef, the meal in this restaurant which has 7 courses would normally cost you £280 ($385). This restaurant is loved and known by its guests for its dishes that harmonize British and French products such as chicory seasoned scallop and lobster paired with fresh cauliflower, and maybe request some black truffle shreds from any menu options one would choose from. It is also greatly suggested to enjoy your meal at Table Lumiere as it is the best.


Masayoshi Takayama chooses exotic seafood as one of the highlights in the menu that ensure quality seafood with fish coming in daily to his N.Y.C.-based restaurant flown all the way from Japan, is known to stray away from the crazy booming of his career. This restaurant offers a heaping banquet of 25 to 30-course meal, all of which all cost £430 ($595) for each person. It also takes around two hours to finish the banquet, so try to reserve some time for this if you want to dine out here.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is submerged under the sea, for about sixteen feet making it the first all-glass undersea restaurant in the world. The underwater panoramic view provides its customers a view of the corals and the marine life flowing around and above you., such a view provides a one of a kind total magnificent aquatic culinary experience.

To enjoy such a luxurious European culinary experience, the price is set to costs £230 or about $320, wherein you may enjoy some low-temp, long-cooked veal tenderloin, Bolivian chocolate with kaffir lime panna cotta, or maybe some reef lobster-stuffed calamata pasta. However, the price range is varied with the lunch menu starting at $120 per person. This restaurant will definitely make you feel like you are feasting with the underwater royalties.

The French Laundry

Despite its name involving the word “Laundry”, The French Laundry found in Napa Valley in California doesn’t exactly serve that. Instead, it is known to be one of the most expensive restaurants in the world with each tasting option costing $310.

Customers may choose to be served with a 12-course chef’s tasting menu or a 9-course vegetarian meal. And if you are not a vegetarian at all, then you might enjoy its famous Island Creek oysters with caviar or even the Montana rainbow trout with crispy oyster crackers!  And with the restaurant being run by Thomas Keller, an American chef, restaurateur, and food writer, there is no wonder why The French Laundry is deemed to be that pricey!

Per Se

Located in New York City and once again owned by Thomas Keller, Per Se deserves to be part of this list. As one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, you have to pay an average of $340 for one meal! The food philosophy that is applied here is that there will always be 2 tasting menus wherein no ingredient should be used over again. This is to maintain giving the customers the element of surprise in every meal and visit.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

What’s great about Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare located in New York City is their utilization of French cooking style to Japanese cuisines. What you’ll experience dining at the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is a food tasting that would last for around two hours and thirty minutes which would include the serving of caviar, fish, and oysters fresh from the Tsukiji market found in Tokyo. It even has wagyu beef and foie gras. This is actually the first-ever restaurant found in Manhattan that got a 3-Michelin star rating and we believe it should be since this restaurant can cost you $394.

L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges

L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges has also been known as the Paul Bocuse Restaurant. Located in France’s third-largest city Lyon this restaurant has been up and running since the year 1959 and has already held a 3-Michelin star acknowledgment since the year 1965. They have been serving traditional and quaint French cookery. Some of its known and divine meals include sea bass inside puff pastry, black truffle soup, and chicken stewed in pork bladder and stuffed with delicious truffles.

To enjoy a set menu from this restaurant, you may have to pay up to $330 per person, and if you wish to dine with à la carte dishes, it may cost you at least around $110 per person. However, the famous Paul Bocuse passed away last January of 2018 at the age of 91. And since he has mainly contributed to French gastronomy, tributes were made all around the world for him.

La Pergola

La Pergola is known to be the only restaurant to have been given a three-Michelin star and is found at the top of the Waldorf Astoria in Rome. In which one may enjoy the view of Italy’s classic capital. This famous Italian-Mediterranean restaurant serves its gourmet menu with 10 courses wherein it includes venison with crisp licorice on polenta, red mullet that has celery as well as caper sauce, and of course the famous and fine choices of various cheese and wine. Its menu may have to cost you around $300 per person.

Schloss Schauenstein

This restaurant run by the youngest ever chef from Europe to have ever received a three-Michelin star, Andreas Caminada, is known for serving exquisite and inventive meals with great presentations such as the pigeon apply truffles that can be seen in the photo. Guests may enjoy the restaurant’s six-course meal for dinner at the cost of $275 per person. It had just recently celebrated its 17th anniversary in the industry.

The Krug Room

The Krug Room is found in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and can only seat 12 guests per time. Each guest must be able to pay around $457 for them to experience The Krug Experience Package wherein three different tasting menus are offered. Guests can experience the delectable shrimp, venison, scallops, and tons of Krug drinks, notably champagne, as they dine in this restaurant. And for those who love trains, then this may be a delight for you as this restaurant is designed like a train carriage wherein you may get to see the chefs in action through a large window.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

If there is an Alain Ducasse at Dorchester, an Alain Ducasse can also be found at the Plaza Athénée somewhere in Paris, France. The famous chef’s work actually started over 25 years prior to this, and he’s inspired by mostly natural things, such as fish and vegetables.

As for his restaurant, it’s famous for its Brittany langoustines as well as gold caviar, in addition to many other specialties. This restaurant also serves a garden menu with 5 courses composed of three dishes, multiple kinds of cheese, and desserts that can be enjoyed at a cost of $475 per person.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Of course, everyone knows the famous Gordon Ramsay, a well-respected chef of this time and host of the Master Chef series. His restaurant, ‘Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’, can be found in Chelsea, somewhere in London, and is known to be Ramsay’s primary venue. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is famous for serving various ranges of different French cuisine in modern times with a Prestige Menu of seven courses costing around $214 for each person. Ramsay and his restaurant hold are given a 3-Michelin star acknowledgment.

Joël Robuchon

Chef Joël Robuchon is another famous European chef primarily hailing from France. His showcase restaurant can be found within the renowned MGM Grand Hotel that is situated in the famous Las Vegas, Nevada. The Joël Robuchon restaurant is more on for exclusive and intimate guests as it can only have around 12 tables with a fixed menu that can cost around $445 per person at the least. His meals include salmon with caviar and gold leaf – as seen on the photo presented – and potato purée with sea urchin and laden with foam from Arabica coffee beans.


For our vegetarian readers out there, this restaurant may be for you. The L’Arpège restaurant in Paris by French chef Alain Passard is known for its menu filled with vegetables that are basically freshly grown from his own garden. And it’s purely organic! His 12-course tasting menu called the ‘Terre & Mer’ – meaning ground and sea – would cost its guests around $516 per person. Such dishes of his would include winter radish petals (as seen on the photo presented), cilantro, and some lobster with parsley.

Le Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville

For those craving a harmony of magic, elegance, and healthiness, and who are willing to spend around $400 per person, then perhaps this restaurant is for you. The Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville is found in Crissier, Switzerland is a three-Michelin starred restaurant serving its famous dishes such as the Somme Ba scallops cooked with orange tarocco – which is shown in the picture above. The quality and price actually make sense as this restaurant is composed of a team of chefs led by the famous Franck Giovanni. And if cooking is also your thing, you may want to sign yourself up for their cooking classes to heighten your skills needed in order to closely recreate the dishes served at this elegant restaurant.


Despite the fact that it just opened last 2005, this restaurant, Alinea, has already gained its three-Michelin stars. Its innovative menu consists of amazing dishes such as black garlic with flower petals and also stunning squid mixed with spicy butter. The Alinea Kitchen Table, known to be its most pricey package, would have to cost each guest around $385. This intimate experience can only seat about six customers at a time.


With executive chef Joshua Skenes and wine director Mark Bright as the owners and founders of the Saison located in San Francisco, there is no doubt as to why this restaurant would already have its three-Michelin stars. The taste palettes of the guests would enjoy the experience of dining at the restaurant for a multi-course menu costing $298 per person. Expected dishes include flaky biscuits or barbecued quail with radish and perhaps caviar with egg custard. One may opt to bring their own bottle of wine for the cost of $100 as the restaurant’s corkage fee.


The Mezzaluna, a two-Michelin star restaurant, is known to be the highest-rated restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city – literally since it’s located on the 65th floor of the Tower Club around Lebua. The Mezzaluna offers a seasonal European menu that changes every day! So you can really expect the unexpected pairings of the menu every visit. At the price of $190 per head, guests can enjoy dishes such as scallop with turnip, horseradish ice cream, smoked haddock powder (as presented in the photo), and bottarga, while seeing a 180-degree panoramic view of Bangkok.

Michel Bras TOYA Japan

We have all heard of the magnificent Hokkaido in Japan. And what else can you do to enjoy the picturesque view of Toya Lake? Well, dine in one of the most expensive restaurants in the world! Founded by the French chef Michel Bras, this restaurant serves traditional French dishes with local products, including his known chocolate dessert called the ‘coulant au chocolat’. One dinner will cost each guest around $255. French palettes with a Japanese view? Just stunning!

The Quay

Going down south, The Quay can be found in Australia which also offers a magnificent view of the Sydney Harbour. This restaurant handled by executive chef Peter Gilmore innovated a modern menu with the use of some classic old picks. Also serving an eight-course menu with some wine, to dine in the restaurant will cost around $152 per guest. Together with the amazing view, guests may enjoy the dishes which include a delightful quail slow-cooked to let the flavors out, with fermented mushroom custard, walnuts, brioche porridge, and some seed crackling.

The Araki

The Araki located in London is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, having to cost per guest around $416 for a menu for every kind of sushi, and also includes truffles and some caviar. This restaurant gives its guests the pleasure to watch the chefs in action as they are positioned to face the chefs at their table. Chef Mitsuhiro Araki, who had his three-Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo closed down to pursue this endeavor in London, opened up this restaurant.

Restaurant Guy Savoy, Las Vegas

Restaurant Guy Savoy is another entry of Las Vegas to this list of most expensive restaurants in the world. Being located within the grand Caesar’s Palace, the famous French chef Guy Savoy just opened up a Caviar room in his restaurant where each guest can enjoy a caviar filled menu which will cost around $170. But that’s not all, as it is only a part of a set menu that costs at least a total of $385 per guest. This restaurant includes delectable dishes such as black truffle soup and artichoke with some foie gras lightly seared.


This restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan was claimed to be an innovator of dishes as its chef, Yoshihiro Narisawa, creates all his traditional Japanese dishes in a refined method. With the help of utilizing seasonal ingredients in his dishes and partnered up with selected wine to compliment the Japanese meals, it is no wonder that it would cost around $225 per guest.

Osteria Francescana

To dine at the Osteria Francescana, found in Italy, would cost each guest about $250 for a ten-course tasting menu. With its kitchen being led by Chef Massimo Battura, who is famous for continuously testing the potentials of traditional Italian cuisine, it is of no surprise that this restaurant gives its guests the Emilian countryside experience by mixing in Italian classics with modern techniques. Some of the dishes known from this restaurant are the Adriatic chowder which is composed of flavorsome ingredients such as blue lobster, sea snails, and razor clams.

El Celler de Can Roca

This restaurant found in Spain was labeled as the second-best restaurant in the world in the year 2018. And apparently was also claimed to be the number one best restaurant in the world twice in the past! And it is of no doubt as this is a three-Michelin star restaurant handled by the three J brothers – Joan, Josep, and Jordi – who mixes their childhood experiences with their creations which results in a fun meal experience as you dine. Each guest would have to pay around $250.


Another restaurant that can be found in Spain, specifically in San Sebastian, which would also have to bill each guest around $250 without drinks, the Mugartiz was declared as the ninth-best restaurant in the world in 2018. With the head chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz, always aiming to push the limits of the world of gastronomy through the making of dishes that can tickle each customer’s senses in the most unexpected ways, there is no doubt as to why it would be the Top 9th restaurant in the world. Mugaritz serves a 20-course tasting menu which includes some scarlet shrimp with sweetcorn, aged mole leaves with bone marrow, lettuce heart with chorizo, and a sip of flowers and warm water.


If you want to enjoy a meal that costs around $296 per person in this restaurant, then you must really have to make a reservation in advance in order to do so since Noma, located in Copenhagen in Denmark, is always fully-booked even months in advance. This restaurant basks in the seasonality of its dishes which is why there are three different menus offered based on the season. The year starting off with vegetables during Spring and Summer, followed by the game and forest season during fall, and lastly, the seafood season during the Winter season. Noma is a two-Michelin star restaurant that has been labeled as the best restaurant in the world four times since the year 2010. Starting off with the Nordic cuisine as its initial inspiration for its dishes, they moved up with the creation of the worldwide trend of fermenting and foraging.

Eleven Madison Park

Based in New York City, Eleven Madison Park is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world and is also consistently part of the best restaurants in the world. Eleven Madison Park was hailed as the number one best restaurant in North America. With Daniel Humm as the chef and owner of this restaurant, it has been well known as the restaurant with the best New York cheesecake and mouth-watering dish with caviar. This restaurant is also known to bring in traditional American taste with a mix of modernity. Each guest would have to pay around $315 to enjoy a meal here.


Most high-end restaurants, if not all, would just offer a tasting menu. But that is not how the Aragawa restaurant in Tokyo, Japan works. They offer a la carte meals instead which means your bill would depend on what you order. This leaves the price range of each guest around $260-$370.
Famous for its succulent Wagyu beef meals, you would actually be paying for the quality of your food rather than the environment or view as this restaurant is found in the basement of an office building.

Maison Pic Valence

With Maison Pic Valence being located in Paris, France just proves again as to why Paris is known to be the city of fine dining. Led by Chef Ann-Sophie Pic, the menus are always on an experimental basis by mixing in atypical flavors and creating dishes that would appease the eyes of the diners. You will be able to enjoy your Mediterranean garden environment at this three-Michelin star restaurant at a cost of $375 per guest for a nine-course tasting menu.

Guy Savoy

Another Guy Savoy restaurant has managed to end up on this list because it is almost equally expensive as its twin restaurant on the other side of the world. With this Guy Savoy restaurant being located in Paris, as opposed to its Las Vegas branch, its seven-course tasting menu would cost around $385 per guest. And as spearheaded by Guy Savor himself, you can expect nothing less when it comes to his food.

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama

When you visit Japan and have a side trip in Kyoto with some extra cash, you may want to check out Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama restaurant which would cost each customer around $450. But fair warning, that is excluding the tax and gratuity so you may also have to expect to pay a little more for it. When dining around lunch and dinner, you can be served a ten-course tasting menu that calls attention to the best and finest ingredients there is which are set creatively. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama has about six other branches around Japan with the Tokyo restaurant having three-Michelin stars.

De Librije, Zwolle, Netherlands

De Librije is found in the city of Zwolle, Netherlands, and is said to create contemporary and innovative dishes out of chosen seasonal and regional produce mixed with unorthodox cooking style. This three-Michelin starred restaurant is owned by Chef Jonnie Boer together with his missus, Therese Boer. Each guest may expect to be billed an approximate amount of $290.

Hertog Jan

The Hertog Jan located in the city of Bruges in Belgium is known for only utilizing the finest and the special ingredients from its owned bio-farm in order for them to be able to come up with minimalistic dishes with a taste of fresh flavors. This restaurant is able to serve around 50 customers at once with the help of its staff totaling 30. Spearheaded by Chef Gert De Mangeleer, one of the chefs who has received a three-Michelin star at a young age complements his dishes with his wine list of varied choices by Joachiem Boudens. Each guest can expect a bill of around $275.

Alabama: Highlands Bar and Grill

This restaurant is perfect for couples as they will be astounded by the ambiance this romantic restaurant can give. The Alabama Highlands Bar and Grill is a French-inspired restaurant field with Southern delectables. This restaurant is also deemed as one of the most expensive fine dining restaurants there as a guest can pay up to around $172 excluding the drinks. Its appetizer, like the Oyster bar, can cost around $18. For the entree, the Cowboy Ribeye as an example would be about $58. And for dessert, if you choose to have a slice of lemon with blueberry cheesecake, it can cost you around $10.

Restaurant Latour

And for this list, we would like to add the Restaurant Latour in Hamburg can have you pay up to around $400. As seen by its name, the most expensive wine there is in this restaurant is the 1863 Latour Bordeaux which costs a whopping $29,550. Sure a dinner for two can be about $372 since you may opt to choose one from two of its fixed-price menu – the five-course costing $115 or the chef’s tasting menu of about $145. And that is still excluding drinks. The Restaurant Latour is actually known for its seasonally changing menu but you might be able to experience their Black trumpet mushrooms, muscovy duck, and Hudson Valley rabbit, or even their Hamachi with sickle pear.

Elements, Princeton

If you want to eat seafood, you’ll definitely enjoy Elements at Princeton. In this restaurant, you’ll be able to eat a special sea urchin dish that is made unique because it is served with delicious cured pork. There’s also a yummy dessert and the form of farmers cheese ice cream, which sounds untraditional and perhaps a little unorthodox but we can guarantee you that it is very delicious. During weeknights, you can buy a four-course menu for $85. On Saturdays, you can get a 5-course menu for $99. You can also get the chef’s tasting menu for $129 or the grand tasting menu at $185. a standard dinner for two would usually cost $285.  if you want a taste of their most expensive wine, you can get the 2009 Dominio Pingus tempranillo for $1760 per bottle.

Restaurant Nicholas, Red Bank

Restaurant Nicholas is located at Red Bank. Unlike most other restaurants on this list, this restaurant only offers a fixed price option for your meals. This means that you can only get dishes from the menu of your choice. No more, no less.  the three and four-course menus both cost the same at $75 while the chef’s tasting menu costs $95.  the specialty seems to be seafood as well with the citrus cured fluke and a poached lobster.  You can also get pork for your choice, as well as a souffle for your dessert. Wine options aren’t too expensive at $50 and $125 per glass, although a dinner for two can set you back at $250.

Chez Catherine, Westfield

The Chez Catherine restaurant, which means ‘Catherine’s house’ in French is located in Westfield, New Jersey. If you want to have an amazing time dining here, you should probably practice your French because the entire menu is also in French. But of course, the wait staff is kind enough to help you out if you want to pick their best sellers.  Some of the dishes that they have on the menu include the Noix de Saint Jacques, Terrine de Foie gras, and Espresso Créme Brûlée. A 3-course menu costs $70 while a 4-course menu will cost $85. The souffle will cost you another $5, but it’s worth it. Their most expensive wine is the 2002 Château Pétrus Bourdeaux at $3,000 per bottle. For two people, dinner will cost around $231.

Cafe Matisse, Rutherford

Cafe Matisse is a French restaurant located in Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s a BYOB restaurant, which means it doesn’t serve any alcoholic drinks, although you’re free to bring your bottles. You can save up on alcohol costs but doesn’t mean a big deal since the fixed price options for the meals are quite expensive. For the fixed-price menu options, a three-course meal costs $75 while a four-course meal costs $95. Lastly, a five-course costS $115. Some of their best sellers include the artichoke hearts that are pan-fried and drizzled with parmesan, the thinly-cut slices of Cajun tuna and Hamachi Crudo, and for dessert, a vanilla bean cheesecake with lemon. Dinner for two usually costs around $225 but remember that doesn’t include alcohol costs yet, which you have to cover separately.


Naoe is a restaurant that is a luxury Asian restaurant located in Brickell Key, Florida.  this is quite unique considering that Miami is not known for its Asian cuisine.  However, Naoe is certainly a game-changer in the area. It provides Japanese food in a minimalist restaurant that greatly resonates with that authentic Japanese feel. If you want to eat at this place, you have to make sure that you get reservations in advance. There is only one fixed price option for all diners and that is the $200 menu prepared with meticulous care. It’s a 5-star omakase for sure.

La Mer

La Mer, which means “the sea” in French,  is an in-hotel restaurant that is located in Halekulani Hotel in Honolulu Bay, Hawaii. If you’ve always wanted to eat in a luxurious place with a magnificent view of the ocean, La Mer is the perfect restaurant for you. All the food served in this restaurant is said to be served fresh from the sea. It’s the only 5-star restaurant in the area and the local and tropical ingredients used in the dishes plus the view while eating definitely make this an amazing fine dining experience. The best seller is the fresh sturgeon caviar which costs $390 for a single serving.


Kurumazushi is special because of its chef, the renowned Chef Toshihiro Uezu, who worked at a restaurant of the same name back in Japan. The original restaurant was located near the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is famous for all the fresh fish that every sushi restaurant would like to get its supplies from. In Manhattan, this restaurant is fairly unassuming, but don’t let that fool you. Some of the best sushi in the entire area can be found here. A full omakase dinner starts at $300 for one, but you can also get an ala carte.

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