See How Your Favorite Stars Will Look Like If They Joined The Gender-Swap Trend!

It looks like the photo app trends are continuously evolving, as it can now swap our looks to a different gender. Although the gender-swap trend has already been a viral hit before, it is now back in the limelight. Surely, you will never need to go under the knife or even opt for a money loan to see just what you will look like as a different gender.

But what if our favorite stars use this app? Do you want to know what Robert Downey Jr. will look like if she is a girl? What about Keanu Reeves? Please take a look at gender-reversed versions of our favorite folks from Hollywood!

Kanye West

Kanye is most prominent for being a rapper who is also known for being Kim Kardashian’s husband. This man has undoubtedly achieved numerous awards and has been successful in his whole career. He is now a businessman who owns a clothing line. He surely knows how to increase his wealth, securing him away from creating any loan. He has captivating eyes and charisma, which may be the reason why he was able to capture the renowned Kardashian. So, we wonder how he may also look like if he was a female? Others have said his female version has similarities with Nicki Minaj or even Kim Kardashian herself. Do you agree?


Let us include a woman on the list. So, what will Pink look like if she is a man? Of course, she will look masculine. With her blond hair, she has been transformed into a guy who has salt-and-pepper hair, which most women love today. As a beautiful woman, we can expect her to be a very handsome guy, too. We are not just sure if her kids will agree.

Pink has two kids from her husband of 14 years, Carey Hart. Surely, Willow and Jameson will be surprised to see their mom as a man, credits to this app.


It looks like Eminem looks better if she was a woman than a man. But, of course, we love him for who he is. He looks every inch like his daughter, Hailie Jade, who has been making a name for herself ever since her dad gave her credit in his song. Although she has yet to join the entertainment world, she already has a cult following on social media, particularly on Instagram – just 2 million, no biggie.

But let’s go back to her father. If Eminem was indeed a woman, one commenter said that he looks way better than Britney Spears in The Real Slim Shady music video, and we totally agree.


Did you know that if Rihanna becomes a man, she will look exactly like Will Smith? That is the result of her gender-swap, and we are not the only ones who noticed. Most commenters on her photo said she looks like Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband, especially in his role as the Genie in the live-action movie Aladdin.

A lot of commenters even agree, saying she has the Smith vibe. Well, it should be a massive credit for the two as they are both equally talented and famous personalities. Anyhow, some also said that she somehow looks like Chris Rock, too.

Billie Eilish

Millennials surely recognize Billie Eilish as she just recently rose to prominence. She is best known for her poker face and unique music videos. She usually dresses up uniquely and has this boyish look. Some people wonder how she might look if she was a born man. Unfortunately, this app had gone too far. This version of herself is way too far now from the real Billie, except for the eyes. Billie looks better as she is, and there’s no need for her to change herself because she is well-loved by many. Thanks to her incredible talent, she has gained a considerable fortune. No need for credit cards, I guess!

Lady Gaga

This incredible woman has worked tirelessly to reach the top. Everyone loves Gaga not only for her music but also for her personality. She had made a lot of achievements in the music industry. Recently, she has even moved on to trying out roles in film, with her most notable work being Ally in the film A Star is Born. Additionally, she made quite hefty investments for her beauty business, Haus Laboratories. Throughout her career, she has been famous for continually reinventing herself, so what if Gaga is a man? Will she look different than her usual self? You be the judge.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry will always awe us with her stunning looks, perfect smile, and tantalizing eyes. Not to mention, she also has exceptional talent in singing. She has captured many with her beauty, and many wish to be the reason behind her smile. How much more if Katy is a man? If we turn her into a man, she is also undeniably attractive and will probably attract an army of girl fan clubs. The popstar looks like she would be a famous lead singer in a band, whose talent is playing guitar to serenade every woman during each stage performance. If she is a man, credits to this app, we guess she would just be as successful as she is today.

Nicki Minaj

Millennials have surely known Nicki Minaj for her daring music videos. Everyone has not seen her wearing any boy clothes, unlike some other artists who prefer wearing boyish streetwear. She likes wearing clothes more fashionably and sometimes, even going for the avant-garde. Nicki is a talented woman, and undoubtedly just as beautiful with her admirable physique. But how would the singer’s look turn out to be if she were a man? Both versions of Nicki will still undeniably pass for a music icon, in my opinion. Because at the end of the day, Nicki’s greatest investment is her unique talent in rapping.

Johnny Depp

We all know Johnny Depp for his good looks and charisma. But what if the man who is every woman’s dream becomes a girl? Well, of course, she-Johnny is equally beautiful. The girl has the same distinct facial features as that of the Pirates of the Caribbean star— from his perfect jawline to his tantalizing eyes. One commenter even said that the new Johnny looks like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, which we could never deny because of the radiating beauty. Some also called him Johanna Depp, who looks like his 21-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose. To his credit, Johnny is undeniably a stunner both as a woman and a man.

Keanu Reeves

Another man who is in every girl’s dream is Keanu Reeves. We do not just love him for his good looks but for his attitude and down-to-earth behavior, too. As they say, he is just too good to be true. Well, if he uses the gender-swap and becomes a woman, he is definitely a stunner. He still has that beautiful smile that will make every woman fall in love. As a girl, he can all of the guys’ attention without a sweat. Someone said he looks like Annabeth Gish from the TV series The X-Files, who is also a gorgeous actress, to some degree.