TV’s Hottest Shows In 2020

The term “Netflix and chill” has grown popular over the past years because Netflix as a streaming service has become so ubiquitous. The company has grown and watched TV has been easier than ever; now you can watch through your favorite series episode to episode nonstop. Your binge-watching routine, for the most part, has Netflix to credit. Now you have a lot of talked-about TV shows you can tune in to, with a bag of chips or popcorn in hand, lying cozily on your bed. For sure your list of must-watch shows grows longer and longer each day, but with all the staying at home lately, you might actually be running out of ideas! What else is there to watch? We’ve got you covered as here are IMDb’s picks of 2020’s hottest and most trending TV shows!


Premiered in 2008, “Breaking Bad” has been on the air for twelve years already. At its series finale, it had become one of the TV shows with the most viewer ratings. The plot involved a former science teacher and his student who both get into a violent, thug lifestyle while trying to stay morally intact. With lots of twists and turns, that is sure to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. A spinoff called “Better Call Saul” also credits this series as its progenitor. Moreover, there have been reports that claim the show is in the same “universe” as the zombie-filled series “Walking Dead”.


One of 2020s most trending TV shows, “The Handmaid’s Tale” features a woman named Offred who lives in a Gilead society that used to be a part of America. Living in a world that believed in the strict and literal conformity of scripture and strict compliance to the government, she tries to navigate the world being treated as property. In the plot, fertile women were forced to submit themselves to men and function as a baby-maker. The heavy drama credits its origin to a novel that was reportedly banned from being used in schools because of the sensitive themes it features.


The ninth season finale of the horror TV series “American Horror Story” did not disappoint as another season is announced to be coming soon and will move to Netflix too! The series boasts their own take of slasher movies that have been considered classics. Varied themes are featured on the different seasons ranging from deadly clowns to haunted houses. Each season has a different story, but they actually all still link in some way. Some of the storylines also credit their source from real-life events they are loosely based on. “American Horror Story” premiered in 2011 and will probably be around some more in the future.


The science fiction series “Westworld” is a show that features an amusement park that was created for adults. It was made so people can do whatever they wanted to do. The entertainers however were robots who eventually developed awareness and though there was a total lack of limits, everything apparently had a corresponding consequence. Still airing right now, the show definitely had a lot of investment money placed toward the production of the show as evidenced by the massive production values and big-time directors that were signed up to do some of the episodes. Quentin Tarantino directed the pilot episode, and Jonathan Nolan directed more than a few episodes.


If you’re familiar with the blockbuster hit “The Avengers”, you’re surely familiar with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division or more popularly known as S.H.I.E.L.D.  The TV series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is from the same Marvel cinematic universe and is centered on Phil Coulson, one of the agents who is also mentioned and involved in The Avengers franchise. The setting of the series is Earth 199999 inside the Marvel universe. It’s action-packed and filled with adventure–it even has drama. The series credits its story and beginnings to the popular Marvel comic books.


Calling all the crime-solving and mystery buffs out there! If you just love the thrill of solving puzzles and figuring out secretive cases, then here’s another one for you. “White Lines” is a series that is all about the investigation of a popular disk jockey who went missing. 20 years after his disappearance, his body was found and his sister goes on a journey to dig up what really happened. With the expected participation of drugs, sex, and violence, you’re sure to have the full drama and mystery package.  Made by the same creators of “Money Heist”, the makers of this production are surely far from bankruptcy.


The very popular zombie-filled apocalyptic series “Walking Dead” apparently is not just about the zombies. Headed by the main protagonist Rick Grimes, he and his group of friends journey through the zombie-infested world and create inspirational and tragic memories together all while doing their best to stay alive. Of course, there are casualties along the way, along with lots of blood and gore. The storyline and the entertaining plot – along with shocking twists and turns – are the investments the production counted on to bring the show on top. The adrenaline-charged fight scenes, antagonists of varied species, heart-tugging scenes, and, of course, the zombies are what the increasing views are about.


When talking about the longest-running hospital dramas, there’s always “Grey’s Anatomy”. Premiered in 2005, the show follows the main character and narrator of the series, Meredith Grey, as she goes through the journey of being an aspiring and eventually head surgeon, having a life, and everything there is in between. Together with her workmates in Seattle Grace Hospital, the story is told in plots a degree so touching that tears are a guarantee at the end of each episode. Still running fifteen years later, the show is still gaining viewer ratings and the heart-tugging, true-to-life series shows no signs of losing them.


If you’re into heavy family drama, then this is the show for you. Tackling themes about adoption, body positivity, career choices, discoveries about the self, and about each other, “This Is Us” is a very emotional take on family interaction and all that comes in between. The Pearsons are the center of the show and though they make themselves look like your typical family at first, they will bring you to the victories and downfalls they encounter. The TV series premiered in 2016 and is still airing until today. Better make an investment in cozy clothes and a huge box of tissues, because it’s going to be a tear-jerking binge.


Notice the hidden segue from #32? For those of you who are utterly curious about what goes on within the British royal family, a series that credits its inspiration from actual royal family life is just the one for you. “The Crown” begins with Queen Elizabeth II’s marriage to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in the year 1947. A lot of events, discoveries, ups, and downs – including controversies – are shown from then on. Premiered in 2016, the show is still running up until today. It’s definitely a must-watch. I tell you, reports say that even the Queen herself watches the series!


The Netflix show boasts a new take on Hollywood after World War II, as we go through the lives of filmmakers and actors that are frantically trying to build a reputation and make a name for themselves. Having premiered just this year, “Hollywood” is trying to make a name for itself as well. It made a huge investment in actors with great chemistry such as Darren Criss and Ryan Murphy, who are doing this as their fourth television series together. After doing “Glee”, “American Horror Story”, and “American Crime Story” together, they definitely leveled up each other’s performances. With the show’s interesting storyline, there’s a lot of potential for “Hollywood”.


The first big German show ever to go on TV is “Dark”. This is a Netflix original and is definitely what its title is – dark. The series is about a kid who goes missing and four families going on search parties for the child. Three generations of these families go on a frantic look-out and the show is eerily one of a kind despite its mind-boggling and sick themes. It’s a series with a degree of insanity that will get you hooked. Still running, “Dark” is also said to be the German counterpart of the popular series “Stranger Things”. Better take note of that last bit!


If you love all things twisted and are a fan of stories turning dark, then Netflix’s “You” is something you’ve just got to see. The show follows Joe who owns a bookstore and who looks pretty decent but has a not so decent secret. As an obsessive stalker, Joe invades many of his victims’ home security to keep them within reach. The show involves some pretty mischievous scenarios, including murder. Premiered in 2018, the series featured a lot of social media. The views continue to shoot up as more and more people heard about the cynical but oddly interesting story.


Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini co-star in a new TV series called “Dead to Me”. The series is about two widows who are both in mourning but soon find comfort in each other’s friendship. With anger, loss, and secrecy as central themes, the unexpected humor and great acting certainly add a touch of edge to the series. The little adventures that the two main characters take will not only make you laugh and cry at the same time but also make you think of getting an insurance plan with death benefits.  Join the two as they navigate the dramatic but also comedic world of being a widow.


To all lovers of the eighties, Will Byers’ world is definitely one that will satisfy your nostalgia. When Will disappears from his small town, an odd girl, complete with a shaved head and a number for a name (Eleven), shows up and joins Will’s friends as they go on a quest to find Will. After this, a supernatural turn of events starts and those on the search party end up experiencing things that are pretty strange. The series credits Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven, to E.T. With tears, laughter, and the occasional jolter, “Stranger Things” is a sure fun watch.


The longest-running fantasy TV show is “Supernatural”. The Winchester brothers – Dean and Sam – are the protagonists of the series. The show follows the brothers’ adventures in fighting off and dealing with different kinds of supernatural beings everywhere. Eric Kripke, the creator of the series, tried to get it aired for a decade but to no avail up until 2005 when his pitch was finally accepted. This despite the producers putting out a laughably small amount of investment money (200,000 dollars) to finance the first season’s budget, including all talent fees and special effects. The show is still around and has definitely come a long way since then.


The phase of the vampire hype credits its sensationalization to productions of TV series, novels, and movies about vampires living among humans. One of those that contributed to this pop culture stage is “Vampire Diaries”. The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore have been teenagers for hundreds of years. Stefan then falls in love with a girl named Elena and Damon, who is considered the evil brother, spends his days trying to destroy their relationship. Supposedly, Damon wanted to take revenge on Stefan because he was the reason Damon turned into a vampire. The show ran from 2009 to 2017.


Premiered in 2013, “Peaky Blinders” is a show about good old-fashioned gangster themes. Complete with classic 1919 versions of drugs, guns, violence, and the accent. The English series sure knows how to set the tone. The story follows a gang headed by the fierce Tommy Shelby.  Sporting caps adorned with razor blades, the hardcore characters will get viewers on the road to a great fun adventure. The concept of the series credits the real-life “Peaky Blinders”, a criminal gang in Birmingham, England during the Victorian era. The show has been airing for seven years and is still up and running today.


Still the most famous show around and one with the most number of pop culture references, Friends aired for a decade. The show’s premise is pretty simple but apparently, when three young men and three young women live in the same building, a lot of fun can happen. Premiering in 1994 and ending in 2004, Friends’ reruns are still airing up to date and its degree of popularity still skyrocketing. The distinct characters and the funny anecdotes they shared that have now morphed into widely used memes are very much talked about. Hints about a reunion special have also been circulating the internet. Stay tuned, fans!


The official most-watched Netflix show that isn’t English, “Money Heist” is a Spanish action series that features a degree of thievery that is mind-blowing. A promising group of thieves break into the Factory of Moneda y Timbre and rob them. Amounting up to 2.4 billion euros, the money the robbers aim to steal after a series of visually appealing scenes and iconic masks that make you want to be one of the awesome burglars is no joke. The crime and mystery series is still running up to date and though it’s in Spanish, the views continuously rise. We’re guessing subtitles are a thing now.


Though it doesn’t look like it, protagonist Marty Byrde is actually into money laundering and is working for one of the largest drug cartels in Mexico. When things take an unexpected turn, however, he has to speedily move his entire family away to Ozark, Missouri where he keeps them in hiding. Despite the steps he’s taken, he soon finds that his home security is still in threat because his problems are only beginning. The crime/thriller drama is also said to remind some of the hit series “Breaking Bad” which has a similar premise. Ozark is still running up until the present.


The novel-derived series is centered on the main characters Hannah, who commits suicide, and Clay, to who Hannah left a box of 13 reasons why she took her life to. Clay was always smitten by Hannah, but the box that she left him terrified him, mostly because he was scared he would find himself in there also. The series struck the hearts of many as suicide is always touchy, and often hushed about. It was a mystery and a drama all rolled into one heavy but important story. The executive producer, Selena Gomez, reportedly made a huge investment in the production because she had experienced as a mental health and anxiety warrior herself.


“Black Mirror” is famous for showing the unpleasantness of being in a technologically advanced world. Featuring the sick and threatening side of the modern days, the science fiction series is a must-watch collection of episodes that each pick on your brain and leave you satisfyingly uneasy. It is a show that is sure to make you examine reality and the society that we live in. The series has put a spotlight on many social issues. Reports have also stated that the series credits “The Twilight Zone” for being a huge inspiration to its creation and development.


“The Flash” is a series that revolves around protagonist Barry Allen and his mission to seek the truth about his mother’s tragic and untimely death. When a particle accelerator blows up and creates a huge storm, however, Barry gets struck by lightning, giving him the supernatural powers of the famous comic book character. The story progresses as our hero realizes that though others got the same powers he did, they use it for bad things, so he decided he would use his powers for good. Here’s a fun fact: actor Grant Gustin makes a time investment of least an hour to get into his wardrobe. That costume’s got to look perfect!


“Riverdale” credits its origin to the iconic Archie Comics characters. The story, however, is not as cheery as the yellow-clad and smiley-faced comic books. The dark plot features Archie and his friends solving the mystery of what happened to one of their schoolmates Jason Blossom. The show follows the group as they solve the case, get in and out of relationships, and go through the aftermath of a tragedy that quite unexpectedly happened to a typically and seemingly quiet and peaceful small town. The mystery drama premiered in 2017, and the story of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead still progresses today.


Disney Plus has created the ultimate TV series for all Star Wars fans out there. Premiered just last year, “Mandalorian” is a show that centers on the adventures of a lone bounty hunter across the galaxy. Bringing fans back to the Star Wars universe and bringing the much-loved characters back on screen, the newest series set five years after “The Return of the Jedi” is sure to be a new favorite for the fans. The producers really must have placed a lot of investment money on this production as it is one of the most expensive TV series ever made.


When money management gets mixed up with infidelity, child-rearing, and murder, a good story is surely on the way. “Big Little Lies” is a series that features big names like Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley in a drama-mystery that will get you hooked. The story focuses on five women who try to cope through a criminal investigation that is happening inside their own town. Madeline, a stay at home mom, Celeste, her best friend, and Jane, who just moved into town, are the central characters. The show premiered in 2017 and is still ongoing up to the present.


Just released last year, “The Witcher” has become an easy favorite among TV buffs. The series credits the titular video game as its inspiration. Now dubbed as the “New Game of Thrones”, the show has reached its own set of fans. The medieval-looking set is similar to the aforementioned TV series and is probably nostalgic for the fans as well. The story revolves around protagonist Geralt and his adventures dealing with superpowers, monsters, and magic. One fun fact for avid viewers is that actor Henry Cavill who plays Geralt refused to have a stunt double, so he does all the stunts himself.


The TV series “Arrows” follows Oliver Queen, a rich socialite who was thought to be dead but one day shows up and announces that he’s been on a trip to a Pacific Island for five years. Apparently, he actually trained to be a superhero, and though he still keeps up his womanizer façade in the day time, at night, he turns into that hero who fights off the bad guys to preserve justice. As the plot is all too familiar, the show credits “The Dark Knight” as its inspiration. It premiered in 2012 and is created by Andrew Kreisberg.


The historical drama series “Vikings” is definitely one of the most trending TV shows as well. Often compared to (but cannot really compare to) the popular “Game of Thrones” series, Vikings also made its way to the top of TV’s most talked-about list. The show does not belong to the fantasy genre, according to its creators, because it made a big investment in being historically correct. Real-life events and people like the Lindisfarne raid back in 793 AD and most of the characters were featured in the show among others. The action-packed, barbaric drama is sure to leave you at the edge of your seat.


For those of you who love blood, gore, and swordfights, this next one should not be lost on you. Always what should be next to “Game of Thrones” and “Vikings”, “The Last Kingdom” is a historical action-drama that revolves around the Saxon-born Alfred the Great, the main character, who was raised by Vikings. Join him in his journey as he fights between the Saxons and the Vikings, struggling between his birth people and rearing people. Running from 2015 to the present, the show credits most of its set and scenic landscapes to the beautiful location for historical sites, the lovely Budapest.


“Chernobyl” is a show that credits the true-to-life events that happened in the area back in the eighties as its inspiration. The realistic and explicit mini-series is included in IMDB’s list of highest-rated series. The show features the nuclear accident that happened in the Ukrainian SSR and the impact it had on the people living within the place and all over the world. The series premiered in 2019 and falls under the genres of drama and history. Up to date, the actual site of the Chernobyl explosion is still very much radioactive, highly hazardous, and will reportedly remain that way for decades to come.


The new series starring no other than Chris Evans is centered on Evans’ character Andy Barber, an assistant DA who has a son that is a suspect at a murder case. With a storyline like this one, it is not at all surprising that the drama was turned up to such a degree that got audiences unbelievably hooked. The mini-series’ views have been increasing, especially since it’s a return of the Captain America star to TV. We know you’re excited. Better get a move on and get your snacks ready! This has got to be on your binge list.


The comedy-drama series features a very clever college drop-out by the name of Mike Ross, who faked his life and his accomplishments, and the highly talented lawyer Harvey Specter. The series is humorous but also tension-filled, enough to glue your eyes to the screen. A fun fact is that actor Gabriel Macht is from a family of lawyers and some of his family members, his father, and his wife, namely, made an appearance on the show. One of the actors in the series is also the beautiful royal Meghan Markle, who for sure has had her own share of publicity.


Hailed as one of the best TV shows ever, the long-running series “Big Bang Theory” is a bundle of laughs. Four successful scientists are featured in the show as they try to navigate the world of women and real-life scenarios. The group of nerd best friends will take you on a ride of laughter and heartfelt moments along with a lot of awkward situations and trivial nonsense. The show has fans who have, to some degree, started a cult around it. It’s been airing since 2007 up to 2019. Still, reruns are up, and viewers still cannot get enough of the series.


Making very talented actors and a well-written storyline their prime investment, “Unorthodox” is surely a series that will not go unnoticed. The show tells the story of a Jewish woman who runs away from her home to escape the arranged marriage that was waiting for her. She intended to leave the country and start a whole new life somewhere else. The expressive and rousing tale has become an agent for awareness of what goes on elsewhere. Having only premiered this year, the show seems promising, and the degree to which the show is being talked about bodes very well for those involved in its production.


Ever since the much talked about series finale last year, Game of Thrones has only been getting more and more attention. Running on TV from 2011 to 2019, the action-packed adventure drama has only been getting an increasing amount of followers. The investment money the production placed in its cinematic and beautiful scenes, jaw-dropping costume design, and raw, solid story progression has definitely paid off. The horrors and the vicious storytelling got lots of people hooked on the series. Viewers got not only politics and medieval visuals but also family drama, dragons, and all the suspense they needed to keep wanting more.


Calling all crime scene show buffs! “Mindhunter” is a Netflix show that is so interesting you’ll definitely be hooked. Two FBI agents, Bill Tench and Holden Ford work with a psychologist called Wendy Carr. They all attempt to study the minds of serial killers. They do a series of interviews with serial killers so they can understand exactly how their minds work. Premiered in 2017, the thriller drama credits actual interviews of real-life criminals as its inspiration for a few of the episodes. The show was reportedly canceled recently, but we hope the producers will get back to their senses and create another season.


The popular comedy-drama “Orange Is the New Black” centers on Piper Chapman, a nice woman who is engaged and employed but somehow ends up in a women’s correctional facility. After the initial degree of horror, she adjusts and eventually figures out that she needs to fit in with the other inmates. Viewers enjoy the ride as they follow Piper through a series of hilarious adventures and sentimental encounters inside the prison. The cast of the show will surely bring you a good time as they invest in going through extreme changes in their appearance to look like their characters on the show.


“Narcos” is a biography about the life and career of the notorious Pablo Escobar. The popular series will bring its viewers through the stories of the Colombian drug exchange, including the drug lord himself, his operations, and underneath it all, his human side. The production made a huge investment in the show, making it as realistic as possible. The actor who played Escobar went through drastic transformations just so he could mimic Escobar’s heavy build. It was reported that he had to gain 40lbs and even then he had to put on a costume belly on top of it.


To all lovers of Bruce Wayne and all things bat-like, Gotham is a show you surely cannot miss. The show follows Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock as they take on the road to reinstate Gotham’s peace and justice. As they want to make sure the bad guys are at bay, just like other DC characters, their endeavor turns out to be more challenging than they thought as Gotham actually houses several villains. Moreover, Jim also delves into the investigation of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder. Because the show credits its story to the much-loved DC comic books, any of their fans will surely enjoy the series.


Some people just love the thrilling combination of suspenseful music and eerie silences that make you jumpy when watching a show. Such is the case for this next one. On air since 2017, the show “The Sinner” has been the talk of the town for a while now. The story is about a girl who committed a crime without knowing why. As she killed someone, a detective investigates the case, discerning clues and uncovering mysteries behind the killing. Twists and turns along the way arise, giving the audience a more intriguing and enthralling experience. The show credits its origin to a German novel written by Petra Hammesfahr.


Those of you who enjoy a good scare have probably already heard of “The Haunting of Hill House”. The series is a drama-mystery that centers on a family who lives in a house that’s full of horrors. The horror show is sure to give you nightmares as it features the worst of your imagination’s fears including ghosts and demons, complete with sound effects that impact your viewing experience to a degree of guaranteed jump scares. Premiered in 2018, the show is still airing up to today. The number of viewers that watch the series continuously rises.


Compared to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Daredevil” is one of its more mature characters, with its sinister aura and violent scenes of death and gore. The series ran for three seasons starting from 2015 all the way up to 2018. The investment in brilliant actors and an outstanding storyline made the show as good as it is. It features our main character, Daredevil, challenging New York’s worst criminals and flooring them with his high-flying superhero skills. This action-packed crime drama is still a show that people around the world go back to and talk about, even two years after its finale.  We’re guessing it really is just that good!


Are you in for some animal action? The newest 2020 documentary “Tiger King” is armed with a tiger, a man, and an insane storyline. The show features the popular tiger owner and zookeeper Joe Exotic and the story of his life as he gets blamed for a murder. The crime series will give you laughs, confused moments, and a huge degree of amazement. The interesting story attracted a lot of viewers and has been trending in the months following its release. There’s even talk of a movie adaptation in the future, with no less than Nicolas Cage at the helm.


Some people love jump-scare horror stories, while others prefer the fun kind of witches. Such is the nature of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” which features a teenage witch trying to cope with being half-witch and half-human. The dark comedy consists of fight scenes with supernatural beings, teenage glitches, and of course magic. Join Sabrina as she protects her family and friends in this charming series. The 2018 TV series credits the nineties’ “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” sitcom as its inspiration. Her cat, Salem, is even included in this new version. But he doesn’t talk anymore, so I guess we can’t have everything!


Another Netflix show on the list is “The Punisher” which follows the main character, Frank Castle, as he journeys to take revenge on the people who killed his family. Pursuing this revenge-thirsty endeavor, he discovers that there’s more to the undergrounds of New York. Other than his initial guesses, there’s actually way more inequality happening under their nose. Skipping the lawyers, Frank sets up a group of professionals and leads them in looking for the truth and fighting bad guys as vigilantes. Viewer rates of the series are high as this action-packed series continues to be available even after its finale in 2019.


Any comedy series can make you laugh, but what makes this next one better than any other comedy series? Ashton Kutcher, of course. “The Ranch” is a story about a boy leaving behind his football career so he could run their family’s investment in a small business. The series is definitely one for family binge-watching nights and will give you enough laughs as well as heartwarming moments. Viewer rates were affected by some feedback, however, about the first few episodes of the series being a bit slow and dragging, so if you can make it past that, here’s a promise that it will be better.


James St. Patrick, otherwise known as “Ghost” is the central character of the crime series “Power”. James is a socialite club owner and a secret drug lord.  The show exposes not just the lives of the rich but also what goes on underground when drugs and crime are involved. The show premiered in 2014 and is finishing this year, 2020, with a total of six jam-packed seasons. A fun fact in this production is that the popular rapper 50 Cent actually placed investment money in creating this show and is one of its executive producers. His presence sure added to the allure of the series.


Inheritance has always been a touchy but oh-so-juicy topic. This is what the show “Empire” invested in. Lucious, a record label company forefather chooses one of his three sons to be the next CEO of their business when he dies. Cookie, his wife before they had to deal with divorce attorneys and before she ended up in prison, was also one of the company’s initiators and wanted to be considered for the position as well. You can just imagine all the drama and the gossip from this setup. Complete with modern music and all-out performances, “Empire” should definitely be on your list.


If you like shows that are on the psychedelic side, then we’ve got you covered. The Netflix show “Maniac” is a series about two characters named Owen and Annie who go on a journey of self-awareness and self-improvement by facing their personal psychological challenges and owning up to their deep-seated feelings while on a certain pill and undergoing treatment. Interestingly, the strange plot of the show stars well-known comedians Emma Stone, who plays Annie, and Jonah Hill, who plays Owen. And though the series is a comedy, there is a degree of twistedness in it that puts it somewhat in the realm of science fiction. It first premiered in 2018.


If the title itself didn’t send your mind with thoughts of curiosity, I’m not sure what will. The documentary series, “Making a Murderer,” features Steven Avery, an inmate who was falsely blamed for a murder and was imprisoned for two decades. Exposing the corruption and discrimination in America’s judiciary system, the show will definitely get you hooked, as well as make you delve into the role of investigator and try to solve the crime yourself. The producers of this show deserve all credit for creating such an engrossing documentary.

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