25 Dog Breeds That Can Be Your Best Companion That Will Surely Put Your Stress Away 

There are a lot of studies about having dogs. They say they can put your stress away no matter what breed you have. They are the best companions that you can ever have and the most loyal of all that will never leave you. They are always by your side – even if you just have to go to the comfort room.

There are different dog breeds that will perfectly fit your personality and behavior. From a lazy one, like a bulldog, to an extra energetic one, such as a Siberian husky, there is the right dog for you. So if you ever plan to get one, please never opt to get any money loan and just adopt instead. To know what will perfectly suit you, here are the best 25 dog breeds that can be your guide, travel buddy, cuddle buddy, and more.


Siberian Husky originated from Siberia, thus the name. You can easily fall in love with a multitude of colors and markings, not to mention its blue and multi-colored eyes and facial masks. They are one of the most adorable dogs, but they may be a handful for first-time owners.

Although some mistaken them for a wolf because of its wolf-like looks, it is quite athletic, intelligent, and goofy. You may need a loan when you plan to have this dog at home, as it comes with thick coats that always need to be in a cool place to maintain its body temperature.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi is known for being Queen Elizabeth II’s most favorite breed of dog. Well, we cannot blame her; it is an active and intelligent dog breed. They are easy to train and even more much willing to learn. They are great with children, too. They can quickly get along with your other pets at home with their excellent behavior.

Queen Elizabeth used to have 30 of them. To some degree, it is a handful of having these vocal dogs that tend to bark at anything and everything. They are a great companion, just like every breed of dog, but can be stubborn.


Although they are called Australian Shepherd, this breed of dogs came from the western United States and not Australia at all. It was initially bred to herd livestock. Although they are sometimes used on dog shows, they remain to be a working dog at heart. It is their nature, anyway.

They are fondly called Aussie and at their happiest when they have a job to do. With their intelligence, they can be a perfect family companion, too. But with their energy, make sure you can keep up as it can transform into a sports dog any minute. Just make sure you have the proper insurance when you run with them.


American Stafford shire Terrier is one of the breeds that is part of the pit bull family. But, never let the stereotypes fool you about this breed. To any degree, they are not vicious at all. They are good-natured and smart dogs. They even love being part of the family and the sweetest of all.

They are loving, loyal, playful, and love to spend time with their humans. However, due to their size, they can be a handful when walking if you do not train them well. They can be your cuddle buddy and playmate in the yard. So, forget the negative stories about them and help their breed survive by adopting one now.


They are small and hardy dogs, but Beagles can be one of the great companies for kids and adults alike. They are always happy and fun-loving. However, as their breed is popularly known as hounds, they can be stubborn at times, so its owners need to pack on a lot of patience and creative training techniques.

Make sure they have good roofing as you will never know where their noses will take them. Beagles used their nose to guide them through life. They are at their happiest when they follow that attractive scent that they can smell. Anyhow, they will not be called scent hounds for anything.


Shetland Sheepdog is a hardworking dog. They help the farmers guard their farms in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. They keep the hungry birds and sheep away from their human’s garden. They, too, are herding dogs. Today, they are mostly kept as family companions and superstars in dog shows.

They are good companions for every member of the family, from kids to adults. However, they can be reserved at times, especially when there are strangers in the house. As they are protective in nature, they tend to bark quickly when they sense something is wrong in their territory. From the look of it, they act as a home security system.


Golden Retriever is not just one of the most popular dogs in the world; they are the most loved canines, too. A lot of people own this breed for its cute appearance and goofy attitude. They are also good photo companions, as they are always ready to strike a post in front of the camera.

They, too, are friendly in nature and have a tolerant attitude that makes them one of the best family pets. They are also highly intelligent that they can be hardworking dogs. If you have a good investment and have extra money to shell out, you can have them trained and be a good hunter, tracker, police dog, and even therapy and service dog.


Yorkshire Terrier used to work in Victorian factories. With its glamorous appearance and being a hypoallergenic dog, they became a man’s companion, belonging to the elite circle of dogs.

They may be small in size, but they have a big personality (dog-personality, I must say). Although they are quite feisty, they are very much loving pets, too. They are best known for their devotion to their owners. It is also famous for its elegant looks. It is also easy to take care of as it can sustain apartment living. So, they cannot be a handful if you are paying a mortgage. You just have to maintain its lavish fur.


A lot of people have French Bulldog as pets. You can see them anywhere, even in every block. With its low-energy, they seemed to be low-maintenance. With their big ears and scruffy skin, they can be the cutest cuddle buddy that you can have.

They have been a companion dog for a long time. They used to be ratters in the early days, but now, their only job is to be a family companion. They can be seen, too, in dog shows. Although they look relaxed, they always love to play also, especially if with their favorite human. So, if you own one, try to make an investment in their toys and give them the happiest life that they can have.


There are different types of dachshunds. There are smooth-haired, wirehaired, or longhaired. They even come in two sizes: standard and miniature. Whatever your type is, there is surely something perfect for you.

Dachshund belongs to the group of scent hound dogs. They are bred to hunt badgers and other tunnel animals, rabbits, and even foxes. Hunters also use a pack of Dachshunds to trail wild boars. However, now, they are mostly used as companion dogs. You can even see them in dog shows and small-game hunters. If there is one thing that you cannot use this dog or any breed of dogs, it is as an investment.


English Setter gets the credits for being the “gentleman of the dog world.” It is famous for its style and strength. However, if you see its coat, you cannot describe it as spotted. As there is a proper name for that, and it is called “Belton.”

English Setter gets its name for its practice of setting or crouching low. Whenever they find birds to hunt, they will do the said actions like real hunters so their human hunters can catch them with their nets. After the gun’s development, breeders developed this dog so that they could have a companion that would stand in the more traditional pointer style.


Bernese Mountain Dog is a giant furball. However, you should never be intimated by their size. They are the friendliest gentle giant that you can ever encounter. T. Swiss farmers raised this dog as good-natured helpers. But despite their gentles, they are super strong.

They are versatile working dogs that can mostly be seen in the farmlands of Switzerland. They are the farmers’ best companion that helps to held cattle and pull carts. They, too, are the cutest watchdogs. However, there are four types of Swiss Mountain Dogs, but this one is the only one with long hair. So, they may take advantage of your electricity to cool down whenever it is hot.


Dalmatian dogs can easily be distinguished through their coats because of their black and white spots. They are famous for the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. But did you know that when they are born, the litters are all pure white?

The puppies only develop their spots later in life. They are described as a “sleek and athletic” dog breed, so their owners should have the right insurance to keep up with them. With its history dated back several hundred years ago, they started as a coach dog. Later in life, they have been hunters, firehouse dog, and even a circus performer.


Despite their size, a lot of people find Labrador retriever cute. To some degree, no one can get tired of their puppy eyes and pleasing faces. For more than 25 consecutive years, Labradors have been the number one dog breed in America.

Also known as Labs, they are bred to be a friendly companion dog and a trusty working dog. In history, they are best known as fishermen’s helpers. They can haul nets, fetching ropes, and even retrieve fish from North Atlantic. They will never mind the cold, as long as they can help their humans. Until today, although they are mostly stay-at-home pets, they are still hard working.


Cairn Terrier proved that are the sweetest sidekicks in the movie Wizard of Oz. In fact, the abandoned Cairn Terrier, named Terry, got the credits for becoming one of the biggest dog movie stars in history.

Cairn Terrier is a small breed of dog. But despite their small size, they, too, are hard working. They are bred on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where farmers used them to get rid of vermin. With this dog’s courage, tenacity, and intelligence, they can do the work without a sweat. They, too, are independent, sensible, and, of course, friendly dogs, who are best family companions.


As the name suggests, Portuguese Water Dog loves water more than anything. You will never have a hard time to bathe them compared to other dogs. They are the best swimmers, credits to their webbed feet.

Due to their ability, they, too, used to help the farmers, retrieving lost gear and herding fish into nets. They, also, are the best dogs at home for being a hypoallergenic breed. In fact, they are mostly fun-loving family companion today. There was even a First Dog of the United States, owned by former President Barack Obama. Despite being a stay-at-home pet today, they are still the best dog swimmers that you can see.


Shiba Inu became popular due to its viral memes on social media. With its super cuddly body and cute face, who can never fall in love with them? But this cute doggo was never bred just to be a stay-at-home puppy.

It was initially bred to flush birds and small game. They, too, were occasionally used for hunting wild boar. Japan has six native dog breeds, Akita, Kishu, Hokkaido, Kai, Shikoku, and Shiba. They are best known for their high-spirited personality, upright ears, and cat-like agility. Now, they are mostly used as companion dogs. So, instead of getting a loan to buy this type of dog, you must check your local shelter to adopt one.


Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier has a unique way to greet people. They are called a “Wheaten greetin’,” and they love to give an “enthusiastic welcome.” They are always fun-loving, and because they are hypoallergenic, they can be the best dogs at home.

For a Terrier breed, they are sturdy and fun-loving. They can be everyone’s friend. However, this breed still needs a moderate amount of exercise, so make sure you have sturdy flooring with the amount of energy that they can give. Anyhow, you will surely have no problem with them as they love everyone that they will meet. A truly friendly pup, they are.


Welsh Springer Spaniel is famous for its red and white coat. They can get the credit for being one of the most adorable hunting dogs. This optimistic breed of dog has a colorful history. Its kind dates back to 7000 B.C., developed as a gundog to flush or spring game in the field.

They, too, can be the best companion, being the favorite of discriminating hunters and families. They have a highly-affection side that makes the best dog at home. They can live the apartment life, so they will never add up to your mortgage problem. However, with their high energy, they have to stay active to be happy.


Cocker Spaniel became famous for the Disney classic film, Lady and the Tramp. This movie just showed how superior this breed could be. In real life, this dog loves to walk a lot and enjoy long hours of playtime. Although they an excellent companion breed of dogs, they remain capable bird dogs at heart.

They are cute, beautiful, and pleasing in the eye, although that comes with intensive grooming due to their long fur. Their owners may have used their credit cards to bring them to the salon and have them groomed to make them the most beautiful Cocker Spaniel that everyone could see.


Brittany dogs may look like a setter or a spaniel, but they are unique in their own way. They can easily win humans’ hearts due to their fun-loving attitude and high-degree of energy. They have high-set ears that are softer than they look.

Originally, Brittanyes were bred to be gundogs. Surely, they could always see birds in their brain. They were originally called Brittany Spaniels, but the American Kennel Club removed the word spaniel to make it more distinctive in 1982. Aside from being hunting dogs, they are also versatile family companions. If you also have high energy and love to exercise, this dog may be the best one for you.


Boxer’s big and round eyes can stare straight back at their human’s soul. They also love to tilt their head, seeming like they are trying to understand their owner, which surely make their hearts melt.

Due to their size, Boxers were originally bred to be medium-sized guard dogs. They are part of the AKC’s Working Group, although they can be mostly found at homes today, serving as great family companions. Hence, their owners have to keep up with their high degree of energy, as they also need a lot of exercises. Although some are afraid of their square jaw and muscular appearance, they are considered the George Clooney of the dog world due to their looks, sense of humor, and sweetness.


If you want a dog that does not bark, Basenji is the right one for you. This breed of dog only alerts its owners by making a noise that is similar to a chortle. Although they also belong to the hound kind of dogs, they never shed that much either. Hence, you will never see a lot of furs on your flooring, bed, or clothes.

They are from Africa, but they are originally found in the Congo. They use both of their scent and sight to hunt and flush small game into the hunters’ next. They, too, can control the village rodent populations.


If you are into heavy-fur and shaggy dogs, Bearded Collie is the one for you. This breed of dog gets a lot of credit for its dreamy expressions. It was initially developed in Scotland to herd sheep and cattle. They worked very hard no matter what the weather and the terrain was.

They are mostly used as trusty family companions and show dogs, sheepdogs, or all three. They have the highest energy and quickness that make them the best breed to compete in obedience, rally, agility, and other dog sports. They are also known best for this one word – enthusiastic!


Another gentle giant on the list is the Great Dane. Their size is often found intimidating, but they are just the sweetest lap dogs. They always love to stay by their owners’ side. With their size, about three feet high, they take the word cute to a different degree.

They are large and noble, also called the Apollo of dogs, which means the Greek god of the sun, the “brightest fixture in the sky.” This breed has been around for a long time. Sadly, although they are purebred, you can still find them at the local shelters. So, if you ever want one, you can check the shelters near you, adopt, and never shop.

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