Funny Gym Photos To Cheer You On

There’s no shortcut to achieving a healthy lifestyle. One must always watch his diet, do exercise, and maintain a good, holistic daily routine. Adhering to such a lifestyle implies one to also adhere to an exercise routine and sometimes if need be, it will require one to hit the gym to keep up with it. The thing about exercise or the gym work out is jumpstarting and maintaining the new habit. So while there are people who find it hard to start this new habit, there are also those who already started but may have at one point or another been confused if they’re doing it right. So if you’re one who wishes to start, here are funny gym photos that could cheer you on. Of course, we give credits to the photos to whom it belongs. Enjoy!


If you haven’t heard about the story of this classy woman yet, do let us tell you here. It was due to her hip injury that she was advised by her physician to do physical therapy exercises which she begrudgingly obliged to. Thankfully, she did manage to get to the gym when she’s expected to. However, she’d do so donning her finest accessories, sitting on the gym’s most comfortable equipment while she happily sips on a salt-rimmed margarita on one hand with eyes on the hunks. Truly, it’s the best of a good view to give credit for.


Seeing and knowing twins never fail to amuse people. However, if the ones you know are like this set, it may come just a bit confusing. The thing about these identical twins is their exceptional love for twinning. They love twinning so much to a degree that they wear exactly the same gym outfits, not considering that they already look identical physically. Although we don’t know if they intend to, we hope they notice how they annoy gym people so much, especially the ones who try to tell them apart. What’s even more annoying is how their names are annoyingly similar too. Who do you think is Gina and Jina?


As if the gym isn’t a room and hot enough, this couple took their relationship goal a degree hotter. Sure, having a spotter while working out is always a good accessory especially when lifting weights. However, this close proximity between you and your gym buddy is not one not to be questioned. The view this couple gives in the gym has caught the eyes of other gym-goers despite their honest intention of motivating and boosting each other to give their best in the routines. For this couple, we think it best that they revise their ways of spotting as a matter of following a good sense of gym etiquette.


This lady has been regularly doing squats in the gym and it’s not because squatting is good in building one’s core but for a whole other reason. See, the story of her life is quite intriguing. Her whole life before this routine has been a total embarrassment of not learning the art of seating on the toilet properly. Yes, you read it right. It has been like that since and we dare you to try and imagine how it has been like for her to do her comfort room business daily. However, after a year of continuous squats, she no longer has the same issue. All credits to her personal trainer for the dedication and push that she could actually make it through the routine.


Ladies love lovely shoes especially the ones screaming fabulous. However, the gym only admits one type and it’s only the rubber/training shoes. The shoes like the ones used by this gal in the photo are totally not appropriate for the gym. Nonetheless, this girl got to have credit for being able to use them while lifting the weights. Any gym instructor would be proud however unsafe. Sure we don’t usually do this but it’s good to know that it can at least be done by a girl and it worked.


Being a father with a baby may take so much of your time to a point that the gym may become a distant memory. However, being a determined father with a baby like this guy will not accept such circumstances and diminish what he has already built on and so, tada! With his baby girl on him and the machine to work, we don’t have any troubles here — only more father and daughter bonding on the works. Fear, not moms, this dad is wearing his baby safe from the space of heavy equipment by keeping the baby as comfortable as she can be. With the baby’s added weight, she serves as her Dad’s added resistance to work — quite genius, really! Such hacks to give some credit to —making parents unstoppable!


Gym fashion is definitely something all should be mindful of. Of course, cute gym clothes should be on and nothing beats a get-up that is up for the work. But this guy in the photo is just something. His choice of wear makes a hilarious sight at the gym. Okay, so even if it’s true that he is fond of cats, wearing a design of one in skintight spandex is taking it to a high degree of ridiculousness. Let alone actually using it for gym workouts. Such an outfit is a complete let down no matter how cute the printed cat is or the wearer, but it is definitely worth the good vibe and a good laugh.


Taking your pets to your profile picture has been a thing for some time now. Chicks do really dig cute pups. And putting one with a touch of Crossfit and yoga together with your pet will probably lead you to attract your lifelong partner. So like this guy in the photo, make it a degree such as his and get to that online dating site you go to. The profile photo did melt the ladies’ hearts. This human should make sure his Dougie gets properly credited for attracting the lovely ladies’ attention on social media.


Friends share good stuff with each other and only the true ones share the weighty ones. Like these friends, who once asked each other a question of, “who’s gonna take the weight,” and they decided to take their response literally to the gym. So while some people may not understand these friends’ concerns, what matters is the light they give each other that literal weights are more interesting and they happily do it together. So nevermind who will take responsibility for making the world a better place. Gyming with friends already make this world better, at least for the two of them. Friends of this degree make things easy and happy always.


If you’re someone who loves sitting down in cafes and observe people, you’ll definitely find this one funny. While most people who are way to busy to get themselves in the gym make use of everyday walk to their jobs, or take the staircases as part of their daily exercise, these gym folks are just way too in a rush to take the walk or the stairs, even if it means warm-up for them. Worth to be noted is this gym’s designer including an escalator at its entrance and so leading gym-goers to use the added lift. Sarcastic as it looks, it’s quite a surprise how the majority of gymgoers choose the escalator as their way of preserving energy for the more serious workout. I guess, the escalator is worth giving a big credit to.


How cool is it to have Batman or Bruce Wayne as gym buddy? This day could easily have made the day of most of the gymgoers as this guy took Halloween to a whole new level. Plus, the workout for this man could have been more effective with the thickness and extra weight of the costume that made him sweat more than usual. I know one would. He may have even ended his workout with himself struggling down on the gym’s flooring, gasping for air, and almost dehydrated. It must have been worth the effort for him, though.


For this gym to probably be able to pay for their electricity bill, they reluctantly turned to the most willing company to sponsor them. Krispy Kreme, the only willing sponsor of the gym, only wanted one thing in return, which is for the gym to offer the doughnuts as the patrons’ post-workout snack. It’s ironic how the trainers never really once ate such a thing but we’re now required to endorse eating them to their clientele.


It’s this woman’s grandson’s wedding on this day, and she is running short on time preparing for it. She thought that it would be a good investment of time to catch up on more workouts while having her hair all curled for her grandson’s big day. And right she was! Even though she looked silly in this photo, nevertheless, she looked great in the wedding pictures. This woman deserves respect for all she went through just to make good use of her every spare moment.


As important is fitness is to everyone, no matter their size and belief, a gym’s space is too. Unfortunately, as most gyms follow a one-size-fits-all sort of deal, this high school athlete may have a hard time to get his workout time just about anytime, anywhere. Take this hotel’s gym for example, when he could not properly accommodate this basketball and baseball athlete stature, as this boy’s head had to go through the ceiling to probably close enough their roofing. Whew, what a height!


Another dad and baby moment in the gym is this photo of a dad strapping his son to his chest as he lifts the weight and does squats. A workout is just a must and cannot be skipped for some gym rats. And while Daddy does the squats and the lifting, the baby boy enjoys going up and down. This bonding can be a good time investment for both father and son. Wait a few years more when they both get to see this photo again.


There’s no telling whether this lady is sitting on a skateboard or a gym mat. One thing’s for sure though, she’s in her gym outfit and is doing what looks like a set of sit-ups. And if it were true that she was actually on a skateboard, doing sit-ups on it while it zooms around is quite a remarkable skill — credits to her strong core for being steady while the skateboard moves around.


This photo shows a guy with what every trainer would refer to as a disease that they fondly call “chicken leg syndrome.” With this guy’s body proportion, you’d know how he seemed to only focused on his upper body and has skipped his leg workout. He might just be new at weight lifting and will definitely have to eventually re-do his leg routines. Working them out helps the overall body have more testosterone. Also, this guy is so top-heavy that his ankles may just buckle and break. Although he did give quite a good time investment on his upper body.


This Ronald McDonald works on a local franchise nearby, and he greets the kids and generally livens the mood in McDonald’s. One of the downsides in working with McDonald’s, though, is that he gets a free meal every shift, a good reason why he has been packing on the pounds. And instead of going home to shower off the makeup, workout and get sweaty, and then shower again, how about he heads straight to the gym instead and do a bench press after work? Gee, this is quite a good idea. This Ronald deserves that credit!


When we’re already getting good with our workout, sometimes we tend to spice things up a bit by applying some twists. This guy’s move though is so way out of here as he impressively found just another way to use all the weights. So in his attempt to brag, he got his friend to watch his show in balancing dumbells while he does the squats just to show how good he got. Boy, we’re glad that this is not how weighing our options look like in real life, most especially on most important decisions such as whether to proceed to a loan or not.


To show that their bench press and squat routines allowed them to do an aerial yoga pose, this group of guys went to this degree. A human statue of some sort was done by these muscled guys. This is to prove to a group of ladies who are big yoga fans how lifting weights provides the strength required by yoga as well. This was after an argument that broke out between these two groups of guys and girls about yoga. What do you think of the guys’ pose? We wonder if the guy’s effort really convinced the ladies to do weights. Maybe!


As a matter of appropriate gym attire, wearing sports shorts, a shirt, and a good-to-do rubber or training shoes will do. However, this gym rookie just had to take gym excellence to a high degree. So being an excellent guy that he is, he came in fully geared for biking with his helmet on. The gym routines for good cardiovascular health may not require the helmet on, but I guess it does add something on the wearer to be in cardio mode. A fun fact about his helmet circulates the gym. Some people come across the information that this guy has spent close to $500 for his gear and helmet after watching a competition among star cyclists in the Tour de France. If you are a fan yourself, you’ll recognize how he exactly copies their cycling outfits even up to their sunglasses, which is also the expensive pair of glasses. Oh boy, what a fan!


Yes, the gym is a place where people keep fit; that is why there are some who hit the place daily. However, for this lady group, who also believes in keeping fit, hitting the gym is not mainly for the workout. All for the gram, baby, all for the gram! As disappointing as it may sound, these ladies are not on this for longevity or flexibility, but a daily fresh social media post about the importance of the fit lifestyle. For them, the most important thing is to get a good gym photo of their day with their latest chic sportswear that will help them gain a few more likes by the day and influence many. Makes for small business though, and with a practical investment of time and some money on your gym wear. It’s enough to make some girls famous and wealthy of paid ads too.


This self-confessed old soul of a guy likes knitting so much. In fact, that’s all he likes to ever do – sit on an old rocking chair by the fireplace, with a tea on the side, and knitting. He also went to a degree of confessing how has always felt trapped in the body of a twenty-something. However, since it was ordered by his physical therapist, like a wise old man, he compromised and made sure he follows as ordered to get at least an hour’s walk on the treadmill. So if you’re positioned close to him next time, know that this guy can’t help it. He just loves knitting.


We get how important music is in gym-goers’ work out sessions, and we know the pain of having to listen to others’ awful playlist over loudspeakers when one forgets to bring his headphones with him to the gym. Add to their awful song choices their overly zealous sounds and grunting. It is indeed quite a degree of dread, and we believe no one should ever suffer more than once in their lifetime. So please excuse this guy for using his iPad instead. Better it than have nothing at all to get him through the gym we hope only for this day. Honestly, this could only be the better alternative for him because, hey, it could be much worse for others.


So this guy did not want anyone to know how he doesn’t know to work any of the gym equipment. The best he did though is this, put on athletic compression shorts and with lots of confidence, used any equipment the way he thought how. You’d see him put his face on people’s rear ends and even use the treadmill backward or lift dumbbells using his legs. Also, as in the picture, you’ll see him work the squat machine as leg press, and with his degree of confidence, nobody looked twice! Now, he’s the man!


January is always a good month for gym owners as they enjoy the New Year Resolution hype and give it credit for the good fortune they bring for a while. Come February to March, though, and you will see a significant shift in gym attendance, and the decrease in monthly membership become more evident. Unfortunately, gym owners have to wait for the next wave of gym membership in January next year. With the same cycle going on year in and out, instructors and trainers of the gym have observed and developed a way of telling if a gym goer is going to make it through the year. As in the picture, this madame has been on the gym’s floor for a long time, scrolling through her social media feeds, which is a sure indicator of someone who’d only make it to two solid weeks in the gym the most.


While work is very important to many, exercise or workout in the gym is also necessary. To this guy, however, he can’t do away with both at the same time. And so, Mr. Workaholic brings his laptop to the gym to the extent that he rigged together a little stand to keep his laptop on and at face level where he can see and still monitor his company’s financials, as well as his distance and heart rate numbers. We feel for this man, but at least he can afford his health insurance policies.


This is not your average gym-goer. You may probably regard him as an athlete or professional bodybuilder working out in your local gym or probably just visiting. However, to see something like this in the gym, you know it’s not a regular routine, and some gym-goers get freaked out. How this muscle guy works out offends other gym-goers instead of getting attention and attempting to motivate them. Well, seriously, there’s nothing motivating about putting every single weight in the gym on the leg press, and doing three sets of 12 while some gym-goers wait for their turn. We really can’t blame a good number of members of the gym for demanding his transfer to a gym more for his degree of capacity. Oh well.


This photo is a story about a wife who made a promise to her husband that she would finally go to the gym for her health’s sake. However, being the wise lawyer she is, she framed her promise well. She promised to go to the gym and not do anything exhausting while she was there. So true to her words, she did as she promised and with a time of her own. Every day, she goes to the gym and lounge in with a cupcake and magazine in hand, and every day, she goes home to her frustrated husband.


Here’s one scarily funny gym photo of a gym-goer worried for our big friend. See, we can’t blame the passion the big guy has for working out. He’d go far wide and to the degree of exhausting every single vein and blood vessel in his body to a point they bulge and become visible. Well, what can we say? This guy cares so much for his muscular gains that he doesn’t care how awful he looks in working out. How about our background guy? Well, since he’s a Belgian medical student, we think it just natural of him to look worried and keep a careful eye on our big friend with each bulging vessel curiously.


The story of the guy in this photo is a good one. This guy is known to be a good follower of rules. Even while he was still in school, he maintained good grades even up till he earned his college degree. He studied something practical and got a good job doing it. However, his girlfriend, being the more adventurous, asked him one day while they were in the gym if he ever felt like getting out of the rat race. He responded that he didn’t and jumped into the machine to get his heart rate going.


When people go to the gym to sign-up for membership and its training service, they usually expect a fit gym instructor to greet them, let alone train them. That’s nothing new, especially for picky gym patrons, so of course, they take a good look at the trainer’s credits and even the physique that shows perfectly toned muscles and can prove to lift. That is to say that the trainer himself can accurately execute all the exercises and routines he orders. However, this trainer this guy landed on, although used to be the fittest in the gym, was hired by a weight loss company to gain weight, take pictures and lose it all again just for the sheer right to show their product works. We know, it’s quite the story we don’t normally hear.


It’s not far off to think that most gymgoers are keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or at least fit to some degree. However, there is this man who is just so far from being one. While others stick to eating healthy- fruits, veggies, and chicken breast only, some, like him would go to the gym and have some cake to eat. See, he only motivates himself with one and assures the public that he could wait till he gets home and have some. Guess it’s just all in the mind, this idea of a prize we look forward to.


This owner’s pooch comes with him to the gym daily. Together they do whatever workout they can in the gym and since he can’t do much weight, he can, however, do a lot of cardio. See, what others fail to realize is how all that energy and time spent in the gym can actually be a good investment for both the master and the doggie. Also, it’s perfect for their weekend plan of playing rough. The only thing the master should just be mindful of is how to not let him work out too near the weekend as the bench press ruffs him up pretty much.


This guy believed in himself a little too much, we think. So when you think you’re so puffed up that you can lift any weight, please don’t, as you are setting yourself up in a blunder, just like this guy. What he wanted to happen didn’t. In fact, this occurred only in front of the person that shouldn’t witness it — his date whom he just dated in the gym a couple of times. Also, this guy thinks too much of his shoulders, to the degree that he just felt like flaunting them. So, as seen in the picture, he lifted the weight with all his strength and confidence he can muster, causing him to turn bright red and his shoulders and arms ended up buckled. To most people, they’d already die of embarrassment.


This woman is headed out for the night with some of her girlfriends. But since she’s short with time and wants to save whatever she can, she hits the gym in her night out outfit. She gets ready, take dinner and hit the gym before her gig. She may be wise with her time, but some gym patrons didn’t think so. With her outfit, she’s already prone to hit mishaps on the gym equipment, and true enough, she eventually did. Her treadmill accident led her to the Emergency Room and as she has severely sprained her ankle due to her high heels. So as a matter of observing appropriate gym clothes, always dress appropriately — including wearing comfortable training shoes! Also, get a general health access insurance policy in case of a gym emergency.


The thing about the gym also is the degree of exposure one gets too annoying views like this. Just like the girlies featured earlier, this couple also loves posing for the gram. How can gym patrons not get annoyed when you’d see this couple loitering in the gym while wasting 45 minutes of their hour just by posing to take the perfect selfie. See, this couple wants to appear like real gym rats in their photos, so the girl tries to look fierce and determined, hoping to inspire their followers. Meanwhile, the guy puts on a funny face showing how working out can be fun. Come on, can you believe these guys?


Some people like doing a set of various things for recreation. So some would go from the gym, take a sauna bath, or do a whole lot of other things in between. But for this man, he likes to do it alternately. Such that he would jog for 10 minutes and then have a sauna for also 10 minutes, and then go back jogging again. Well, since he sets his time and activities like that, he is also creating quite a mess to the degree that during his gym time, you’d see him wrapped inside his towel. We can’t blame his schedule, though, as it works well for him by the looks of it. He seemed to be not bothered by it too. We just hope he is careful enough to handle mishaps with the towel (like letting it run loosely), which will offend some people.


The brain, just like muscles, needs to be worked out also, as most people believe to be true. And just like most people, this guy believed the same. However, we’re not sure whether he truly understands what is meant by giving the brain a workout. In the photo, watch him literally give his brain the work it needs. Funny how he didn’t realize that giving the mind some weightlifting is done at the library and not in the gym. Still, we love to give this guy credit, because he did seriously consider it and even spent money on fancy gloves to go with the workout.


Sometimes, not having any idea of what you’re supposed to do becomes obvious in front of everyone much more when it’s your first time at the gym. So some people are reluctant to go to the gym because using gym equipment for the first time makes them nervous. Although some gym equipment may have multiple uses, the degree that his guy is using this equipment may just be too much. A machine that has a seat should be used to be sat on and not to be used this way. To future gym newcomers, please make use of free inductions.


To stay motivated in your workout, one would do good in having a personal trainer. To have someone spot on you while lifting weights is also a good gym practice and can help keep you away from unnecessary gym accidents. However, as seen in the photo, while this gym instructor spots on his patron, he also multi-tasks. While the patron is all trusting him to keep an eye, he is at the same time spotting something else. With credits to the clueless gym bombshell, now the patron knows he needs to consider getting another trainer.


We guess, in every gym, there’s someone like this woman who gets up every day, puts her gym clothes on, drives to the gym, and takes a few clicks with her smartphone to have options to choose from. Then, as if she lifted a muscle, she posts about her daily grind, looking like she just worked her dumbbell prop. When all shots are in order, she drives back home feeling fulfilled. Quite the effort and time investment she puts in for her Instagram likes, though. You’d do all in the name of the gram, they say.


A hyperactive kid can get creative, especially in dull times or when he’s not interested in his task. Like this kid in the gym, who they say would always be seen. So in this photo, you’ll see him gain calories instead of losing some in the treadmill. This is a usual scenario with this kid as he likes to either break a tool he was supposed to use or create a new game out of it. This time, he did the latter. This boy’s energy is just of some degree but, alright, he is quite the genius that he is.


Early risers get to the gym early in the morning and do great to fit a workout into their schedules. However, to get in the gym early means to work out and get yourself at least on the treadmill. This person, though, decided to take a nap instead. In the end, all she burned on her penned gym time, though, is time and not even an ounce of calories. Good thing, she came in safe in her sleepy state as God forbid, she would have been a good candidate to meet an accident and use up her insurances.


Gym OOTDs(Outfit of the Day) are just fun to look at and sometimes to comment on. Take, for example, this lovely lady’s all-black ensemble with loud pink running shoes to top it with. Wouldn’t this baffle fashion police on the watch out there? Because to some people, she has simple options of either go all the way black or all the way pink. But to us, we think, to keep things simple is for this young lady to wear what makes her comfortable in her own skin and is confident in the way she dresses. So if those full pink kicks credit to her confidence, then way to go baby girl!


In the photo, notice how this baby tries to mimic his dad and while it may not be really a funny gym photo, it still is a good gym vibe to some degree. This baby is just so cute! The witness of this photo says that the baby even tried to consider lifting the amount of weight he had to use. So if the baby could really think, he surely would’ve opted for the 2kgs as a start. But on a serious note, though, we praise the parents for how they’re raising their child hands-on. It’s never too early to start them young in a fit and healthy lifestyle. See the baby’s adorable face for not being able to lift the weights!


Some ladies love their last-minute things. Just like this girl who’ll be out on a date but just cannot ditch a last-minute fit effect a gym workout can give. See, Juliana’s been preparing for this date for some time already, but she’s just so determined to make herself ready perfectly to the degree that up to the last minute before her date, with her all dolled up already, a little more workout for arm toning and a flat tummy effect won’t hurt at all. Even with the funny stares by some gym patrons, she dared continue and ended her date night a success.


Mr. Potato head is finally sick of everyone telling him to get in shape, so he got himself to the gym. If he had the smiling mouth before, he now changed it to frowning lips while he works out in the gym. At long last, he finally understood what the old adage, “you are what you eat” meant. So he ditched the starch and is now frequently found in the gym. Soon he won’t be relying too much on his insurance policies because of how he has taken charge of his health.


To some of us, we were once helped by our well-meaning friends who dragged us to the gym, which we ended up loving in the end. But as for this girl who was dragged to the gym by her friend, she just can’t seem to find the heart for it. So, because the heart only wants what it wants, she simply just finds comfort and zones out as if she’s just home in front of her own TV. Well, at least her friend tried even to the point of getting her on a treadmill. The next best thing for this girl I guess is to make sure she has health insurance in place.


Smartphones do many things for their users, including editing photos and applying catchy effects on them. This girl’s photo for one was taken and edited to blur her surroundings. As if it matters, many find it funny that she blurred her surroundings when she’s clearly the focus of the photo. While their comment makes sense, there could still be a lot of reason to blur it. But if her aim is to catch attention, we think she already went to a great degree of getting one.


These twins are back in the gym again, and all trainers and patrons are up to no good. At least, this time, they listened to the feedback and tried to wear some distinctions for people to use. While they still have matching gym outfits, they, however, went for different colors — such a degree of difference. These twins, though, are just inseparable and do everything together. Yes, even dating identical twins (together)!


Gym mistakes happen when we don’t know as much as we should about the gym and all its components. So to avoid unnecessary mistakes, one must avail of the gym’s first-day orientation or learn to ask questions and help from gym instructors. Some machines contain parts that most first-timers don’t usually know how to use or navigate. Just like this babe, who was clearly not instructed well. She’s too cute though that the gym hunkies didn’t bother correcting her. If anything, they might have scored the mistake some credits for quite the hilarious and hot show.


A woman in Segway wanted a workout on the treadmill as it is a great way of burning calories even in bad weather. But to this woman, who aims to maximize the machine, she took her Segway to the treadmill too. Well for her, it’s practicing how to get more in synch with her Segway as she usually gets around the street with it anyway. Pretty cool of her too, it’s just that we wonder at what heart rate did she credit for using her Segway on the gym machine? Must not be that low, though, right?


After a whole weekend of watching YouTube videos of gymnastics, bodyweight fitness, and calisthenics, this lady fan went to a good degree of making her own. She tried to copy the moves she caught and decided to have it on video the first day she was at the gym after that weekend. As she arrived, she had her camera set up and made her moves. Upon attempting her first try in the rings, she automatically realized the degree of difficulty in actually doing it than just that watching it on YouTube. Well, she’ll always remember that now as she had it on video. And someone got a snapshot of it too.

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