Iconic Hollywood Celebrity Downfalls that Impacted Their Careers

Living in the spotlight isn’t always glitz and glam. Some celebrities would often come across mishaps that would cost them their fame and fortune. Though most of their shortcomings are heightened by the media, there are those who slowly lost their celebrity status due to their own behavior.

There are those who struggled with bankruptcy, even when they are still in the limelight. With the latter being said, it is important for celebrities to have a solid investment especially when fame subsides. Countless celebrities have been a victim of their own downfalls. Read through the slides and find out who.


Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson is a renowned filmmaker and an actor in one. He is well known for his films such as Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. Though he made it through the spotlight, he faced a huge setback for several misconducts. He might be a charm on screen, but his real-life persona gathered numerous distaste. He made the headlines after a recording of his uncanny remarks was released. It revealed his sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic remarks which irked the listeners.

His career took a hit after several celebrities call for a boycott. Though it was unclear if it hurt his net worth, Gibson probably has investments that will help keep him going.


Ever heard the movie hits Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo back in the late ‘90s? It is the film where one of the iconic comedian Rob Schneider, or formally known as Robert Michael Schnider, starred on. Aside from his acting stints, he is also known for his stand-up comedy segments as he is part of the famous Saturday Night Live as well. Though he might be a popular pick among comedies, producers often struggle with giving him a more serious role.

Despite his popularity, he failed to land a project with a more serious storyline. Though it is unclear how this aspect would affect his net worth, having a concrete investment can definitely help him thrive.


What could be more iconic than the Gossip Girl series? The 90’s kids can definitely relate. Taylor Momsen, one of the cast members had her fair share of struggles. This celeb started her on-cam career after her parents signed her up with a modeling agency at the age of 2.

Since she lived her life in the spotlight at an early age, she eventually grew weary of the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Her acting career eventually transitioned from being an actress into a musician as she became a part of the band Pretty Reckless. It seems like she won’t be showing up on TV projects anytime soon, and we hope she won’t ever need to file for bankruptcy.


American born actress Elisabeth Berkley worked her way up into Hollywood’s iconic persona when she earned her role as Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell. Though she had her fair share of fame, her role from Showgirls in 1995 led to some cringe-worthy reactions from the critics. The film where she starred got unexpected criticism which placed her career on a long hiatus.

The pause on her projects might have prompted her to think things through. Despite the struggle, she didn’t end up on the brink of bankruptcy. She was eventually able to redeem her help after making a come-back when she joined Dancing with the Stars.


Born as Andrew Thomlinson on December 21, 1965, Andy Dick became a famous name in the comedy realm in Hollywood. Aside from being a well-known comic, he’s also an actor, musician, and producer rolled into one. Though he’s equipped with vast talent in the field of entertainment, he also had a fair share of mishaps.

Andy Dick increased his fame for being on and off the headlines due to his eccentric behavior and controversial stints. He’d get into numerous fights and even got called out for drug-related issues. At the rate of where he’s going, it’ll be handy for him to get a lawyer to sort out his lawsuits for him.


Were you a fan of Even Stevens, Indiana Jones, and Transformers? If you are, then you’re familiar with the main man behind all these. Shia LaBeouf started his fame even way back. Growing up in the spotlight, it was a surprise as to how his fame subsided.

With thousands of fans, LaBeouf was able to land numerous roles. But despite the popularity, his attitude dragged him down. He got called out for different reasons, and he made it to the headlines when he got into a fight in the bar. He also faced lawsuits that were probably straightened out with the help of his attorney.


Known as one of the artists with fast-rising fame, Tatum O’Neal’s career had a sudden boost. She’s tagged as one of the youngest artists to ever win an Oscar’s. She bagged the award for Best Actress In a Supporting Role. Like most celebrities in her time, she eventually met her biggest downfall.

O’Neal struggled with drug abuse which eventually had a major impact on her relationship. She and her husband, John McEnroe went through a serious struggle. They eventually got a divorce attorney, and it ended with the court stripped her of her kid’s custody.


If you’re a 90’s kid then you’ll definitely know the Jawbreaker actress Rebecca Gayheart. She’s one of the celebrities who made an astounding headline in the early 2000s. She became the talk of the town after running over a third grader, which killed the child. It was reported that the grade-schooler was crossing the street when Gayheart hit him, and this incident probably required lawyer interference.

For her to come back, she was able to land a few supporting roles. Most of which are movies and TV shows. Though she was not able to have a full-on career boost after the incident, we hope she was able to get back up on her feet.


Tagged of the biggest pop stars in the ‘90s, Brandy cruised the airwaves with her biggest hit songs in the music industry. Aside from her hits, she was also able to have judging stints and TV appearances. In the midst of her fame, however, she got caught in a serious accident as she was part of a major domino car accident that resulted in one fatality.

The incident flocked the headlines where the singer eventually settled with the victim’s family, With the help of her lawyer, she was able to sort things out. Though the lawsuit was ironed out her career was not able to recover.


Natalia Kills and Willy Moons are the iconic couples who made it to the headlines due to their rude comments. Though the couple is known as one of the most successful pop artists of their time, they received major backlash among fans. The duo was chosen to be part of the judges for X-Factor: New Zealand in 2013. That specific break, however, cost them their careers.

The couple was tagged as the most insensitive judges, which caused a distaste among viewers of the show. The couple even singled out a contestant, where they accused Joe Irvine of copying Willy. Though the accusations and the comments were quite harsh, there was no case was filed and no attorneys were called. Despite the lack of lawsuits, the couple was fired from the show.


Ashlee Simpson started as one of her sister’s back-up dancers. Known as the sister of the 90’s pop-star Jessica Simpson, the younger sibling decided to spread her wings and eventually released her own album. Her thriving career and determination allowed her to land a spot in the limelight along with her sister.

While on top of her career, the singer met her biggest downfall. It was when she performed her hit song Pieces of Me on Saturday Night Live where the audience caught her doing a lip-sync. She reached a certain degree of embarrassment where she was no longer able to make a hit come-back.


Best known for his hit Airplanes in 2010, B.O.B made the news over a controversial tweet. Though it might be something that one can just easily brush off, the singer received backlash. His 2016 tweet which wrote “the earth is flat” caused fans to pour out their sentiments over those three words.

One of the most iconic personas who reacted was Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist. Tyson responded: “Duude—to be clear: Being five centuries regressed in your reasoning doesn’t mean we all can’t still like your music.” Despite being called out, he replied with “Flatline.” We’re not sure how much this has affected his career, but we hope he didn’t need a bankruptcy attorney.


Renowned Director Troy Duffy made the headlines as his story was given a chance to be featured in Overnight a film made by documentarians Mark Brian Smith and Tony Montana. It featured how Duffy came up and wrote the screenplay of The Boondock Saints, which became a cult classic in the ‘90s.

He came up with the whole thing during his breaks back when he was a bartender.  For some reason, he eventually sold it to Harvey Weinstein of Miramax. Though he lost ownership, he was able to direct the film and get a better return investment as Weinstein also bought the bar where he was employed for him to run.


Nothing Compares 2 U singer Sinead O’Connor had her time in the spotlight. The singer became a worldwide sensation due to the hit single. She eventually became a regular on gigs and the small screen. Though her career is up and running, the artist made a remark that caused a drop in her fame.

During one of her Saturday Night Live guesting, the singer sang her own version of the hit song War. Though it should have been beautiful, she tore a photo of Pope John Paul II which caused major outrage. With that being said, hopefully, we hope that the effect on her career didn’t lead to her having to file for bankruptcy.


Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, who is a professional athlete as a sprinter, made a loud noise in the headlines. Known as the Blade Runner he made history as he took part in the 2012 Summer Olympic. The South African persona was found guilty after murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in 2015.

His downfall took a hit after his conviction, where his lawyer failed to prove his innocence. His initial plea was that Steenkamp was attacked by an intruder, but the evidence says otherwise. Though he was initially charged with manslaughter, the higher court changed it to murder. He was then sentenced to six years in prison.


Ray Rice is one of the most loved NFL players from The Baltimore Ravens. At the peak of his career, however, he got into a major controversy. He was caught on a video where he dragged and punched his financée. The player was then dropped from his team due to the domestic violence charges.

Though the couple managed to work things out and even tied the knot, Rice was not able to further his career with NFL. He then sued them for wrongful termination where he won a monetary settlement. Though the ex-NFL player managed to win a huge amount, which probably helped save him from bankruptcy (with proper money management), he was not able to regain his career.


Grey’s Anatomy fans were a bit disappointed after one of their favorite cast, Isaiah Washington, did something they didn’t expect. The actor played the role of Dr. Preston Burke. Despite his fame due to the TV series, he eventually got laid-off due to his sexist remark against a co-worker.

He was placed under scrutiny after he called his co-star T.R. Night a ‘faggot’ while having a heavy argument with one of the casts, Patrick Dempsey. Though it could have been brushed off, Washington repeated his remarks while being interviewed by reporters backstage. His uncanny remark led him to admit that he lost everything, maybe even needing to file for bankruptcy, during his 2013 interview with Washington Post.


Monique Angela Hicks, born on December 11, 1967, and more popularly known as Mo’Nique, worked her way up and earn a title as one of the best American comedians and actresses. She was able to take home the Academy Award for her performance in Precious. With the rise of her career, the actress also expected her paycheck to drastically increase.

Her fame eventually went down after salary issues emerged. During her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she released some information that her salary is being lowballed.  She also went to TMZ where she mentioned that Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey are conspiring against her. With all the commotion in her career, we hope she was able to get good investments.


Australian radio DJ Mel Greig was at the peak of the limelight when she hit a strong blow on her career. The DJ made a simple prank call which ruined her overall reputation. It was when she jokingly called the hospital where Kate Middleton was seeking treatment at the time. She posed as the Queen and asked for Middleton’s condition.

Thinking it was her Highness, the nurse Jacintha Saldanha gave Greig confidential information. When the truth made the headlines, Saldanha committed suicide with a note where she held Mel Greigh and Michael Christian responsible for what happened to her. With what happened, their show was canceled, probably leaving them with a badly hit credit score as well.


Hayden Christensen is known for his strong presence in the Star Wars Trilogy, Episodes 1 to 3. Though he managed to land a prominent role, it seems to have impacted his career overall.  The actor is closely associated with the renowned Director George Lucas franchise. With that being said, Christensen is only acknowledged with the trilogy and no other projects.

With several movie projects that flocked, the investments for the film projects also struggled. With recurring negative reviews, he took a break from the spotlight. He eventually made a comeback in 2015 with 90 Minutes in Heaven, but it was not able to skyrocket.


Actor and comedian Seann William Scott managed to boost his career after starring in different comedy flicks. His iconic role as Steve Stifler from the American Pie series made him stay in the limelight, and the series lasted from 1999 until 2012.

Though the movie series allowed him to gain popularity and gather a solid fanbase, it also resulted to a struggle in landing more serious roles. He’s typecasted to his Stifler role, where fans found it difficult to relate with his other movie characters.

Despite the lack of movie roles, Scott probably dogged money loans by having voice-over stints such as on 4 Ice Age movies.


Tobias Vincent Maguire earned his fair share in the spotlight. The American, Tobey Maguire actor had a huge spike in his career for his role as Peter Parker from Spider-Man. Though it took him a lot of effort to shy away from his awkward acting for Spider-Man 3, he was not able to pull it through.

He was part of the films such as the 25th Hour and Seabiscuit. Though he did his best efforts in working on both films to make a hit, it didn’t do well. In the light of his acting career that’s regressing, Maguire focused his investments on producing movies.


American actor, producer, screenwriter, and comedian Vincent Anthony Vaughn managed to stay in the spotlight for quite some time. He played a major role in The Wedding Crashers and Old School. He managed to stay in his role as someone who’s cocky and strong. That being said, it was difficult for him to land other roles.

He was eventually cast in Four Christmas and Couple’s Retreat which impacted his reputable character. Both films didn’t seem to put his talent to good use. With the decline of his career, his credit score might take a hit. That being said, he’ll probably step-up soon.


Jay Mohr, American Comedian and also a radio host made a name in the ’90s. He grew popular due to his stints on Saturday Night Live. He was also able to make performances for films such as Jerry Maguire and Picture Perfect.

Though he was already able to kickstart his career, he also came across problems when it comes to some of his projects. He starred on a sitcom Gary Unmarried, which didn’t really help amp his career. Despite the struggle, he managed to look for alternatives to stay on top, probably on his loans or mortgage. He eventually landed projects such as Last Comic Standing and Jay Mohr Sports.


Born Dane Jeffrey Cook, the American stand-up comedian became a crowd favorite due to this humor. He managed to release his comedy albums Harmful if Swallowed and Retaliation. He was probably able to pay off insurance companies with what he’s warned while in the spotlight.

Despite the growing fame, however, his popularity started to decline. He eventually lost his charm. He took part in the movies Employee of the Month and Good Luck Chuck but these eventually failed. He even accepted drama projects such as Mr. Brooks and a sci-fi film 400 Days.  Aside from his decline in charm, it was mentioned that his ego is one of the reasons for his downfall.


Matthew Chandler Fox, an American actor earned popularity for his iconic role as Charlie Salinger on Party of Five. Aside from that role, he also played the part of Alex Cross, where he was not able to make it through, even just in the intro the week. Aside from this, he was also cast for Word War Z.

Aside from his movie flops, he also struggled with issues. He made a headline after accusations against him were made stating that he beats up woman. He faced the case with the help of his lawyer, but he eventually got into another issue after he was caught DUI.


Musician Chris Brown topped the airwaves due to his successful music releases. He managed to achieve a successful album launch on both his first two albums. Aside from having an astounding voice, he’s also an excellent dancer, and he’s good at handling investments. He was able to start his very own record label, a Burger King franchise, and his very own clothing line.

Despite being able to gather countless fanbase, he came across various legal troubles. He pleaded guilty to felony assault of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. He was sentenced to five years in probation. He was also tasked to take counseling and do community service.


Actor John Cusack has been making the headlines since he made it to the big screen. He was able to earn steady film projects that are best watched during those lazy-lounge weekends. Some of his films are The Carrier, Love & Mercy, and The Factory. These three may not be openly discussed, but they were able to give viewers a good break when they’d air on HBO.

Despite his films, however, Cusack is also busy with numerous passion projects. He was able to author a book about NSA’s whistleblower Edward Snowden. With the latter being said, his investments are probably on the right track.


Jessica Marie Alba became a household name in the early 2000s. She even heightened her career when she joined Fantastic Four. She also starred in the film Awake and the American adaptation of a Korean horror movie The Eye.  Though acting probably helped her with investment planning, she mentioned that it isn’t her top priority.

She transitioned her efforts into launching her company with a brand name The Honest Company. Though it quickly gained a good following, she faced a lawsuit for using SLS despite their eco-friendly claims. Aside from the SLS complaints, the company also had additional lawsuits for a sunscreen that’s ineffective.


Known very well for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the most iconic names from the 90’s to the early 2000s. Though she had her fair share of fame, it eventually subsided when she went out of her genre. She starred in films such as Scooby-Doo and Simply Irresistible. Though it could have helped her set aside investment money, both films didn’t do well.

Though the movie projects she worked on didn’t seem to hit, she explored other options.  Aside from being a mom to her two kids, she also invested in a lifestyle brand Foodstirs.


Known as Kate Winslet’s fiancé in Titanic, Billy Zane managed to make an impact on his role.  He managed to gain a solid fanbase as he got the attention of the movie’s fans. Though he was appreciated for being Kate’s self-absorbed fiancé, his succeeding project didn’t seem to gather many reactions.

He also had a few TV appearances, but it didn’t have a significant impact on his career. Part of his exposures were Guilt, Curfew, and Mad Dogs. Those films were a bit better than the previous ones, but he was still not able to regain his fame. Crossing our fingers that his stagnant career won’t lead to credit loans.


How can one possibly resist the charisma of Tom Welling? The American actor grew up in the limelight where he’s known as the younger version of Clark Kent in the hit series Smallville. The Superman adaptation managed to run for 10 years, which allowed fans to see him grow up in the spotlight. When the series’ final episode aired, welling eventually took a much-needed rest. He focused on his personal life and might have even considered thinking about investments.

Though he stepped away for a brief period, he chose his roles carefully. His TV comeback with Fox’s Lucifer, however, helped him pull through.


Countless celebrities struggled with the burden of typecasting. One of which is Superbad’s very own Christopher Mintz-Plasse who played the role of Fogell. The actor did well in the comedy series, which gave him a chance to probably invest in home security and other necessities. He was also part of different films such as Kick-Ass, Role Models, and Pitch Perfect. All of these roles, however, have one thing in common: a geeky character.

Though the films did very well, Mintz-Plasse outdrew his character persona as the geeky type. He’s been mum when it comes to the big screen for now, but he did land voice over projects.


American actor Judge Reinhold managed to have a fine time in Hollywood. He snagged a role in classic movies such as Ruthless People, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Gremlin. These films might have promoted him to have several investments as the time in the spotlight doesn’t usually last long.

It’s been years since he made it to the big screen, but he did have a few cameos. He played some roles in Arrested Development and The O’Keefe’s. Those he already had a few camos, some of his projects such as Beverly Hills Cops were canceled before it was even aired.


Iconic celebrity Gary Busey made his way into the limelight for a controversial cause. Though he was able to bag an Oscar nomination while his career is at the peak, he eventually went into a sudden crash due to his misconduct. His stardom was put to an end after he experienced a major crash. We’re not sure if he had insurance for his medical needs, but we’re glad he survived the crash. Unfortunately, he then struggled with substance abuse.

The struggles he went through didn’t urge him to change one bit. He’s been very vocal about his stand against motorcycle helmets which cost him his career. Most of his TV features are nothing but cameos and guesting.


Known for his role in Bedazzled, Actor Brendan Fraser had his fair share in the spotlight. The Mummy trilogy star was on top of his career as his role landed him several investments. Aside from the latter being said, he also managed to land a role in Monkeybone, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and Furry Vengeance.

Although his career was already reaching new heights, he eventually took a downfall. He declined a role in Journey to the Center of the Earth, which could have been a huge break. According to Deadline’s report, the reason for the decline was that he owned his loyalty to the film’s original director.


Twilight Saga star, Taylor Lautner managed to have a huge fanbase as he climbed through fame. Landing a role as Jacob, fans are torn between him and Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) when it comes to Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) partner. Aside from Twilight, however, he also managed to land acting roles. His role in Abduction, however, garnered negative reviews.

Though he had a few projects that were a bit underwhelming, he eventually bagged a role in several comedy films. He starred in Cuckoo, Grown Ups 2, and The Ridiculous Six. These films allowed him to kickstart his return and would allow him to work on investment planning.


Hugh Grant is one of the iconic celebrities that managed his way to go in and out of the headlines. He aced his way through several scandalous headlines with or without the help of an attorney. His hit movies are Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Bridget Jones’s Diary, and what captured the viewers’ interest is probably his flexibility in acting roles.

Though he stayed on top of his game for a while, it eventually declined. He tried out other roles when he was chosen for Cloud Atlas and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Though both films may be new, it seems to have not impressed his fans.


Teens in the ‘90s survey know how iconic Freddie Prinze Jr. is. Known as one of Hollywood’s it guy, he managed to stay on top of his career. He landed several roles in movies as well as sitcoms. As time passes, however, he started to lose his spark. His sitcom titled Freddie was not able to meet the viewers’ expectations. He also starred in the film, Delgo, which grossed quite low at the box-office.

When his popularity was starting to diminish, he managed to score projects which kept his credit scores at bay. He then tried to explore his passion for gaming, which brought him success.


Pop sensation Robin Thicke reached new heights when it comes to his career. The singer dominated the airwaves for his single Blurred Lines, which gathered a huge fanbase. Although he stayed on top of his game, he received a lawsuit from the late Marvin Gaye’s family. It was claimed that Blurred Lines and Gaye’s song Got to Give it Up, holds obvious similarities.

Despite the conflict, with the help of his attorney, it was eventually resolved. Aside from the originality issues, he also went through a divorce with his wife in February 2014. Although he attempted to win her back, the singer was not able to rekindle their relationship.


Announcement mistakes are crucial as they can potentially make or break one’s career. Considering it to do more harm than good, Warren Beatty is not an exception. One mistake impacted his potential investments.

Back in the 2017 Academy Awards for the Best Picture, Warren Beatty opened an envelope. He then made a pause instead of announcing the winner. When he handed it to his co-presenter, Faye Dunaway, she announced that La La Land was able to bag the award. Though it could have been something to celebrate, a producer called out the award and revealed that it should have been Moonlight.


Jamie Kennedy is a stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer, and actor rolled into one. He’s made several appearances in several shows such as Scream and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. He also managed to star in commercials such as Son of the Mask and Malibu’s Most Wanted. Though he landed a few projects, most were not able to give him a jump on his career.

The projects may have allowed him to start a few investments, but his New Year’s Eve stint threw him off. In 2013 he made a remark about Psy, a Korean artist, was a bit vulgar. Aside from his hosting, the entire production was a fail due to technical issues.


CeeLo Green, a singer-songwriter, managed to hit the soundwaves for his artistry. He’s known for putting his heart out in his music. He topped the charts and even made worldwide hits. Aside from the musical background, he’s also excellent in money management. He explored other career options such as doing voice-over acting. He’s part of Hotel Transylvania and managed to take part in some TV shows.

Being a top-notch talent, however, he went through a major downfall after being accused of sexual assault. To top his behavior, he also got called out for his homophobic tweets. Lastly, he once defended rapists which turned his fans off.


Actress-comedian, Kathy Griffin is one of the hitmakers when it comes to public adoration. Her quirky remarks and the way she’d spark laughter among the crowd manage to land her a few investments. Though she starred in several film and TV productions, she eventually met her downfall.

Her fame took a huge blow in 2017 when she posted an unusual photo. She was holding the head of a mannequin of U.S. President Donald Trump covered in blood. Although it must have been a light joke for her, it was seen as a threat against the President of The United States.


Jared Fogle may have earned his name as Subway’s spokesperson, but his fame was eventually put to an end. Fogle caught the sandwich chain’s attention after announcing that he lost a significant amount of weight by sticking with Subway sandwiches as part of his diet. With his rise to fame, he managed to land a few roles in the film industry.

Although he was tagged as a spokesperson, which should have prompted him to be a good example, Fogle landed a lawsuit and jail time. In 2015, he was arrested for child pornography and child prostitution where he pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Stephen Collins had his fair share in the spotlight as he started as the Commander in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He also managed to land a role in 7th Heaven. He’s been with the industry since 1974 as he managed to land several roles in both film and TV. Aside from acting, he also did very well in his education. Though it was unclear if he needed student loans, he was able to graduate as cum laude.

Despite his fame, he lost his charisma after admitting that he’s been molesting underage girls. Police departments from New York and Los Angeles eventually launched an investigation.


A household name when it comes to sitcom, Bill Cosby managed to stay on top of his game. While everything was running great, accusations against him eventually brought him down. His show may have reached its peak with The Cosby Show, but then it experienced a hard-knock downfall.

He was given the opportunity to return to the spotlight with NBC, but several women came forward to testify against him. He eventually spent a heap of his investment money on lawyers. As the cases move forward, he was guilty of three counts of sexual assault.


The 90’s kids are well aware of who Amanda Bynes is. Her fame significantly rose after being part of Nickelodeon’s All That and her very own show. She was also part of several hit series such as Big Fat Liar, Hair Spray, and Easy A. Aside from her acting career, she also has a knack for fashion where she eventually launched her own clothing line. She had a partnership with Steve & Barry’s, but the company eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2008.

As she stayed in the spotlight, her mental health eventually degraded. She also struggled with substance abuse. She was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Known as the famous Pee-Wee Herman, Paul Reubens managed to nab a spot in the limelight. His character became an iconic profile where it appeared in successful film and TV productions in the ’80s. Before he launched his acting career, his money management skills were probably what kept him out of financial woes. As a fresh graduate, he juggled working as a salesman and in the kitchen of a restaurant.

A year of being in the spotlight eventually took its toll. His career took a downfall when he was arrested for indecent exposure in 1991. After taking a long hiatus, he once again made the headlines in 2002 for a different charge.


Singapore-born TV and social media personality Tila “Tequila” Nguyen earned a name through her social media content. She started her stardom on MySpace, a social media platform back in the early ’90s. As part of their investments, MTV spent a hefty amount for her and her fanbase. They produced a dating show titled A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Being on top of her game, her stardom suddenly collapsed with just one post. She posted an article on her website with the title, Why I Sympathize with Hitler, so her antisemitic and pro-Nazi sentiments brought her downfall.


Known as a versatile actor of his time, Randy Quaid starred in both light comedy and drama films. He was even received various nominations for his performance. Though he’s on top of his game, his career eventually took a different turn.

He came across legal issues as Quaid and his wife were both accused when they paid with an invalid credit card. Their bill reached $10,000 at an inn in Santa Barbara. Aside from the charges they initially faced, they were also charged with burglary on the property they invested in. The couple then moved to Canada, probably due to the credit issues.


Johnny Depp earned a name in Hollywood as one of the top actors. He starred in various films such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These are major hitmakers that significantly boost his investments.

Although he was on top of his fame, he was falsely accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of domestic abuse in 2016. She filed for divorce, and the claims were settled out of court. The accusations against Depp, however, were debunked as proof emerged that it was Heard who did him wrong.


Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen had award-winning appearances that topped his game. He starred on hitmakers such as Wall Street, Hot Shots!, and The Three Musketeers. He’s listed as one of the highest-paid actors and he appeared in several hit TV series as well. He then used his income as investment money for the children’s clothing line.

Aside from his career peak, he then met his downfall. He has been in 3 marriages and was accused of domestic abuse by his second wife and was even filed a restraining order in 2006. His third wife also accused him of domestic violence where he was arrested and was sentenced to probation.


Known as one of the most popular music producers, Dr. Luke managed to stay on top of his game in the limelight. He collaborated with pop stars such as Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Britney Spears. At the height of his career, however, he was charged with sexual assault and other offenses.

With the help of his attorney, Dr. Luke did a countersuit against Kesha. He accused her of extortion. Although the pop singer’s claims against the producer were dismissed, fans didn’t let the issue pass as they rallied in support of Kesha. As the issue heightened, Sony Music then decided to distance itself from the producer.


Columbus Short earn popularity in the political drama TV series, Scandal. Aside from his acting stint, he was also able to work with the pop icon, Britney Spears as a choreographer during her tours. He used his talents in the sense that it helped him earn enough amount to use investment money. Short’s mother runs a talent management company, which adds to their income.

Although he started at the right foot, he eventually came across challenges. He came across different accusations that challenged his personal life. He even pleaded guilty for a misdemeanor domestic violence in 2014. He was also charged with felony and substance abuse.


From being one of Charlie’s Angel’s, Cameron Diaz then landed various projects. She had several hits namely, Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, and Gangs of New York. Her popularity gained her vast fanbase. Although she managed to catch the attention of her fans, her shine eventually diminished. Due to her inconsistency in acting, she experienced certain movie flops such as Sex Tape and Annie. Still, these projects were potential investments that somewhat increased her net worth.

Though she shied away from the spotlight, she explored writing lifestyle manuals. By doing so, she was able to make it through. Maybe transitioning from acting to writing isn’t so bad.


One bad decision in choosing the right project can potentially lead to career challenges. Ashley Greene gained popularity for her role in the Twilight film series. She eventually started accepting other roles after the franchise ended. Although she tried working with different genres, those projects didn’t turn out to be a success.

In a 2012 film, Apparition, Greene landed her first leading role. It took around $17 million for the movie to be produced. The film turned out to be a flop, so they weren’t able to get much from this investment as they were only able to earn $5 million.


Taking part in some major teen flicks, Jennifer Love Hewitt managed to earn a name in the spotlight. She played some roles in Party of Five and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She also starred in a TV show the Ghost Whisperer which is a supernatural drama. She appeared in the limelight in the ’90s, but now, she remains behind the scenes.

There were rumors that the actress is quite difficult on set. These allegations, however, were not confirmed. As of today, reports mentioned that she is residing in her Los Angeles property, which is probably just one of her real estate investments.


Tiger Woods earned his name in the world of sports. Being able to bag numerous awards throughout his career, the professional golfer managed to set and break several records. He was recognized as the world’s top golfer. It seems as if a significant portion of his investment money is for his children’s education and funding of the youth’s education.

At the peak of his career, fame eventually took its toll and dimmed his light. He was a frequent topic among scandalous headlines and was called out for extramarital affairs. With the ongoing issue, his marriage eventually ended. Aside from his divorce, significant companies also pulled out their affiliations with him.


Grey’s Anatomy star, Katherine Heigl, earned a reputation for throwing shade against those whom she worked with. The actress managed to bag several projects, including Knocked Up, where she then tagged the film as sexist. That said, she also shared that she’s having a difficult time working with her role. There was also a time where she declined her Emmy nomination for her role in Grey’s Anatomy. She then explained that her script is not worth the nomination.

With negative feedback regarding her work ethics, Heigl’s stardom started to diminish. It seems that she should rethink her investment planning when it comes to choosing her projects.


Lindsay Lohan or LiLo, as most of her fans call her, started her career in the spotlight at an early age. She starred on numerous projects that became huge hits among kids and teens alike. Some of her films were The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Aside from acting, she also did very well in making music. Being able to save enough investment money for her career, she started a business venture.

Like most celebrities who started their life in the spotlight at an early age, Lohan took a different turn. She was charged with DUI and was checked into rehab often.


Known in the industry since 1979, Michael Richards worked his way up towards success. He achieved recognition for his talent in stand-up comedy and acting.  Although he managed to get his shine in Hollywood, it dimmed out in 2006.

There was a time when someone from the audience criticized him while doing his show. He then had a negative response by throwing angry speech with racist remarks. While expressing his frustration, he used the N-word, which caused an uproar among his fans. One of the audience was able to capture the incident and had it uploaded. With the event taking part, his credit scores probably took a plunge.


Known as one of the members of the Brat Pack, Rob Lowe managed to have a solid fan base as well as other teen actors who were part of the group in the ’80s. As a teen idol, his investments might have skyrocketed. He received numerous awards and nominations at the height of his career. His mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer, which prompted him to focus on cancer research and education.

Although he’s at the peak of his career, his sex tape was released back in 1988. It was a huge blow to his career as that tape was one of the first to be commercially sold.


Born in Korea, Sung Hyun-ah made the headlines due to her popularity. The Korean national started with beauty pageants. She nabbed the second runner-up during the Miss Korea pageant in 1994. She eventually represented her country in Miss International in the same year. She eventually explored her talents in acting and has earned a name for her strong and sexy roles.

Despite her stardom, she got involved in different scandals. She was charged with illegal drugs in 2002. She also hit the headlines for publishing a book with her nude photos. She then faced a lawsuit as she was charged with prostitution.


Actor Comedian Jim Carrey is one of the most iconic celebrities in the ’90s and early 2000s. He starred in two hit movies namely The Mask and Ace Ventura. Tagged as Hollywood’s comedy king, His movies made it big. He even to have $100 million in revenue at that time, significantly increasing his value.

Though he managed to hit the peak of his career, his light eventually dimmed. If he isn’t able to make the same amount as he did during the peak of his career, we hope he has investments to rely on. He became more famous for staying “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”


Best known for her cooking shows, Paula Deen made it big during her time. She poured her focus on cooking after struggling with an anxiety disorder. By doing so, she was able to do something productive without leaving her home. Although she found a light at the end of a tunnel, she and her husband went through a rocky relationship that led to hiring a divorce attorney.

Being a single mom, she was still able to launch a catering company, which turned out to be a success. Though things were going well, she was called out for her racist remarks in 2013 which led to the cancellation of her future projects.


Kickstarting his career in the field of stage and theatre, Jeffrey Jones earned popularity amongst fans. He started his stardom in Minnesota, but he eventually moved to London. With his talent, he even managed to reach broadway. As he honed his talent, he also explored film and television. His roles in Amadeus, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Deadwood helped grow his net worth and have investment money.

Despite being in the limelight, he prefers to live privately. He enjoyed staying home. Away from the public, but in 2002, the actor was arrested for child pornography.


US Actress Eileen Bowman earned a name for starring in Top Dog. Though most celebrities would usually shine at the peak of their careers, her case seems to be different. Given the fact that award shows would usually start with a bang in terms of their opening numbers, Bowman faced an unfortunate fate. As several performers headlined the Academy Awards with breathtaking performances, the actress struggled with hers.

Her 11-minute feature in The 1989 Academy Awards was described as somewhat cringe-worthy. She was dressed in a Snow White costume where she sang and danced until the end. That specific night lead to a huge blow, which isn’t the best investment in her career.


Singer-actress Courtney Love was one of the biggest artists of her time, and she was the former wife of the iconic Kurt Cobain. Love managed to make a name in the late ’80s up to the early ’90s. Although she did very well in her career, Love struggled with addiction and started to lose her work and other gigs. She even failed to land a new contract and probably faced money management disputes.

Instead of regaining herself by going back into the limelight, Love pushed away potential projects and business partners. She went through numerous flops, even when she started venturing into the artistic field.


Julia Stiles stepped on Hollywood’s road to fame as early as her teenage years. She gathered a huge fanbase back when she was working with the hitmaking Bourne film series. She also earned a role in a TV series Dexter which gave her a chance to win both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. Despite her success, however, she’s been having a difficult time landing major projects.

Though widely aware of her difficulties she is facing with her acting, she shared her thoughts on that matter. She mentioned that she’s realigning her time and energy towards, probably making an investment in herself such as going to college or, eventually, starting a family.


Wesley Snipes is one of the biggest names in Hollywood when it comes to action movies. He’s a dedicated practitioner of Karate and Hapkido. His knack for martial arts paved a way for him to successfully thrive in landing acting roles. With a stable income which he earns from various projects, he probably didn’t need a business loan when he launched his film company.

He then decided to start a security firm. Despite his efforts to increase his investments, he eventually got in trouble as lawsuits were filed against him. He was found guilty for failing to file his income tax return which caused him 3 years of jail time from 2010 to 2013.

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