Famous Celebrities From The Past And How They Are Doing Now


Morgan Freeman won the interstate drama competition at the age of 12 and performed in Nashville in high school. In 1955, Morgan Freeman refused a scholarship to Jackson State University for part of the drama and chose to become a mechanic in the U.S. air force. Morgan Freeman made his debut in an off-Broadway musical in 1967. He also took part in “Hello, Dolly” which was all performed by black people!

Morgan Freeman belongs to Hollywood’s not-so-long list of best actors and talents in all its history. We all would probably recognize him through his fatherly voice as a narrator in most notable movies. You’ll also find, quite surprisingly, that Morgan Freeman is part of the most successful box-office movies from the 80s to the present. He places in the top 10 highest box office stars. In total, he has grossed $4.57 billion for all his combined box office movies.