These Real Photos From The Wild West Era Will Amaze You


These photos show the dancehall girls of the Wild West. Their job was to spice up the lonely nights of men in town as they would dance, sing, talk, and play games with them. They would, most of the time, invite the men for drinks as this was partly their means of living. For every drink they sold, they would get a commission. The girls would always wear make-up and fancy dresses to attract more customers. The dancehall girls of the Wild West were credited as very popular as this was one of the few forms of entertainment during the time.


The west is wild enough for the men, but we may wonder about the lives of the women. Well, women in the west were fortunate to have lived there. They were given more opportunities than the others, especially those living in the east. Such freedom given to the west women was their right to vote in elections, and they were also given equal pay as teachers. Several women in the west were credited as trailblazers as they were the first to introduce women’s acceptance into the workforce- musicians, artists, and even rodeo personalities. How momentous is that?


Bison hunting was a fundamental activity in the Wild West, hence, the extinction and decline of the species. Back in the day, bison hunting was the norm, and hunters gather together to kill as many as they can. It was also a source of income for the poor farmers and business investment for the wealthy. Bison skins were used for machine belts, rugs, and robes. The skulls undergo industrial processing to be used as fertilizer, glue, ink, and more. As shown in the picture, these bison skulls were collected and are being prepared to undergo processing.


Masks were often displayed in several pictures from the Wild West and it served several purposes. Centuries ago, masks were made for decoration, ceremonies, and rituals. It usually served as entertainment, gifts, and can represent a tribe. It is also a common belief that people must wear masks whenever they go to chase off evil spirits and diseases. Also, Native Americans credited the person wearing a mask as someone taken over by spirits. The color of the mask can also represent a meaning, such examples would be white masks represent light and purity, and the green one represents healing.


It’s good to know that it was permissible in the Old Western days to display affection even to those of the opposite gender. The picture shows two men sitting close to each other. It is not known whether they’re brothers, relatives, or friends, but the photo suggests that they have a close relationship with each other. In some countries, like India, it is widely acceptable for guys to hold hands with each other. The West may be credited as a macho world, but it isn’t wrong for a man to show affection and express fondness, especially to his beloved one.


The photo features photographer Timothy O’Sullivan, fourth from the left. O’Sullivan took photographs of each land he and the Wheeler Survey have discovered, and this picture depicts the Colorado River back in 1891. Together with him are his fellow members of the Wheeler Survey and some Native Americans. The Wheeler Survey is a group credited to Captain George Montague Wheeler, whose goal was to make maps of Southwestern United States. The group went on expeditions to discover more about the geology and ethnology of the land. Based on the records, they have published a total of 164 maps.


This captivating Native American woman not only shows beauty but also exudes purity and courage. Her features somewhat exhibit the characteristics of the legend, Pocahontas. And indeed, they share the same aura. Native American women in the Old West were credited to be busy managing their homes. They made ends meet by joining the workforce and laboring jobs that have almost the same load as men. Some also participated in wars and fought beside men. They were highly admired for their strong survival skills. We wonder what this beautiful woman’s work was but we are sure that she left a legacy!


This image depicts a gallow probably being investigated by these men in preparation for hanging an outlaw. The gallow was used to punish criminals, often referred to as outlaws, as a means to exercise justice. The gallow is also proof that law, justice, and order are being practiced in the Wild West. The hangings often took place during the weekends in order to gather more people. It was also credited as a form of entertainment because people would attend and somehow, enjoy. It drew a large crowd back then that the authorities had to give out tickets to keep everything under control.


Before magazines and television, there were already several means of entertainment in the Wild West. People from back then have a lot, from dance halls to gambling to brothels. But it is also a fact that people from the Old West are pretty fond of music. Here is a photo of performers gathered together, with one man in the center, probably the lead singer, strumming his guitar. Maybe this was the rise of what we call today “country music”. As credited in most Western films, cowboys and ranchers are keen on hillbilly and folk music.


The Wild West boys were great enthusiasts when it comes to hunting. Aside from bison, they also hunt other animals that they deem dangerous. An example is a wolf seen in this photo. Wolves are credited fierce and wild, posing fear and threat to human safety. Wolves can also cause rabies to humans, hence, the men tied up its mouth to render them defenseless. It can be assumed that the hunters in this picture are looking for animals to hunt to have a food supply. Hunting animals such as deer, turkeys, and other animals were their usual work as well as a leisure activity.