Famous Celebrities From The Past And How They Are Doing Now

‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil – 54 Years Old

Patricia Krentcil became a media sensation in 2012 for her obsession with tanning. She was dubbed “Tan Mom” all over tabloids, and this turned into a massive hurricane in her life. The 54-year-old star made several appearances on the Howard Stern Show, and the radio host managed to help her launch her very own music career. While she had questionable moments, Krentcil still credits Stern for saving her career.

To this day, Krentcil admits she hasn’t strayed too far from her old habits and still tans upward to twice a week. She also made it clear that during the height of her fame, she and her family moved to Tampa, Florida, to avoid public scrutiny of her tanning obsession and have a fresh start. Since then, she ventured out in the music scene and partnered up with Adam Barta, who wrote, produced, and recorded several songs for her.