Famous Celebrities From The Past And How They Are Doing Now

Now, how many of us here, who can navigate the web well and get access to articles such as this, can still recognize these classic men and women of Hollywood? Although a great number of us may not anymore recognize most of them, Hollywood, however, cannot deny that there was a time these faces dominated stages, theatres, films, and tv screens. They were so popular back in the days that our parents or even grandparents would’ve owned at least a poster of them in their rooms. Here’s a unique trip down memory lane as we recall and give credit to renowned people from the past. Hush now, as some of them may just act in some of the most recent films and you probably didn’t even tell their faces!


The whole world probably knows who Johnny Depp is. Aside from being an actor, he’s also a producer and a musician. The 58-year-old star has been in the business since the early 1980s, debuting in the horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. He then rose to prominence when he received an acting credit from 21 Jump Street. From there, he made several independent films until he became one of the world’s biggest and most commercially successful film stars and highest-paid actors.

Depp also receives critical praise for his incredible acting and is famous for his frequent collaboration with the director Tim Burton. However, his name again made noise after his separation from ex-wife Amber Heard, to whom he had a legal battle and won in the U.S.


Amber Heard started in the entertainment business in the early 2000s and made a name through the movies Never Back Down, Drive Angry, The Rum Diary, and, of course, the DC Extended Universe film Aquaman. However, she became more known for being the former wife of Johnny Depp.

The two tied the knot in 2015 but quickly called it quits after just two years. From there, they went through a bloody legal separation that drew huge media attention all over the world. They also needed their own set of lawyers to defend themselves. Their legal battle went on for years, and in their trial in 2022, Depp won over Heard, though it remained to be seen if their fight in the court would finally end here.


One memorable role played by Robby Benson was in the 1977 film One on One as Henry Steele, a high school rising basketball star from a small town in Colorado. He supposedly won a college scholarship, so there were supposed to be no student loans, and in exchange, he played basketball. This film made the now-66-year-old actor prominent back in the day, and so it was followed by more projects, like Beauty and the Beast, Ice Castles, and Walk Proud.

The actor has been married to his wife, Karla DeVito, since 1982. Looking back in time, the two met when they starred together in The Pirates of Penzance, which got released in 1983. The couple shares two children. Nowadays, Benson is still working on various gigs. He ventured into video games, taking on his role as the Beast in several action games developed over the years. The latest screen appearance was A Feeling of Home, a Hallmark Channel TV film.


The journey to being a star always has pressures, and actress Gabourey Sidibe is not a stranger to that. She debuted in the movie Precious, which was released in 2009. The 39-year-old star made a huge impact at the time and was even nominated for an Academy Awards, a feat that very few could claim. In short, she became famous overnight.

The actress has always acknowledged her struggle with her body weight. In fact, she has made a lot of effort to reduce it. She also underwent therapy to deal with the various issues she had. The actress became serious about weight loss before 2017, and she has lost a lot since then. She even wrote a memoir about her life, a worthy investment for anyone who wants to be inspired.


BernNadette Stanis will always be remembered for her role as Thelma Evans in the hit sitcom Good Times. Her character became so popular that every Black girl was assumed to be like her in the 1970s. She was the epitome of a good girl in the sitcom, which reflected the kind of attitude Stanis had in real life. Growing up in New York, the actress is used to the stresses of city life and the great degree of challenges one has to hurdle one day. These were synthesized and taken into account when she acted on the screen.

Stanis has retained that youthful look from the show, and many will be surprised to know she is already 68 years old. We can perhaps have a glimpse of her secret from the four books she has written so far. This shows that Stanis is not only talented but also intelligent and witty.


Chrissy Metz is now famous for her role as Kate Pearson in the hit TV series, This Is Us. Her role in the show has made such an impact that she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe Award. To a great degree, her character was instrumental in bringing the actress to the limelight. As such, she has appeared in other projects like Breakthrough and Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

One thing that people appreciate about Metz is that she does not easily give up. When she was younger, she wanted a pair of sneakers worth $120 and instead of obtaining a personal loan; she worked at a fast-food chain to save money. She has shown that kind of grit when trying to lose weight and based on reports, she has lost 100 pounds after five months of a calorie deficit diet.

Pauley Perrette, 53 Years Old

We’re all aware of the notion that just about everything has some degree of connection with everything else, that the world has some way of bringing things full circle. Well, such was the case with Pauley Perrette, who had quite a fascination with all crime subjects.

Besides studying criminal justice during her college years, she did a couple of odd jobs, like being a waitress, before finally making her way into the entertainment industry. Initially landing only minor parts and guest-starring roles, the now-retired actress has since become most known for her performance as Abby Sciuto, a forensic scientist in the crime series NCIS. She also reprised the role in NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles. Other projects she did are When We Rise, The Ring, and Broke. The latter was the last show she worked on before announcing her retirement in 2020.

Susan Boyle – 60 Years Old

Many can remember the rise of Susan Boyle as a world-renowned singer. Already gaining success by winning several singing competitions, she became first known to the world when she auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. Initially, she was not regarded as a serious contender due to her appearance, which shaped the opinion of some. However, her rendition of the Les Misérables song I Dreamed a Dream wowed both the judges and audiences and put doubts about her talent to rest. While she only got 2nd place, in the end, she left a great impression on everybody, particularly Simon Cowell, who put her under his management and made her into a global star.

Today, at age 60, Boyle has undeniably been successful in her music career. She has done several world tours since and has been a well-known figure online, with her Britain’s Got Talent audition garnering hundreds of millions of views. In addition, she has made several investments towards advancing various causes over the years.

Jennifer Grey – 61 Years Old

Jennifer Grey is one of those actresses that may have been an A-list star today but got derailed somewhat due to unfortunate circumstances. She became known during the 1980s for her iconic roles in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Dirty Dancing, and Red Dawn. While her roles during that time made her a superstar in the making, two events changed her fortunes. First, she suffered a severe injury in a car collision in 1987 while with her boyfriend, Matthew Broderick, who starred as Ferris Bueller. Second, her rhinoplasty operation in the early 1990s made her unrecognizable even to her close friends.

Grey, who is now 61, has managed to restart her career, beginning in the late 2000s. Her performance and eventual win in Dancing with the Stars in 2010 can be credited for her career resurgence. She has starred in the comedy series Red Oaks and lent her voice in Phineas and Ferb during its run. Overall, Grey’s career has been quite good.

Bolo Yeung | 75 Years Old

Fans of kung fu movies would likely remember the name Bolo Yeung. He is a former competitive bodybuilder and a martial arts actor whose roles were primarily as a villain. Among his best performances are in Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport and Bloodfight. He is also quite famous in Hong Kong, given his usual appearances in the local movies. His friendship with Bruce Lee has certainly made life easier for him, too.

Most of his movies are in the 1970s, and there are not many projects in contemporary times, but he did work with Jalal Merhi, who put him in movies like Tiger Claws and TC 2000. In 2007, Yeung had another chance to work with Merhi when the former made an appearance on Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter. For sure, his fans would want to see him in films again, but at 75 years old, there would be some degree of difficulty in achieving that.

Erika Eleniak | 52 Years Old

Actress Erika Eleniak is best known for her role as Shauni McClain in the famous 1990s series Baywatch. Prior to that, she landed a minor role in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. Having gained some traction, the actress later appeared in a number of other films like Under Siege, The Beverly Hillbillies, and The Blob. After the 1990s, however, her career did not blossom as much, but she was still given credit for projects like The Opponent, Snowbound, and Changing Hands.

Eleniak found her niche in independent movies, and this is where she focused her efforts in the late 2000s to 2010s. She also appeared on The Real Gilligan’s Island. When it comes to her personal life, Eleniak is a bit private about it, but she did marry Roch Daigle at one point. They now have a daughter together and are living private lives.

Richard Simmons | 73 Years Old

Ask those who were trying to lose weight from the previous generation, and they will probably bring up the name Richard Simmons. He was, after all, a household name when it comes to his popular weight loss program. Simmons’ marketing strategy worked well for his Sweatin’ to the Oldies line of aerobics videos. He knew that there was a huge potential for this market, so he started a gym in California.

That decision proved to be correct, and Simmons got more publicity through TV appearances. He also showed good money management skills that led him to acquire a significant net worth. After some time in the limelight, however, the fitness personality withdrew from the public eye in 2014. Some say this was so he could also focus on getting his health in shape, but there has been no official denial or confirmation.

Grace Jones | 73 Years Old

Jamaican-American model Grace Jones was once ranked 82nd place on VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll in 1999. This was well deserved because the singer-actress was instrumental in influencing the cross-dressing movement of the 1980s, which has become the inspiration of many of today’s stars, including the iconic Lady Gaga. More awards followed for Jones, including a Q Idol Award. She was likewise ranked as the 40th greatest dance club artist of all time in 2016.

Jones also appeared in a number of low-budget films, with Conan the Destroyer as her first mainstream movie. She has appeared in a number of supporting roles, which led to her getting a nomination for the Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actress. Her career suffered some setbacks in the late 1990s, and there were attempts to revive them. In 2014, for example, she was given credit for contributing a song to the soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

Cassandra Peterson| 70 Years Old

If Peter Parker is Spiderman, Cassandra Peterson’s “made-up name” is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. This is the character that she has been known for the longest time while hosting the TV program Elvira’s Movie Macabre. However, the producers and the network were met with resistance from the lawyers of Maila Nurmi, the first host for the said show. They were eventually able to solve their differences.

Aside from her Elvira character, Peterson also appeared in many other movies like Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold. Just recently, the actress released a memoir where she revealed that she had been in a relationship with a woman for nearly twenty years. She was previously married to Mark Pierson, but they parted ways in 2002. Peterson also maintains a semi-vegetarian diet, something she has done for a number of years now.

Linda Kozlowski| 63 Years Old

Ever since she was young, Linda Kozlowski already wanted to act. She even enrolled in and graduated from the Juilliard School’s drama division back in 1981. Given her training in the dramatic arts, she gunned for it and debuted on the off-Broadway production How It All Began, where she portrayed Miss Forsythe.

Later on, Kozlowski became the lead character in Crocodile Dundee. This was followed by a sequel and other projects like Almost an Angel and Backstreet Justice. Despite being nominated for a Golden Globe, the actress decided to leave the acting business. Her primary reason was that despite a great degree of effort on her end, she was not given the roles she preferred. She thought that it was not worth having ulcers over, as she saw her health deteriorate due to stress. The now-retired actress lives in Los Angeles.

Jenna Jameson – 47 Years Old

Throughout childhood, Jenna Jameson learned her way around dancing. Throughout that period, she also tried her hand in modeling and participated in a couple of beauty pageants. After some time, she finally made her way to a couple of on-screen projects, and since then, she has become an even more well-known figure.

Besides her work as an actress of sorts, Jameson has also dabbled in other investments through the years. One such example would be her company ClubJenna, which she co-founded in 2000. She has produced plenty of videos through it. Along the way, she also tried her hand at writing, with her 2004 autobiography becoming a New York Times Best Seller. In addition, thanks to her fame, Jameson has also made her way to the mainstream. With that said, one of her earlier outings here would be in 1997 when she landed a role in Howard Stern’s movie Private Parts.

Steven Seagal – 69 Years Old

There are many amazing action films, and with it, just-as-amazing action stars. Through the years, the entertainment industry has introduced us to figures who have excelled in this genre. From Jason Statham to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone, another celebrity who has some degree of recognition would be Steven Seagal.

Before making his way into acting, he first worked as a martial arts instructor. He got his debut in 1988, starring in Above the Law. Since then, Seagal has worked on other projects such as The Patriot, Under Siege, Kill Switch, and The Glimmer Man. While he continues acting to this day, the action star has also dabbled in other things along the way. Besides his tenure as a reserve deputy sheriff, the actor has also tried his hand in music. In fact, he has even lent his talents to some of his movies’ soundtracks.

Gayle King – 66 Years Old

For her start in the entertainment industry, Gayle King found work as a production assistant for a TV station. That was also where she met Oprah Winfrey, who worked as an anchor at the time. After some time, King transitioned to more on-screen work, notably as a reporter.

Since then, she has become quite a successful figure in the business. She is also good friends with Winfrey. With that said, King also landed a stint as a correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Through the years, she has also worked on other programs such as Cover to Cover, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. Meanwhile, in the world of journalism, King works for O, The Oprah Magazine as its editor-at-large. Well, with all these endeavors and achievements, it’s no surprise she eventually took credit for being one of 2019’s Most Influential People.


Morgan Freeman won the interstate drama competition at the age of 12 and performed in Nashville in high school. In 1955, Morgan Freeman refused a scholarship to Jackson State University for part of the drama and chose to become a mechanic in the U.S. air force. Morgan Freeman made his debut in an off-Broadway musical in 1967. He also took part in “Hello, Dolly” which was all performed by black people!

Morgan Freeman belongs to Hollywood’s not-so-long list of best actors and talents in all its history. We all would probably recognize him through his fatherly voice as a narrator in most notable movies. You’ll also find, quite surprisingly, that Morgan Freeman is part of the most successful box-office movies from the 80s to the present. He places in the top 10 highest box office stars. In total, he has grossed $4.57 billion for all his combined box office movies.


Thomas Jeffrey Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor and filmmaker. Known for both his comedic and dramatic roles, Hanks is one of the most popular and recognizable film stars worldwide, and is widely regarded as an American cultural icon. Tom Hanks began performing with the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in 1977, later moving to New York City. He starred in the television sitcom Bosom Buddies but became far more known when he starred in the Ron Howard film Splash.

Hanks made his breakthrough with leading roles in the comedies Splash (1984) and Big (1988). He won two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor for starring as a gay lawyer suffering from AIDS in Philadelphia (1993) and a young man with below-average IQ in Forrest Gump (1994). In recent years, Tom Hanks’s films are mainly based on real story adaptation and biographical films, but there are also suspense films like Dante Code adapted from novels.


Halle Berry started as a beauty queen. As a girl born and raised in Ohio, at the age of 17, Halle Berry represented her hometown in the United States Miss Under 20 campaign. In the end, she lived up to expectations, became Miss American teenagers. In the 1980s, she went to Chicago for her career. While continuing to be a model, she also began to grow in the direction of film and television actors. She became an award-winning actress known for her role as Storm in the X-Men films, and she also starred in numerous highly-acclaimed films such as Swordfish.

On March 24, 2002, at the 74th Academy Awards, she won the best actress by virtue of her outstanding performance. At the Oscars, Halle Berry made an acceptance speech. On stage, she even cried for her exciting speech. But later this behavior was also criticized by some people.


Cher maybe 74 years old, but you will see only a few traits of her age on her face. She remains young looking, proving she is indeed the Goddess of Pop. To a certain degree, she managed to make a name in the industry dominated by men. She also made a mark by working in different areas of the entertainment world and adopting a variety of styles and appearances.

Today, Cher is enjoying a six-decade-long career. Her success in music, television, and film is the Academy Award, the Grammy Award, the Emmy award, and three Golden Globes. Anyhow, Cher still has no plans to retire. In 2018, she announced she was working on four new projects; a Christmas album, the second album of ABBA cover songs, a biographical film, and an autobiography. In 2019, she launched a new perfume, Cher Eau de Couture. In 2020, she was announced to be the face of the fashion brand, Dsquared2.


In an over five-decade career, Al Pacino has managed to establish a big name in the industry. He has received several awards from prestigious award-giving bodies, like the Academy Awards, Tony Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards. He is also one of the few who got the Triple Crown of Acting. Al Pacino is a method actor and former student at HB studios and actor studios in New York City, where he was taught by Charlie Laughton and Lee Strasbourg.

In 1992, Al Pacino won the Oscar for best actor (the eighth Nomination) for his superb acting skills in the classic film “smell the fragrance and know the woman”. Despite his advancing age, there’s nothing that can stop Pacino from acting. In 2019, he joined Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in the Quentin Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Al Pacino was also reunited with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci in the Martin Scorsese Netflix film The Irishman. This year, he also gets an Amazon to video serious credits for Hunters.


American actor, singer, and producer Will Smith has surely aged like fine wine over the years. Today, he is considered to be among the most powerful and influential Hollywood figures in the industry. Will first broke into the entertainment scene as a rapper under the name The Fresh Prince. However, his nickname did stick into people’s minds until he assumed a leading role in the successful TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Will Smith continued to make tremendous strides in Hollywood after the show ended in 1996 by transitioning into film. Will Smith’s first film was “the passage of time” released in 1992, but the film did not receive much attention.  Since then, he has played in the Bad Boys and Independence Day, which made him became famous in the film industry. In 2006, he played the role of a black investment expert in The Pursuit of Happyness, which helped him win the Oscar nomination for best actor.


She was first known for the sitcom The Cosby Show, which has been nominated for two Emmy Award nominations. But her first time in the TV series was the soap opera” One Life to Live ” in 1983. In 2004, Rashad became the first black actress to win the Tony Award for Best President in the theatre industry. She was awarded for her reenactment in “Raisins in the Sun”.

“Whether she is bringing laughter to millions of television viewers around the world, moving theatre-goers to tears, thrilling movie fans, offering new insights to students by teaching Master Classes at renowned learning institutions. Include Howard University, Julliard, and Carnegie Mellon, serving on Boards of prestigious organizations, or breaking new ground as a director.” Phylicia Rashad once said “Every time women come together with a common goal, it is a powerful thing. When women come together for a common purpose, a miracle occurs.” As a celebrity, she dared to speak up and inspired countless people like her.


Jack Nicholson is a famous American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is generally regarded as one of the best actors in film history. In his acting career of more than half a century, Jack has played many challenging roles, including a large number of paranoid and even neurotic pros and cons. For example, Batman’s rebellious clown. Jack Nicholson has been nominated for Oscar Awards 12 times and won two awards so far, He is the most nominated male actor In the history of performing arts.

Jack Nicholson landed major roles in projects such as, Five Easy Pieces (1970), The Last Detail (1973), and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) from which he was nominated and won an Academy Award for Best Actor. His last movie appearance was in the 2010 film, How Do You Know, after which, he only appeared on TV interviews. On September 4, 2013, news of his retirement came out.


Glynis John is retired now, but there was a time that she enjoyed her commercial and media success so much in movies and on Broadway. Many of the roles she has played were tailor-made for her, including many songs that were specially created for her. It was in the musical A Little Night Music, that Glynis John gained international recognition after she got the credit role of playing Desiree Armfeldt.

For her next movie credit, she landed in a lead role in the film The Sundowners in 1960, and because of her performance in the movie, she was nominated for an Oscar. In 1999, Glynis John accepted her last and final film role in the movie, Superstar. Soon after, she lived a comfortable life with her family and friends, away from the media. If you want to see her news now, it’s very difficult. After experiencing the entertainment industry and vanity fairs, this nearly 100-year-old woman enjoys the peace of life.


In 1958, Newhart got a job as a copywriter for an independent film and television production company in Chicago. There, he and another colleague entertained each other by telling jokes on the phone. The calls were recorded and sent to the radio station as audition tapes. Newhart was recommended by Dan Sorkin and signed up with Warner Brothers Records in 1959. Later, he adapted the recordings into a talk show and performed in nightclubs.

As one of his known successes, this 1960 comedic monologue Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart garnered tremendous public appeal and achieved commercial success, including winning him the Grammy Awards’ Best New Artist and Best Album Of The Year. His album was a bestseller and remained the 20th-best selling comedy album to this day. Following such success is Newhart’s follow-up album, The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back! Again, it was a commercial success and held spots on the Billboards. Now, already 91, he doesn’t show any slowing down in his career. Oh, this old man!


Most music artists are busy, but are any as busy as Madonna has been during her whole career? Madonna has been going almost nonstop since her career took off in the 1980s, playing stadiums all over the world and touring all over the place. She released her 14th studio album, Madame X, 2019, and earlier that year she’s in the midst of yet another tour. She is still active.

But what is the Queen of Pop up to these days? Madonna has started to slow things down a little bit, giving her a chance to focus on her family life. She was married twice and had six children, four of whom were adopted. Some time ago, she showed pictures of her birthday with six children. Recently, Madonna was seen hobbling on crutches as she joined protesters for the Black Lives Matter march following George Floyd’s tragic death. The international superstar, 61, gave London demonstrators a huge surprise as she turned up among the busy crowd to show her support.


Denzel Washington is famously known for being an actor who can “reconfigure the concept of classic movie stardom.” This is probably because of the roles he has been portraying with dignity, humanity, grace, and inner strength– these things mark Washington’s parts and movies to some degree. With this, his incredible talent never goes unnoticed. Denzel Washington is a receiver of different accolades, from the Golden Globe Award to a Tony Award, among others. He also directed the movie Fences, with Viola Davis, based on August Wilson’s play of the same title. Its script came from Wilson himself.

At 65, Washington has yet to retire from the entertainment industry. In 2017, he made the legal drama Roman J. Israel, Esq. Although the movie received mixed reviews, his performance was critically-acclaimed and even earned him nominations. In 2019, he won the 47th AFI Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2020, the New York Times named Denzel Washington as “the greatest actor of the 21st century to date”.


George Clooney is one of the brightest A-list actors in the industry. He is also a film director, producer, and screenwriter. Although Clooney started in the business in 1978, it was not until he made ER that the actor earned international recognition, credits to his role as Dr. Doug Ross. Clooney got his first role in 1978, from the TV Mini-Series Centennial, adapted from James A. Michener’s novel of the same name. Part of the scene was filmed in his hometown of Augusta, Kentucky.

His portrayal even earned him two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. From here, he started doing major films, and his breakthrough role came in From Dusk till Dawn. Doing movies after movies, he led Three Kings and a lot more films. In 2018, Clooney already received the AFI Life Achievement Award. At 59, Clooney remains active in the industry. He even has a new Netflix movie coming up, titled The Midnight Sky, which he will star, produce, and direct.


Garth Brooks used his talents in singing and songwriting as his ladder to success. He rose to prominence for integrating the rock and pop elements into the country genre. This helped him to be popularly known all over the world, particularly in the US. His success could be attributed to country music single, album charts, recordings, and performances. He also managed to be part of the pop music arena.

According to the RIAA statistics, Brooks is the second-largest American artist in terms of album sales, second only to Elvis Presley (third in total, after the Beatles and Elvis Presley), with 134 million albums sold in the United States. Brooks is also one of the best-selling artists in the world, selling 190 million records (albums, singles, and videos). On July 10, 2014, Garth Brooks announced the signing of Sony Music Nashville to begin confirming plans for the upcoming album, world tour, and digital release of his music. He was selected into the country music hall of fame on October 21, 2012.


Statham used to work in market stalls, which inspired his Guy Ritchie crime movies, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. This ultimately led him to do the famed Transporter trilogy.  He may have been typecast as an antihero, but Jason Statham proved that he is the antagonist everyone needs. He is the all-around tough guy, known for his action-thriller roles and movies.

But Did you know that Statham usually performs his own stunts and stage combats? Sure, he has the best insurance that will keep him safe from these acts, but he is always confident that he can perfectly do it. He then had films after films, doing a variety of heist and action thriller movies from then on. At the same time, he often appears as a villain in movies, such as the most famous speed and passion series.


Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins is a three-time nominated Academy Award for Best Actor and finally won an award in 1992. He has also won three BAFTAs, two Emmys, and the Cecil B. DeMille Award. After many years in the company, Anthony Hopkins was invited by Sir Lawrence Olivier to perform in the national Royal Theater in 1965. Hopkins also became Olivier’s understudy, replacing the dance of death while Olivier was suffering from appendicitis.

He is known to have starred in the BBC television film, The Dresser, in 2015, and landed another credit role in the HBO television series, Westworld, in 2016 and again in 2018. As if Anthony Hopkins’ movie successes aren’t fulfilling enough, he soon included in the list his major success of finally quitting cigarette smoking. In 2008, he also successfully jumped on board a weight loss program, causing him to lose 80 pounds by 2010.


Hit TV Game Show host, Bob Barker of The Price Is Right, started his game show hosting work from 1972 up until his retirement in 2007. Bob Barker was later replaced by Drew Carey and before he landed to work in the popular game show, he was also the former host for Truth or Consequences which was from 1956 to 1974. Bob Barker was awarded Emmy Awards 19 consecutive times. In 1999, Bob Barker won the TV game show host Lifetime Achievement Award and was listed in the TV Art & Science Hall of fame in 2004.

Bob Barker’s last show before he retired was The Price Is Right. His image is really suitable for hosting this program. The achievements he made in this program have made him widely admired in the United States. Bob Barker has been out of sight for a long time. Recent news about Bob Barker reports how he is currently recovering from multiple health issues.


In the late ‘40s, Julie Andrews started a career playing in the West End when she eventually found her way to Broadway in her 1954 debut show, The Boy Friend. She became famous and successful that she was dubbed to be Britain’s youngest prima donna. So much so, that Andrews earned again the lead role of Maria von Trapp in the motion picture, The Sound of Music. For her performances, she was recognized and took credits for her contribution to both films. Also, she just recently made a cameo appearance in the 2018 film, Mary Poppins Returns.

She had problems with her throat in the 1990s, and Julie Andrews had to say goodbye to her singing career after having her tumor removed in 1997. Unfortunately, for some reason during the operation, her vocal cords were damaged. At 85 years old, Julie Andrews is still active on the big screen, and last year she won the 76th Venice International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award.


Dustin Hoffman, who is known for his antiheroes portrayals and emotionally unstable characters, was first critically praised for his credit role in the play, Eh? From which play he was able to gain a Theatre World Award and a Drama Desk Award. In 1967 he got his first breakthrough film credit role as Benjamin Braddock in the critically acclaimed and iconic film, The Graduate. It was at this time that he took flight and focused more on the cinematic side of his career with occasional comebacks on television and on the stage.

Dustin Hoffman is a perfectionist, so he often quarrels with the director and is criticized as not compatible enough. However, it also enables him to win two Oscar best actor awards for his starring in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Rain Man (1988). At present, in addition to performing films, Dustin Hoffman has also transformed into a director. His first film directed is the 2012 Quartet, and he has his own film production company Punch Productions.


Betty White is blessed with a long, successful career in the entertainment industry. To date, she has spanned eighty strong and successful years in the industry, making her one of the few holders of the longest-running careers in Hollywood history. In her nearly 80 years as an actress, Betty White has won eight Emmy Awards in different fields, three American Comedy Awards, three American Actors Guild Awards, and one Grammy Award.

In addition, she has a star in the Hollywood Walk of fame TV category. Betty White is considered one of the pioneers in the comedy scene after earning the credit of being the first woman to produce a 1950s hit sitcom, Life With Elizabeth. At 98, she still continues to appearing in movies and even does voice acting projects. Her most recent was in the 2019 animated film, Toy Story 4.


Dean Stockwell was born into an artist family. His parents and brother are both actors, meanwhile, his father is also a lyric baritone singer. So it’s no surprise that he was able to pass the interview of the drama “Innocent Voyage”. Although his first job was a small role in the play, Dean Stockwell won the contract with MGM and participated in many other drama performances.

In 1984, Dean Stockwell returned to the performing arts when he grew up. His first film was Psych-Out. Dean Stockwell played supporting roles from the 50’s up until the 80’s. It was then that he discovered and founded a new genre that became his contribution to the film and television industry – the theme of science fiction. From 1989 until 1993, Stockwell enjoyed credit roles in the Quantum Leap, then followed by Battlestar Galactica. In 1992, for his contribution and seven-decade-long career, he was credited and earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Catherine Bell rose to prominence as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie in the hit TV series JAG. She is also known as Denis Sherwood in Army Wives and Cassandra Nightingale in The Good Witch. Catherine Bell is an excellent actor and investor. She has played several credit roles throughout her career also co-executive produced several movies.

Catherine Bell herself has a wide range of hobbies, such as motorcycles, skiing, snowboarding, and boxing. She has practiced for more than ten years. When she was eight, she began to do cross-stitch and make model cars. In 1992, Catherine met Adam bison, an actor, and production assistant. They got married on March 8, 1994. In 2003, they had a daughter, JAMA bison, and in 2010, they had a son, Ronan bison. In 2019, CBS announced Catherine Bell would be reprising her role as Mackenzie in season ten of NCIS: Los Angeles, along with her former co-star David James Elliott.


Many Star Wars fans will easily recognize Billy Dee Williams to be the man behind the credit role of Lando Calrissian. And fans would probably always mark him for his performance in the Star Wars, Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Although Williams’ Star Wars role established his career solidly, it would be an extra surprise to know how he already started to gain national attention in the 1971 television movie, Brian’s Song.

It was for his performance on the television film that he was recognized and nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Actor. Even at his age, he remains open for voice film projects like that stint he had with the Batman Lego Movie. Hey! Star Wars fans should poise themselves, especially Williams fans, as rumors have it that he might be back for Star Wars Episode IX. Now, we cross our fingers for seeing it soon on the big screen.


Kevin Spacey started as a stage actor in 1980. His early castings were supporting roles in films and television shows. Kevin Spacey’s opportunity to enter the performing arts circle was in 1986 when he accepted the director’s invitation to act in the feature film Heart Fire. However, his showbiz’s success also covered several filed charges and complaints against him by various actors and men.

To top the matter off, anchorwoman Heather Unruh also filed a complaint against Spacey for the same charges making matters worse as they already seem. The charges against him affected his career to the degree that his remaining film projects and House of Cards’ episodes got canceled. Let us just hope that he has good money management skills to cover all his expenses from these losses. After all, because of his personal reasons, many people were hurt, but also suffered a lot of losses.


Priscilla Presley’s surname alone indicates Hollywood royalty status. She is not just the former wife of the late King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley; she is also an actress and a businesswoman who is proudly self-made.

Priscilla rose to prominence for playing the role of Jane Spencer in three successful The Naked Gun films, alongside Leslie Nielsen. She was also part of the long-running TV series Dallas. However, aside from acting, Priscilla also has an eye for investing. She knows where to put her investment money correctly, a skill that some people take ages to learn. In fact, Priscilla had successfully turned Elvis’ Graceland mansion into one of the top tourist attractions in the U.S. when she served as the Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) chairwoman. Aside from creating a legacy in the industry, she also has a doctorate degree in humanities. At 75, Priscilla is busy with charity work for the Dream Foundation.


Tina Turner used to conquer every concert stage when she was young. Dubbed as the “Queen of Rock,” she had stunned everyone with her energetic stage performance and powerful vocals since the late 1950s. Although she has retired from performing and touring, the music legend still does public appearances for fans. It looks like there is nothing that can stop Tina from doing what she loves.
In 2021, Tina Turner released a self-titled HBO documentary where she told her life story, from the time she had to survive the dark days until she found love and healing with her second husband, long-time partner Erwin Bach. The couple now lives happily ever after in the Zurich suburb of Kuesnacht in Switzerland.


Inevitably, when you say Stevie Wonder’s name, you will quickly remember his classic hits, like Overjoyed”, “Lately”, “As”, and many more. With his great voice and excellent talent as a musician, he became an essential part of the music scene in general. Stevie gets credit as one of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the world. Despite being a one-man band, he managed to reshape the conventions of R&B music.

Stevie is a musical genius who has had a significant influence on genres like pop, soul, gospel, funk, and jazz, apart from rhythm and blues. Stevie Wonder became part of USA for Africa’s “We Are The World” and Dionne Warwick’s version of “That’s What Friends Are For” to raise funds to fight AIDS. Later in his career, he paid tribute to Michael Jackson and performed in the memorial of the latter in 2009, held at Staples Center and was presented by former President Barack Obama with Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014. At 70, Wonder is yet to retire, continuously blessing us with his great music.

Ron Howard – 66 Years Old

He first gained the public’s attention when he starred as Sheriff Andy Taylor’s son, Opie Taylor, in The Andy Griffith Show, which aired from 1960 until 1968. By 1984, he left the sitcom Happy Days to focus on directing, producing, and writing for films and television series. Other films under his credit include 1962’s The Music Man and 1977’s Grand Theft Auto, which was also his directorial debut. He then received awards for Best Picture and Best Director for his movie, A Beautiful Mind.

In his free time, Ron Howard likes to be alone with his wife and doesn’t like being disturbed by the outside world. He and his wife had known each other since high school and they were married in 1975. Because Ron Howard and his wife did not approve of children becoming actors before adulthood, their daughter Bryce officially became an actor after she finished her study.


Barbi Benton is one of the beautiful faces not just in Hollywood but even in the world back in her prime. At first, she was famous for shooting models. But in the beginning, her ideal was to become a volunteer. For a time, Barbi Benton would have recurring appearances in Playboy magazine before she finally re-calibrated and re-invented herself. She also appeared on the show – Playboy After Dark when she was 18.

Soon after, Barbi Benton impressed her fans when the model pursued a career in the music industry. Not wasting time, she released eight-song albums, with melodies and lyrics crediting to her name. Up to this day, records of her works and contributions to music are still available on display. To her credit, Barbi Benton’s turnaround to music regained her popularity to a certain degree and made something of herself.


Ali MacGraw worked for six-year as part of the production team of a fashion magazine. Then she shifted to becoming an interior decorator and then became a model before she finally decided to go full in the film and TV industry. Her first primary credit role as an actress was in the 1969 movie, Goodbye, Columbus. For which she was recognized for her performance and won a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

At the time, Robert Ivans, the producer of the movie “Love Story”, also had an affair with her. According to his later memoirs, Ali MacGraw borrowed lines from the movie to express affection to him. Although retired from her Hollywood life, she makes the most of her time to do yoga. Ali MacGraw once said that her happiest thing is to see beautiful things. So now she is enjoying a beautiful life.


Tom Cruise is an American actor known for his roles in iconic films throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, as well as his high profile marriages to actresses Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Some even consider Cruise the greatest actor who has yet to win an Oscar. After developing an interest in acting during high school, he rocketed to fame with his star turns in Risky Business and Top Gun. Cruise later earned acclaim for his work in the hit film Jerry Maguire and the Mission: Impossible franchise.

2018 brought a return to familiar territory for Cruise, who starred in Mission Impossible—Fallout that summer. Prior to its release, he tweeted a photo to mark day 1 of production on the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick, scheduled for a June 2020 release. Even though he has been in the industry for quite a while now, he is still very productive in his acting career. With numerous film credits, his fame has brought wonders to his profession and his success is very apparent today.


Sean Penn started his long and prolific career with the film Taps but earned his big break when he portrayed the character Jeff Spicoli in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. His collection of film credits then grew more extensive and more impressive. He appeared in Dead Man Walking, She’s So Lovely, Up in the Villa, All The King’s Men, I Am Sam, Tree of Life, Mystic River (where he won his first Academy), and Milk (where he won his second Academy Award).

Recently, Penn married Leila George, his long-time girlfriend after his several marriages. Hopefully, this will be the last marriage Penn will have since the couple seem very happy with each other. Surely, they also share their successes with each other. Penn’s personal life is not entirely a secret to the public because of his popularity. His fans are always curious about what he is up to, and surely, they have already fallen in love with his new love as well.


Jane Fonda can definitely boast a bright and successful career. During her heyday as an actress, Jane was among the most talented and most beautiful stars in Hollywood. Jane made her debut in the Broadway play, There Was a Little Girl, for which she earned a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Play. From there, Jane’s career gained more and more momentum. On-screen, she was known for her acting credits in the films Period of Adjustments and Barbarella.

Off-screen, she was known for her relationships and political beliefs, which sometimes paved the way for unwanted attention. Despite that, however, Jane succeeded in establishing a career and continuing the acting legacy that her father, Henry Fonda, started. Today, the actress is 82 years old but remains graceful and active as ever. Over the years, she has amassed quite a fortune and has made very smart investments with her savings.


Robert Redford has undoubtedly carved out an enduring legacy for himself. His 60-year long career in the film industry began in the 1960s when he first appeared in, and received attention for, his role in the movie The Twilight Zone. However, it was his performance in the 1962 film The Voice of Charlie Pont that cemented his name in Hollywood and earned him an Emmy Nomination for his supporting role in the film.

Soon after establishing his career as an actor, Robert branched out into directing. In 1980, Robert’s influence became more prominent when his film Ordinary People bagged four Oscars, including a Best Director Award for Robert and Best Picture. Today, at 84 years old, Robert enjoys being “The Godfather of Indie Film” after founding the Sundance Film Festival and the Sundance Institute. At this point, he has built a credit report so impressive that he will be secured financially for the rest of his life.


John Joseph Travolta (born February 18, 1954) is an American actor, singer, and dancer. Travolta rose to fame during the 1970s, appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter (1975–1979), as well as starring in the box office films Night Fever (1977) and Grease (1978).  John Travolta‘s passion for flying has truly been decades in the making.

The Pulp Fiction star, 66, took to his personal Instagram account on May 14 to share a sweet throwback Thursday photo of his teenage self hanging out with his classmates in an aviation class! “When I was 15 years old, my school offered an aviation class which started my second career.” Indeed, flying is a passion that John has had for so many years. The actor actually owns quite a few airplanes and has had his private pilot license since his early 20s. Purchasing these planes have always been a part of his investment planning.


If there’s one man in Hollywood that does not need any introductions, that would be Leonardo Di Caprio. The Titanic actor’s name is basically synonymous with the word heartthrob, and the mere mention of it is enough to send fans of all genders into a massive frenzy. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. But still, Leo Di Caprio has certainly earned his spot in the Hollywood Hall of Fame after years of showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor.

He has come a long way since the beginning of his career in Growing Pains and is now also known to be one of the most dedicated celebrity advocates for climate change. In recent years, he has made some investments that were geared towards making our environment cleaner and greener. He surely is good looking both inside and outside – the exact things we should all be looking for in a role model.


World-famous actor, musician, and singer from the ’50s and ’60s, Johnny Crawford, started working as an actor at an early age. He was a child actor for Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club and also worked in minor films and live broadcast productions. With his accumulated acting experience, he has earned sixty show credits to his name, including the show The Rifleman, where he thought it right to showcase all the things he learned. He was finally recognized and nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in this production.

He was also a known musician back in the early ’60s who recorded multiple hit singles that have topped the Billboard charts. Unfortunately, now at 74 years old, he got recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a good thing that he has access to all the medical and emotional support that he needs. Nonetheless, the legacy that he has left in the film industry will never be forgotten.


Virginia Patton was Ruth Dakin Bailey of Frank Capra’s classic Christmas fantasy, It’s a Wonderful Life. Although her acting career didn’t last long, her success was still like no other. The last film project that added credits to her name was the 1949 movie, The Lucky Stiff, and since then, she decided to retire from acting and invested her time in her family. Though many wondered what her career would be like had she pursued it more, she knew that no other earnings or fame could ever replace her time investment with the family she successfully raised and built.

Obviously well-loved by the people around her, Patton continues to inspire everyone – fans and her loved-ones alike — because of her work and because of her wonderful and unfailing presence in their lives. Though it’s hard to maintain personal relationships in Hollywood, she managed to give ample priority to this aspect of her life.


Former actress and model Mildred Kornman is known professionally as Ricki VanDusen. She started very young in the field of entertainment when she took roles in the silent comedy film, The Fourth Alarm, at the age of only 9 months with her sisterAfter graduating from high school, Mildred and her sister, Mary Kornman, landed in several silent films. For many years, Mildred was a regular talent in the short film series, Our Gang. 

Eventually, she shifted her career to modeling for various magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and though she wasn’t the most popular actress in her years of acting, she definitely earned more as a model and photographer. Though she might have shifted gears on the way to her destination, Kornman still attained the fame and fortune that she sought out. She found her passion in a different field but it still, to her credit, led to success in the long run.


Marcy McGuire was only a teenager when she first starred in the 1942 musical comedy, Seven Days’ Leave with Lucille Ball. Following such a successful feat was another film credit in the movie, Higher and Higher. Even years after the right contract with RKO Pictures, she scored credits for shows such as Career Girl, Seven Days Ashore, and You Gotta Stay Happy.

Although her career started to slow down after she ended the contract with RKO Pictures, she still, however, got the chance to showcase her talent in limited shows. After her last project in 1963 for Disney’s Summer Magic, she permanently retired and focused on being a wife and mother to her family. At this point in her life, things have shifted and her priorities changed as well. Still, her contributions to the entertainment world did not go unnoticed. The attention she gave to her family is also something that turned out to be very valuable to her.


If you’re someone who grew up in the late 90s and/or early 2000s, you’ll surely remember Macaulay Culkin as the creative genius from the film Home Alone. And whether you admit it or not, that film surely tickled your young mind into thinking of ways you can outsmart burglars in your home. But have you ever wondered what happened to that genius kid who became a staple character in our Christmas movie list? Well, after enjoying a successful career in his childhood, Macaulay found adolescent and adult life a bit challenging.

He was unable to gain more acting credits, which led to him taking some time off from the spotlight. Today, at 39 years old, Macaulay continues to make an effort to re-enter the Hollywood spotlight while maintaining his own comedy website called Bunny Ears. Surely, he will be willing to give the time and effort needed to get back at the game.


Gene Hackman is one of the most well-packaged actors in Hollywood. He is most famous for the all-time flick, Bonnie and Clyde, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. After his successful credits from the movie, he rose to prominence, becoming a legendary actor. Overall, as an actor, he was critically-acclaimed for many movies and even garnered two Academy Awards, four Golden Globe, and a pair of BAFTAs.

Although nowadays, he rarely appears in films or television shows, it is good to know that in his absence from the Hollywood scene, he is equally recognized for authoring at least five books which have all done relatively well. He found another outlet other than acting and it is in his writing that he continues to inspire and tell stories to his audience. He has surely learned a thing or two about life that we all ought to hear as he is already in his later years in life.


Woody Allen is now 84, but he continuously conquers both of the small and big screens. Aside from being an actor, he is also a director, writer, and, of course, a comedian. He has been in the business for more than six decades. Allen’s career started in the 1950s as a comedy writer on Your Show of Shows. He also penned materials for television, a book that featured short stories and humor pieces for The New Yorker magazine.

He then began doing stand-up comedy, developing his own style, way different from others. With his great talent, he managed to release his own comedy albums. Despite his advancing age, he is continuously tirelessly working. He even made an investment in writing a memoir of his own that is now out on the market. His fans are always curious about the experiences that he had gone through both at the height of his career and around his personal life.


If you’ve seen the show Growing Pains, then I’m guessing you’re already familiar with Jeremy Miller. Jeremy Miller played the role of Ben Seaver in the show throughout its seven seasons. Before landing his role in Growing Pains, Jeremy starred in a commercial for Mcdonalds and even took on small roles in multiple TV shows which sadly, did not give him any credit. After Growing Pains ended in 1992, Jeremy had a string of small television roles, but none of them gave him the same level of popularity that his previous show gave him.

Today, Jeremy still maintains an active presence in Hollywood, although his main focus is on his catering business and his advocacy work. He has begun using his reputation to grow his business and to attract donations for his causes. His stint in Hollywood was really helpful to get these current endeavors going but surely, there’s more to come for Miller.


Christopher Plummer played Captain Von Trapp in the classic history movie of the silver screen, The Sound of Music. Landing this credit role has opened for him many opportunities and secured his name as one of the most iconic figures in entertainment history. For his performance in the film, he earned credits and respects from the Oscars, Tonys, and Emmy’s. The next successful performance that earned him another Academy Award is playing Hal Fields, Oliver’s father in the movie, Beginners.

To think that he was already in his ’80s when he won the award – it’s incredible how one’s talent can be timeless. Obviously, it is a trait that not everyone can have or embody. Some people are just more gifted than others and Plummer is certainly one of those special people with that kind of talent. He has connected with his audience in a very unique way and it paved the way to his growth and success.


John Cleese rose to prominence when he joined the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is also known as a successful scriptwriter and a performer, with credits to The Frost Report. He was one of the co-founders of Monty Python, the comedy troupe behind the show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus. He also led the Monty Python film series, which was composed of three movies. Then, Cleese wrote the sitcom, Fawlty Towers, with his first wife, Connie Booth. He also led the show, which earned him a BAFTA in 1980. With his great talent, he has joined several lists of the most significant TV characters and programs.

He went on to do several films, penned a lot of scripts, and bagged many awards. At 80, we can say that Cleese has achieved a lot in the industry. His dedication, hard work, skill, sense of adventure, and countless sleepless nights paid off in the end. Nowadays, one can find Cleese showcasing his inimitable wit on Twitter.


Another former member of the Monty Python comedy troupe is Terry Gilliam. He is a director, screenwriter, animator, actor, and comedian. Throughout his career, he has directed 13 feature films from the 1980s to the late 2000s. He helmed Tim BanditsBrazilThe Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and The Fisher King, among others.

At 79, Gilliam has no plans to retire yet. In 2010, news broke that he was about to “godfather” the movie 1884, a parody of George Orwell’s classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Gilliam then wrote Mr. Vertigo‘s screenplay with Paul Auster in 2001 and would later on pen and lead another Mr. Vertigo movie in 2018. He also got his first animated movie credit in a feature film headed by the studio Laika. Evidently a flexible creative, Gilliam has done so many roles in film production. He is surely well-versed and is successful because of all his skills and know-how. He knows his craft by heart and is continuing to do good work because of it.


With his success and fame, Steven Spielberg needs no introduction. He has made a big name for himself by directing some of the most successful films in Hollywood and US cinema history. He is one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era, with his record-breaking contributions to the movie industry.

He became a household name when he did Jaws in 1975. He then mostly focused on his investments in science fiction/adventure films, like the classic Close Encounters of the Third KindRaiders of the Lost Ark, the Indiana Jones franchise, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, and Jurassic Park. At 73, Spielberg continuously wows us with his incredible talent, dropping movie after movie that will surely make our jaws drop. His iconic films will forever have a place in the film industry. A lot of budding actors and directors look up to him for the work that he has done, so he really left a mark in the industry.


Long-time American film and TV actress, Terry Moore, started her acting career in the ‘40s and gained popularity and success in the films, Mighty Joe Young and Peyton Place. It was successfully followed by Come Back, Little Sheba where she earned her Academy Award-winning performance. However, her career started to slow down in the ‘60s, as she appeared in less successful films.

Still, though, Moore had made a mark in Hollywood, enough for her to earn a credit on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even in her 90s now, she still shines and appears in recent movies and shows and she shines even more like one of the last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Being a gem in her own right, she is now enjoying the fruits of her hard work. She is more than just another actress – she has become an inspiration to younger artists as well and will continue to be in the future.


Ranking #63 on Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time, Jackie Mason is one of the names to note for classic stand-up comedies. Back in the day, he would fill up Broadway seats because of his performances in his shows. His unusual humor style made him the era’s most popular comedian, making it also his remarkable contribution to the industry. His career was long and successful as well that it enabled him to receive a hefty sum of income from his shows.

His earnings allowed him to prepare for his retirement, and he was able to put up funds and investments for his future. Although some have criticized his work, there’s no denying that his performance made a mark in the entertainment industry. Now, at 91 years old, he enjoys the fruits of his labor. Because of the size of his net worth, which came from all of the work that he has done in his life, he was able to have a great retirement.


Arlene Dahl is a prominent star from the ’50s through the ’60s and started her career as a TV and Radio show host back in the day. In 1959, she starred in the sci-fi adventure film, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and it became one of her most successful movies despite her injuries from the set. The film was a commercial success, hitting the box office at around $5 million.

However, her career started to slow down a few years after. But Dahl was wise to put her earnings from her glory days into business and investments. So much so that when her lingerie business closed down, she still could enjoy a comfortable retirement with her family. She might have given up on her business ventures but she certainly did not give up on living a good life with her loved ones. She has contributed much to the world in her life and she will always have a good reputation to hold.


Sophia Loren is very popular for her beauty and acting talent in the entertainment front. She is known to have marked her public appearance while still at the sweet, young age of 16. Back then, she was just working minor roles in films. However, in the mid-50s, she signed a contract with a studio that boosted her career until she reached global fame.

In 1962, for her role in the film Two Women, she won her first Academy Award for Best Actress – a very glorious moment for her career as an actress. There was a time when she tried to pursue the music industry with a passion, and true enough, she also won a Grammy! For her contributions in the field, credits and proper recognition were presented to her through the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award. She was also officially named by the American Film Institute as the 21st greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema.


Kim Basinger is an American model turned actress who gained prominence in the 1980s when she starred as Bond Girl Domino in the 1983 James Bond film Never Say Never Again. Kim’s femme fatale image stretched well into the 90s when she assumed multiple roles that entailed playing a fierce and deadly character. Kim gained further success when she played Vicki Vale in Batman opposite Micheal Keaton and alongside Jack Nicholson.

Today, at 66 years old, Kim maintains a steady presence in the Hollywood industry with occasional guestings and some small roles here and there. She was even given credit for her appearance in the film Fifty Shades Darker back in 2017. From the ’80s to this decade, Basinger is still a very active talent in Hollywood. Though the kinds of roles she plays are now different, her glow and utter talent as an actress still shine through in her performances.


Demi Gene Moore is an American actress and film producer, born on November 11, 1962. In January 2012, Moore went into rehab after falling into a coma at her Home in Los Angeles to improve her health. In 2019, Moore wrote an autobiography, Inside Out, which was about her childhood experiences. Recently, thanks to the presence of Moore and daughters Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26, on social media, we got a glimpse into what goes down in la casa.

On April 24, for example, Moore shared a series of photos showing her and the group painting. She is obviously very involved in her children’s lives even though they are now adults. It’s nice to see that although she was very busy at the height of her career, she still, to her credit, managed to create a very good relationship with them. Now, thanks to social media, the rest of us can see what this high-profile family is up to!


Mel Brooks is famous for his invaluable talent as a filmmaker, actor, and composer. He has proven himself as one of the best entertainers in the field. His live comedic acts, such as Your Show of Shows, back in the ’50s, contributed and helped revolutionize comedy through his comic style. Brooks helped conceptualize the classic comic character behind The 2000 Year Old Man, who was very famous in the 1950s through the 1960s. And he was also credited as one of the creators of the hit TV comedy series, Get Smart. 

From the 70s to the 90s, he created many box office hits with his genius mind and unique film style. His son Max, the author of the famous novel, World War Z, may have inherited his knack for storytelling. This is good news to all of Brooks’ fans because now we know that someone will be there to continue his legacy. What a joy that his own son will keep on doing what we all know and love.


Tippi Hedren initially started her career as a young model. She became so famous as a model that big-time magazines featured her. At only 20 years old, Hedren already made it to the cover of Life and Glamour magazines. In 1963, through her TV commercial, she got the attention of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, who opened up movie credit opportunities for her. Hedren’s first movie was the 1963 suspense-thriller film, The Birds, followed a year later by the psychological drama film, Marnie. 

For the two films, she was given recognition and awarded a Golden Globe Award. All in all, her career resulted in over 80 movies and tv shows. Today, she remains relevant even in her 90s and has even become the face of Gucci’s timepieces and expensive jewelry. Even in her advanced years, she still remains classy, sophisticated, and oh-so-exquisite! She really is a true gem in Hollywood, and she will remain one for years to come.


American actress Jennifer Aniston has certainly come a long way since her Friends days. Jennifer may have enjoyed huge success for her portrayal of Rachel Green in the series, but her climb to the top was definitely not an easy one. Before landing any roles in TV and film, Jennifer worked as a waitress, bike messenger, and telemarketer to support herself while going from one audition to another.

Eventually, Jen was cast for a small role in the film Mac and Me, but was sadly not given credit for her work. Her struggle to book a good job persisted until her big break came in 1994. Today, Jennifer enjoys the distinction of being one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses after years of showcasing her talent in different film and TV genres. It would have never been possible for Jen had she given up early on. Certainly, she has come a long way from her early days in the industry.


Lisa Kudrow is an American actress best known for playing the role of the naive musician, Phoebe Buffay, in the hit TV sitcom Friends. The actress spent ten years warming our hearts and making us laugh as the character Phoebe that it’s basically impossible to forget her. After Friends ended in 2004, a lot of its actors went on to star in many successful projects, including Lisa Kudrow.

As an Emmy Award winner, Lisa continued to expand her success by gaining credits in multiple films and TV shows, including P.S. I Love You, Easy A, and Scandal. At 57 years old, Lisa has added writer and producer to her Hollywood resume, making her one of the most successful cast members from Friends. Just like her other castmates in the popular TV show, she has gained so much popularity ever since the sitcom hit TV. Thanks to her iconic performance as Buffay, her fame and impact on the audience have increased massively.


He’s become a household name for playing Chandler Bing on the massively successful TV show Friends. Matthew Perry was a huge personality from 1994 to 2004 when the sitcom was up and running. Back then, he and the rest of the main characters of the show were some of the highest-paid actors and actresses in the industry, each earning $1 million per episode. After the show, Perry also appeared in other TV shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

He also earned film credits for movies like The Whole Nine Yards, Fools Rush in, Almost Heroes, Fallout: New Vegas, and 17 Again. Other than acting, Perry also dabbled in writing and producing. He co-created, co-wrote, and produced Mr. Sunshine, a TV show on ABC that aired in 2011 — it was a show that he also starred in. Other than that, he also helped develop The Odd Couple, a CBS show. This show ran from 2015 to 2017.


Famous stage and screen actor from the ‘60s, Richard Chamberlain rose prominently as a teen idol from NBC’s medical drama, Dr. Kildare. The popular TV drama was aired from 1961 until 1966. Also, in the mid-70s, he showed yet again the world that he was the perfect talent for his iconic role in the movie, The Count of Monte Cristo, a movie for which he was recognized with an Emmy.

He also became the very first actor to star as Jason Bourne in the 1988 film, Bourne Identity. Now in his mid-80s, he is still very much active in Hollywood and open to TV and Film credit roles, which can mean more and more income for him as a seasoned actor. Aside from increasing his fortune, it will make him productive and agile even in his advanced years. His mind and body will keep being active and he will stay loved by his fans – both new and old.


Known to be the man behind the iconic character, Gomez Addams, of the original ’60s film, Addams Family, John Astin cemented his legacy in Hollywood with his notable portrayal of the iconic role. Soon after, he was again recognized for his role as The Riddler in the Batman series. He also served as director for the Theater Arts and Studies Department, as well as the Homewood Professor of the Arts at John Hopkins University, where he earned his acting degree.

When he recently celebrated his 90th birthday, Astin seemed to be active while being publicly honored by his children and fans. Of course, his work will always be appreciated both by his family and the rest of the world. A lot of fans admire his performances, and his iconic characters continue to live on even as he gets more mature. What he brought to the table will always be remembered no matter what.


Robert Wagner was a very influential artist in the ’70s and ’80s. He appeared in television shows such as It Takes a Thief, Switch, and Hart to Hart. Today, those from younger generations will most likely recognize him as Number 2 in the Austin Powers trilogy, released in 1997, 1999, and 2002. However, the next big thing that was heard of him was how he got involved in a difficult situation involving his then-girlfriend, Natalie Wood.

The controversy was so serious that he had to hire a lawyer to help him sort things out. Anyhow, Robert Wagner remains a man of impact in the entertainment industry, which no one can deny. No matter what happens to him in his personal affairs, the mastery he has in his talent is something that we can all agree on. As he keeps moving forward, the performances he had ever since his early days in Hollywood will keep on speaking for him.


Famous singer and actress from the past, Janis Paige, started at a young age in her singing career. She was only five years old when she started joining singing contests in local establishments. The significant shift in her popularity happened during World War II when Janis Paige set aside time to sing for soldiers and service members after working at the Hollywood Canteen. A few months after, she was placed in a small musical role and gained much recognition for her outstanding performance until she finally hit Broadway.

The ’50s was Paige’s most successful decade as she both gained stage and television credit roles. However, in 2001, she suffered vocal-cord damage, but Paige managed to recover flawlessly. From then on, she was more careful with her health. Though her career continued to reach its success, she was always mindful to take care of herself, too. This can be hard to prioritize when you’re in show business but Paige managed to do a good job.


Award-winning American actor, comedian, writer, singer, and dancer, Dick Van Dyke became a household name in the ’60s. He was known to be a part of the hit shows, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He became very popular in Broadway shows for his credit roles. His outstanding performances set him to become a superstar in his prime days. Overall, his seven decades in the entertainment industry gained him five Emmys, one Grammy, and one Tony Award.

Also, in 1995, he was inducted in the Television Hall of Fame and he was given the Dick Van Dyke’s Lifetime Achievement Award by the Screen Actors Guild. And in the sequel film, Mary Poppins Returns, he again participated and was remembered for his contribution to the original movie. His presence really affected the sales of the film as all the fans of the original show – both new and old – really wanted to see him perform again.


One of the most important and most remembered music icons in World War II is Vera Lynn. Her popularity among the British troops was extremely high, and she would boost their morale on the battlefield by holding concerts for them, which were dubbed ‘The Forces’ Sweetheart.’ Some of her notable songs were, There’ll Always be an England, We’ll Meet Again, and A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. Even after the war, she remained to be a popular figure and she still stood strong even after releasing her last single, I Love This Land, which marked the end of the Falklands War.

Now at 102, she is still reportedly busy with her charitable work for former servicemen, children without medical insurance who need medical attention, and breast cancer patients. She has been through a lot herself so as a way of giving back, she did not forget the people struggling as she was attaining her success. She knew she had to share her blessings with the world and continue to inspire others along the way.


Known to be one of the best legendary icons of rock and roll music, Jerry Lee Lewis has performed some of the most globally famous hit singles of his time, such as Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On and Great Balls of Fire. These songs were credited to his name worldwide and made him famous as The Killer and rock and roll’s first great wild man. However, after the breakout of the shocking news about his marriage to his thirteen-year-old cousin, his fame quickly vanished.

However, he bounced back shortly from the controversies, focusing more on being excellent in his craft. For his music and performances, he was able to accumulate several Grammys awards to his name. All the accolades and prominent recognitions were well-deserved, of course. His many contributions to music have been appreciated by all his fans and have been looked up to by budding musicians to a great degree. He will always be remembered for his performances.


Stacey Lauretta Dash is an American actress and former talk show host. Stacey actually reprised her role as Dionne in the Clueless TV show, which aired from 1996 to 1999. She also appeared opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in View From The Top and was reunited with Paul Rudd in I Could Never Be Your Woman. Stacey Dash is ending her fourth marriage.

This April Stacey announced through Instagram that she has split from her lawyer husband Jeffrey Marty after two years of marriage. “My husband and I have made the hard decision of ending our marriage. After much prayer, I feel this is the right path for both of us,” She added, “I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you everyone for your support and for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.” Just like everyone else, she needed privacy to deal with personal affairs. However, because She’s such a star in Hollywood, this may be a little difficult to attain.


Robert Lyle Knepper is popularly known for his credit role in the hit Fox drama series, Prison Break. For fans of the series like us, we know him in the serial drama as the leader of a white supremacist group — they called him T-Bag, and he was the most villainous among the series’ characters. However, as the story progressed, more was revealed about his persona that made fans easily relate to his character.

Since the release of Prison Break, his performance has received nothing but good reviews, and T-Bag is considered one of the greatest TV villains. In 2009, Knepper, to his credit, became famous for playing the role of Samuel Sullivan in the finale season of the NBC superhero series, Heroes. It is quite the turnout for someone who didn’t consider acting for TV and big-screen films at first. Sometimes fate has a funny way of moving us around. We don’t always end up in the place that we were expecting to be.


During the ’80s and well into the ’90s, there seemed to be one TV show that dominated American television— The Cosby Show. Besides Bill Cosby, a lot of its other cast members made waves in the industry after the show wrapped up. One of them was Lisa Bonet. When Lisa first joined the cast of The Cosby Show, she was only 16 years old — and she left when she was already 24. After the show ended, Lisa made headlines when she eloped and married musician Lenny Kravitz.

Although Lisa’s career has been slow following The Cosby Show, she made enough investments that allowed her to live a comfortable life for a long time. Lisa is now 52 years old and a mother of three, but it seems like the actress has not aged a day since the ’80s. She looks absolutely great with her husband Jason Momoa despite the age difference. They look like a match made in heaven!


Actor and director, Sir Sidney Poitier, has made a good name for himself in Hollywood. His credit role in the movie Lilies of the Field made him the first Bahamian to receive both Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Actor – making history. Because of his excellent acting skills, he also received recognition and success in three other movies in the late ’60s. A closer look at his life will tell you that all his accomplishments, whether inside or outside Hollywood, are supported with awards and accolades presented by prominent bodies in the entertainment scene.

Last year, his hometown in the Bahamas was hit by Hurricane Dorian and it got heavily destroyed. It was devastating for someone who grew up in the Bahamas like Poitier, but thankfully most homes were covered by home insurance. He may have lost some of his belongings as well, but thankfully he and his family turned out okay. He’s 93 now, but we hope to still see him on the big screen.


Angela Lansbury is one of the few actors that younger generations can still recognize. And it may be because of her credit role as Jessica Fletcher in the long-time running hit TV detective series. For her performance in the drama, she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Most Disney fans will also recognize her voice as that of Mrs. Potts in the 1991 animated musical film, Beauty and the Beast. Her career earned her credits in many successful film and television projects, which was the result of her childhood dream to pursue Hollywood no matter the highs and lows of life. From her first mystery-thriller film in 1944, Gaslight, to her most recent project, she gave the audience her all.

Lansbury belonged to an upper-middle-class family. She was born in Regent’s Park, London. Her mother, Moyna MacGill, was an actress who regularly made appearances on the West End stage. Her father, Edgar Lansbury, was a well-off English businessman who sold timber. He was also a politician. Though she was an actress, Lansbury considered herself a homebody.


Kim Novak started her career in an odd advertising campaign that surprisingly became a huge success. For some time, Novak was the face of a refrigerator company ad, which crowned her Miss Deepfreeze. After seeing how she clicked with the masses, she got an offer for an acting contract. In no time, she then ventured into movie projects. She teamed up with Alfred Hitchcock, and this cemented her legacy in Hollywood. After four decades in Hollywood’s limelight, she earned a pair of Golden Globe Awards, an Honorary Golden Bear Award, and was honored with a spot in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although Novak is no longer active in Hollywood, she remains, to a huge degree, the great visual artist that she is.

Kim Novak was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother worked in a factory while her father worked as a freight dispatcher. She was a student at William Penn Elementary, Farragut High School, and Wright Junior College. Novak was a scholar in the School of Art Institute of Chicago. She spent her summer breaks traveling cross-country while working as a model for a refrigerator brand for trade shows. Columbia wanted Novak to fill the throne of Rita Hayworth. The studio was hopeful that Novak could do well at the box office.


Lindsay Lohan has probably never known a life outside of Hollywood. The actress started her career as a child model at the tender age of ten when she was signed by Ford Models. Acting jobs soon followed, and before anyone knew it, Lindsay’s life became a full-blown media topic. Lindsay’s rise to fame began when she was cast to play twins Hallie Parker and Annie James in the 1998 film The Parent Trap. During her teenage years, Lindsay was able to cement her teen idol status when she played Cady Heron in the classic teen movie Mean Girls. As she and her career matured, Lindsay ventured into other genres as well, and her acting credits grew. Behind the cameras, Lindsay has had some ups and downs, but she continues to maintain her career and her presence in the Hollywood industry.

Lindsay Lohan has done campaigns for major fashion brands like Miu Miu, Jill Stewart, and Fornarina. Lindsay is said to be a huge fan of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, she even recreated her look for a spread in New York magazine.


If you’re a child of the ’90s, you probably remember Christina Ricci as the spunky Wednesday Addams in the film The Addams Family. During her teenage years, we came to love her even more for her role as Kat Harvey in the live-action version of Casper the Friendly Ghost. Since her breakout roles in the ’90s, Christina, to some degree, went on to assume roles that leaned toward the rebellious. However, it was those dark roles that earned her some of the most prestigious nominations. Nowadays, Christina is busy maintaining her career and has even had some major projects that are expected to be released in the coming months. We sure are excited to see more of her in the future!

She portrayed a kind waitress in Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, which was a comedy project written by actor Adam Sandler. Ricci also played stewardess Maggie Ryan in the drama show Pan Am.


A lot of young people today may know British actress Gillian Anderson for her role as Jean Milburn in the Netflix coming-of-age series, Sex Education. However, the actress is better known to the older generation (hello millennials!) for playing Dana Sully in the long-running science fiction shows The X – Files. Apart from her TV career, Gillian also has several film and stage acting credits, including The Last King of Scotland, Viceroy’s House, and Absent Friends, a show for which she won a Theater World Award. At 51 years old, Gillian continues to make a name for herself in TV, film, and stage. However, she is also busy advocating for several social issues, including children’s rights, women’s rights, animal rights, and a lot more else.

Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother worked as a computer analyst while her father was the owner of a post-production company. As a young girl, Gillian showed some interest in marine biology. In her teen years, she shifted to theatre.


Dawn Wells became famous for her role as Mary Ann Summers in the American sitcom, Gilligan’s Island. Wells went to college, pursuing a degree in theater arts and design at the University of Washington. While still finishing college in 1959, she joined her state’s pageant and got crowned as Miss Nevada. Then, Wells represented her state in Miss America in 1960. After her stint in pageantry, she went back to Seattle to finish her bachelor’s degree. Soon she ventured into the film industry, debuting in ABC’s drama TV series, The Roaring 20s. Recent news about Wells, however, said that she is having financial troubles. So, in 2018, a GoFundMe page was set-up for her to help her cope with her financial problems.

For a number of years, Wells became the operator of her own business, Wishing Wells Collection, where they made clothes for differently-abled people. She also founded the Idaho Film and Television Institute, which is a non-profit educational organization that puts importance on technical writing, education, and economic development in Southwestern Idaho.


Katharine Ross is most remembered for playing Elaine Robinson in the 1967 film The Graduate. She also played Etta Place in the 1969 movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The first two films earned merits from award-giving bodies such as BAFTA Awards and Academy Awards. However, in the ’70s, her career slowed down due to personal and professional issues, causing her to land fewer projects and roles. When she finally decided to have a comeback to Hollywood after a time of cooling down, she won projects that helped her bounce back, especially financially. We last saw her in the 2017 film The Hero, and for sure, she now can enjoy her private time with family and loved ones without fear of bankruptcy.

Katharine Ross made her movie debut in the drama film Shenandoah. She also played some supporting roles in comedies, including The Singing Nun and Mister Buddwing. Ross was also presented with the Golden Globe award for New Star of the Year.


A classic icon in the music industry, Harry Belafonte is known as one of the most successful pop artists in history. He was critical in bringing Caribbean-inspired music to the international music scene. He was also dubbed as “The King of Calypso” for making the Trinidad Caribbean music style famous. His breakthrough album, Calypso, became the first LP that sold a million copies for a solo artist. Despite the success in his career, his personal life, however, faced challenges. He needed to consult lawyers to handle some of those problems. Fortunately, his marriage to his third wife seems to be heading in the right direction.

Belafonte was one of the organizers of the Grammy hit song We Are the World, which was a song that helped raise funds for Africa. He performed in the Live Aid concert the year the song was released. He was appointed as a goodwill ambassador by UNICEF. After his appointment, he jetted off to Dakar, Senegal where he became the chairman of the International Symposium of Artists and Intellectuals for African Children.


Carl Reiner is one of a few people in Hollywood who possesses an amazing skill set. He is, after all, a versatile actor, director, screenwriter, and a determined publisher. His career consists of seven decades of amazing work. With his well-rounded skills, he earned himself numerous awards, including nine Emmys, one Grammys, and other awards for his work.

Reiner was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in the late 90s. He was born in the Bronx, New York. His parents were Jewish immigrants. His mother hailed from Romana while his father was from Austria. As a teenager, he worked as a machinist where he repaired sewing machines. He was drafted into the United States Armed forces and was deployed in the second World War. After he recovered from pneumonia, Rainer was sent to Georgetown University for a number of months to train as a French interpreter. All of these experiences, to some degree, made him the successful man that he was.


Susan Dey is another artist who started young in the industry. She was only a teenager when she began to rise to prominence through her role as Laurie Partridge in the hit sitcom, The Partridge Family. Later on, she accepted another TV project, LA Law, and played the credit role of a District Attorney, Grace Van Owen. For her performance in the TV series, Dey was nominated multiple times, three times in the Emmy Awards, six times in the Golden Globe awards, before finally winning the Best Actress Award in a drama series. Although we don’t see her on TV that much, we are sure that she is well prepared, secured, and living a comfortable retired life.

Susan Dey’s first movie role was as a passenger in the airline hijack film Skyjacked, where Charlton Heston was the lead. She worked with Albery Finney in the sci-fi flick Looker, which was directed and written by Michael Crichton. She then landed a lead role in Echo Park where she played a struggling waitress who had dreams of becoming an actress.


Marsha Hunt was first an actress and model before she became an activist. She completed a seven-decade long career in Hollywood, and her notable works, Born to the West, Pride and Prejudice, Cry’ Havoc,’ and Raw Deal, were famous in the ’30s and ’40s. In the ‘40s, Hunt signed with MGM, where she stayed for six successive years. Film director Mervyn praised Hunt’s acting prowess while shooting Blossoms in the Dust. During this time, Hunt was cast in more than 20 starring roles. She did a screen test to portray Melanie Hamilton for Gone with the Wind. She made an appearance in None Shall Escape, where she was cast to play Marja Paciorkowski.

While she worked in Hollywood, Marsha used her platform to advocate humanitarian causes such as standing against poverty, climate change and supported same-sex marriages. Her passion for humanitarian causes is so strong that her money management includes her budget spreading among her charitable works and personal needs. She is more than just a pretty face but also a generous and virtuous one for putting a considerable amount of money in advocacies she believes in.


Lee Majors played football for his collegiate team at Eastern Kentucky University while earning his degree in History and Physical Education. However, after he suffered a major back injury, he shifted his focus to acting, where he took part in the plays at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky. After college, he moved to L.A. to pursue a career in acting and landed his first film project, a 1964 horror movie, Strait-Jacket, though his role was uncredited. Since then, he was followed by success and offered another film project, a role in the western-inspired film, The Big Valley. It was followed by another significant role in the sci-fi action series, The Six Million Dollar Man. Nowadays, even in his 80s, we still see him appear on TV shows and films, even if not having a primary role.

Majors was born in a suburban neighborhood in Detroit. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle then relocated to Middlesboro, Kentucky. He played football and track while he attended Middlesboro High School. He made an appearance in Jim Almighty, where he played the character of God. He portrayed a member of the Minutemen in the series Weeds, where he became Kevin Nealon’s character’s recruiter. He also appeared in Community, where he played a sailing instructor. He made an appearance as J.D. in the drama Do You Believe?


Dame Joan Collins started a career in acting at the age of nine. Even at a young age, she had set herself to become one of the most iconic actresses of her time by subjecting herself to be trained in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) when she turned sixteen. RADA is a special school focused on the study of dramatic arts. It is similar to the online classes and acting workshops we now can do online via Zoom or other platforms that can bring teams or a group of people together. Soon after she completed her course, she moved to Hollywood and became one of the industry’s biggest stars crediting to opportunities of being paired to equivalent stars. Today, she continues to work excellently and dedicatedly to her craft.

In the ‘70s, Collins flew back to Britain and was cast in a number of movies, which were mostly horror and thriller films. She jetted off to Italy for the football-themed comedy film L’arbitro and traveled to Spain to shoot The Great Adventure, where she starred with Jack Palance. She also starred in two comedy projects, such as Alfie Darling and The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones. Collins flew to the U.S.A. to film the giant insect sci-fi project Empire of the Ants.


Norman Lloyd is the entertainment industry’s living legend, even now at 106 years old. His life’s list of achievements is undeniable as his long life. His name is widely known throughout his nine-decade long career, where he received credits in movies, radio shows, and theatre appearances and performances to his name. He made a major impact on his works as an actor, producer, and director throughout his Hollywood career. Today, he enjoys a well-deserved and comfortable retirement courtesy of his accumulated earnings from his glory days. It was in 2017, when we last spotted him in the World Series, as he would, from time to timem, accept minor roles and guest appearances in productions such as in the romantic-comedy film Trainwreck (2015) and the TV series, Fly (2017).

Lloyd was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. His mother worked as a bookkeeper and housewife, who was interested in singing and theater, while his father was an accountant, who later became a salesman. When he was a teenager, he auditioned his way to become the youngest apprentice under May Sarton’s direction while at Eva Le Gallienne’s Civic Repertory Theatre in New York.


Eva Marie Saint was one of the famous artists back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Her career spanned for seven decades in total, accumulating numerous awards and recognition from different prestigious bodies. Saint’s beauty and talent served her right by being her means to earn, keeping her away from opting for money loans. Her pair up with equally famous figures such as Elia Kazan and Alfred Hitchcock, later in the ’50s movies, On the Waterfront and North by Northwest, helped cement her legacy in the industry. Add to her list of successes is her marriage to director Jeffrey Hayden in 1951. Just quite recently, we saw her in the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony along with other celebrities.

Saint was born in Newark, New Jersey. She was a student at Bethlehem Central High School in Delmar, New York, and studied acting at Bowling Green State University, where she became a Delta Gamma Sorority member. It was here when she landed the lead role in a production of Personal Appearance. She served as the student council’s record keeper in the early ‘40s. She returned to acting in movies in the film I Dreamed of Africa, where she cop-starred with Kim Basinger. She worked alongside Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange in Don’t Come Knocking.


Keith Thibodeaux, or famously known to be Richard Keith, is a famous child actor and musician. His stardom story started when he played Little Ricky on the ’50s hit sitcom, I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Since Keith began working and earning money at the age of three, he was able to save up enough money and make wise investments. After playing the drummer boy, he then shifted his attention to acting and appeared in The Andy Griffith Show. It was shortly followed by a rock band he joined, David and the Giants, which recently released an album marking their 40th year, What Are You Waiting For?

In the late ‘60s, Keith, along with his band, performed in Laurel, Mississippi. They began recording with Capitol Records, Crazy Horse Records, and Fame Records, where they toured throughout the South and savored a number of regional hits held recording sessions in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. They were popular in the Northern Soul music scene in Europe. Keith was raised Roman Catholic and attended school at St. Victor’s elementary in West Hollywood.


Clu Gulager is one of the seasoned actors in Hollywood. He made a name for himself in his performance in the ‘60s series, The Tall Man and The Virginian. In 1985, Gulager became part of the zombie-infested comedy movie casts, and in 2005, he again accepted another horror film, Feast, and also made an appearance in its sequels. Then again, most recently, in 2015, he played a credit role in the critically-acclaimed independent film, Tangerine. Besides being a talented actor, Gulager also seems to have a knack for film directing. He directed the short film A Day with The Boys and received a nomination at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival. At 92, he is still very active in acting and accepting movie projects to earn more pay. He recently played the role of a bookstore owner in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and as Mr. Lawson in giving Till It Hurts.

Gulager was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma. His father was once an actor who decided to take up law in a nearby town. He served in the United States Marine Corps for three years and attended Northeastern State University in Texas. He was a scholar who was chosen to study in Paris, France. There, he collaborated with French actor and director Jean Louis Barrault. He married actress Miriam Burd-Nethery, to whom he shared two songs with.


Bern Nadette Stanis is an American actress and author most remembered for her credit role as Thelma Ann Evans-Anderson on the hit sitcom Good Times. This CBS sitcom aired from 1975 until 1979. After the sitcom, Stanis appeared in one episode of the famous TV series, The Love Boat and The Cosby Show. It took some time for her to get a movie project to her name, but how she portrayed her characters’ role made a mark on many. Stanis is also the author of four published books: Situations 101: Relationships, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly; For Men Only; Situations 101: Finances; and The Last Night. With her achievements in the industry, she sure is one of the few people in the business who remain intentionally strong-willed as with a purpose.

Her first marriage was with her high school sweetheart Thomas Fauntleroy. They were together for four years. She then moved on to a nightclub owner Darnell Johnson. She then married a mechanical engineer Terrence Redd. She was born in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, New York. Her grandparents hailed from Grenadine Islands. Stanis was a student at Erasmus Hall High School and was admitted to the Juilliard School. As a teenager, she joined Miss Black America pageants and was then crowned as Miss Brooklyn.


Woody Harrelson is one of the few actors, who shows versatility in their craft. He leads various acts in which he can stretch his acting skills from comedy to sci-fi and drama. Harrelson first became famous as a TV actor before he ventured into big-screen films. It probably was his way of moving forward in his career. His most popular role on TV was when he portrayed the bartender Woody Boyd on the NBC sitcom, Cheers. In 1993, he became famous for his role in the movies Indecent Proposal, where he starred opposite Robert Redford and Demi Moore. The movie became a box office success, which earned enough for Harrelson to afford a comfortable retirement.

Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas. He was raised in a Presbyterian home and a student at Lebanon High School and graduated in the late ‘70s. He spent his summer break by being employed at a Kings Island amusement park. He enrolled at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana, and became a Sigma Chi fraternity member. Harrelson obtained his bachelor of fine arts degree in Theatre and English in the early ‘80s.


Known for her hit songs, Love Will Keep Us Together and Do That To Me One More Time, Toni Tennille is a famous singer, songwriter, and musician back in the day. She was also the other half of the duo she had with her husband, which they were called together as Captain and Tennille. Together, they worked on timeless music in the ’70s and ’80s. For a long time, the couple had a strong relationship but later fell apart and needed a settlement in the courts with their attorneys. Despite the separation, they remained friends through the years and assisted each other, especially when her ex-husband had health issues.

Tenille was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. She is the eldest of four siblings. Tenille’s father was the owner of a furniture store. He also had a position in the Alabama Legislature for four years. Her mother, Cathryn, was a host for a TV show that was once broadcasted daily in Alabama. She was a student at Sidney Lanier High School and went on to be enrolled at Auburn University, where she was trained on how to play classical piano. Tenille also performed with the Auburn Knights, which was the university’s main band.


Joanne Woodward has a full six-decade of a successful career in the showbiz industry. She won an Academy Award, three Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards for her incredible talents. Of course, she was also recognized by the same awarding bodies many times before she finally took home the awards and titles. While she was successful in her craft, she also made sure that she was excellent in her family life. She had never gone through the trouble of even just consulting an attorney when it came to her marriage. Joanne had a glorious marriage and family life over the years. The last time we saw her was in 2013 when she got the role of Doris in the film Lucky Them, in which she also worked as an executive producer for the film.

Woodward was born in Thomasville, Georgia. Her father, Wade Woodward, held an executive position of the publishing company, Charles Scribner’s Sons. Thanks to her mother’s interest in movies, Woodward wanted to pursue her acting career. Woodward resided in Thomasville until she was about eight years old. She then moved to Thomaston and Blakely before deciding to relocate to Georgia, where she enrolled at Marietta High School.


Jane Withers is one of those who also started as a young artist in show business. She was only three years old when she hit her peak, which later brought her recognition with a Young Artist Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions in the film and TV industry in the ’30s and ’40s. When Withers finally matured in the field and craft, she became known for her portrayal of Josephine the Plumber in the TV commercial Comet cleanser, spanning from the ’60s to the early ’70s. In 2002, she last appeared in the film credits for voice acting, and reprised the role in the animated film by Disney, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.

Withers was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the only child of Lavinia Ruth Withers and Walter Withers. Her mother had hopes of becoming an actress in her youth. Before Jane was born, she was determined to have at least one child join the entertainment industry. Lavinia was a Sunday school teacher, while her father held Bible classes in their Presbyterian Church. As a toddler, Withers’ mother signed her up for tap dancing classes and taught her how to sing.


Tina Louise started her career in acting back when she was just a child. Her first modeling-acting role was to model for her family’s candy store business at the tender age of two years old. Then, her family saw promise in her and sent her for years of studying acting, singing, and dancing. After receiving formal education for it, Louise slowly made her way into the entertainment industry. In 1952, her acting dreams were realized when she debuted in Bette Davis’ musical revue, Two’s Company. Soon after, Louise got included again in credit roles in other Broadway musicals.

In 1958, she received her breakthrough movie, God’s Little Acre, and her performance earned her her first Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year. However, she is most famous for her role as Ginger Grant for her role in the TV series Gilligan’s Island. Her big break came when she was featured in an ad as a toddler.


Marilyn Knowlden became a famous child star at only four years old when she had her first-ever project of the 1931 film, Women Love Once. She’s one of the lucky few to have their first project a commercial success, for which movie she was set and was offered to play 39 other films in the ’30s through the ’40s. With forty movie credits to her name, Knowlden sure did enjoy her booming career even as a child star. For a time, she took a break from the industry to focus on her studies. Fast forward to 2011, she once more made an appearance through publishing her written autobiography entitled Little Girl in Big Pictures, a book full of her insights about her life growing up as a child star in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Knowlden was born in Oakland, California. She joined a beauty pageant at the tender age of three and was hailed as the winner. She began to take dance classes when she was a toddler. Her teachers spotted her star quality and believed that she could make it big in the entertainment industry. Knowlden was also under the tutelage of the Russian actor, ballet dancer, and choreographer Theodore Kosloff.


Country music artist Loretta Lynn enjoys a long six-decade career in the industry. She is the producer of the timeless hits, You Ain’t Woman Enough, One’s on the Way, Fist City, and Coal Miner’s Daughter, and she sure does deserve all the credit. Lynn managed to hit no. 1 in all her 24 singles on the music charts and sold over 45 million copies of all her albums worldwide. Reports have recently circulated that she has been facing some health issues, but that didn’t stop her from releasing another album, Wouldn’t It Be Great, in 2018.

Lynn has composed more than a hundred songs and released sixty albums. She has reached the top of the country music charts with her albums and singles. She is a recipient of many Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Broadcast Music Incorporated awards, and Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association awards. Lynn is also the first female artist to be awarded a certified gold album in the ‘70s.


Well-remembered as Corporal Klinger of the hit TV sitcom, M*A*S*H, Jamie Farr made a name for himself just with his cross-dressing antics. He was quickly loved by fans for his characters in the series. However, on the page of his career, his popularity didn’t come through. His minor credit roles and guest appearances on shows, The Love Boat and That ’70s Show didn’t boost his impact on the movie and TV scene. Nevertheless, his efforts didn’t go unnoticed by his hometown as they re-named a park in Toledo, Ohio, to give him honor. It is said that the park was where Farr would hang out as a boy. Quite an honor it truly is.

Farr was born in Toledo, Ohio. His father was a grocer, while his mother was a seamstress. His family frequented Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church, which was situated in their hometown. His first acting gig was when he was only 11 years old. Farr won two dollars, which was presented at a local acting contest. He stood out in class when he attended Woodward High School. He joined the Pasadena Playhouse, where a talent scout spotted him.


Actor and filmmaker Warren Beatty is a multiple award winner widely recognized by award-giving bodies. With his long years in the industry, he has produced many films that got him 53 Academy Award nominations. It is worth mentioning that Beatty also received 18 Golden Globe Award nominations, among which he was able to take home six. Warren’s peers credit his success to the hard work and dedication he has consistently shown to his craft. Because of his excellent work ethic, his team was left to emulate his example and bring their A-game to match his efforts. Warren is partially retired from filmmaking and acting and created his final work in 2016.

Beatty was born in Richmond, Virginia. His mother was a teacher hailed from Nova Scotia, while his father worked as a school administrator and educator. He was raised in a Baptist household. He attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Arlington, Virginia.  He has an older sister, Shirley MacLaine, who is an actress, writer, and dancer. Beatty was interested in the film before reaching his teens whenever he joined his sister in visiting theatres.


Julie Kavner became a prominent actress when she was credited for her role in the hit sitcom Rhonda. Her performance in portraying the said role has merited her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She later received an invitation to do voice acting. While many believed she would only be effective in drama, she turned out to be also successful in doing voice acting. Her voice talent has given life to the iconic character Marge Simpson in the hit animated show The Simpsons. Apart from her very public life as a celebrity, Julie likes to enjoy her private life and is rarely seen in public gatherings. Even with her family, she prefers quality time with them privately.

Kavner was born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was a family counselor while her father manufactured furniture. She grew up in Southern California and pursued her acting career as a teenager. After graduating from high school, Kavner enrolled at San Diego State University, where she studied drama. She was part of the cast in a number of school productions. After obtaining her degree, she worked as a typist for the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture.


Well-remembered for his deep, raspy, and unique voice, actor Robert Fuller became quite a phenomenon at his prime. He is famous for his credit as Jess Harper in Laramie and Wagon Train as Cooper Smith. During these times, he was considered to be at the pinnacle of his career as an artist. He is also remembered as Mr. Kelly Brackett in the 1972 medical drama, Emergency! He was also considered a singer alongside bands and other artists as he would be seen in holiday events. Even without significant awards at his prime, he did, however, earn several accolades for his performances as a cowboy. To his credit, he knew how to act naturally for his cowboy roles as he had been a rancher and was good at it.

Fuller came from a long line of wrestlers. His father, grandfather, and brother were all wrestlers, so he started his career in wrestling in the regions of Alabama and Tennessee in 1970. He was often paired with his cousin Jimmy Golden, which made them constant winners in tag team contests. Fuller established his own stable called The Stud Stable.


Linda Hunt is one of the artists out there whose pure talent made history by taking on a character role intended for the opposite sex and succeeded. In 1982, she was heralded and very convincingly played the credit role of Billy Kwan in the romantic drama movie, The Year of Living Dangerously. For her performance in the film, she was widely recognized by many bodies and took home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She was yet again the very first person to have won an Oscar for a role meant for a male artist. Ever since then, her career just took flight and never slowed down.

Hunt was born in Morristown, New Jersey. Her father served as Harper Fuel Oil’s vice president, while her mother worked as a piano instructor who taught at Westport School of Music. She also made performances together with the Saugatuck Congregational Church Choir. Hunt studied at the Interlochen Arts Academy and finished her studies at the Goodman School of Drama at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Well-respected multi-talented actress and author Shirley MacLaine did great in multiplying her chances in the industry by teaming up with the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. In 1955, she became famous for her role in the film, The Trouble With Harry. Since then, her career just took off, and she was widely recognized for her talents. Her achievements and awards proved her contributions to both the film and stage industry. Unfortunately, all through Maclaine’s career, controversies and lawsuits strangely followed her, but lawyers always helped her through as contracted employment has always been a nitty-gritty one. At 86 years old, she’s still seen at the front of entertainment and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

MacLaine was named after child actress Shirley Temple. She was born in Richmond, Virginia. Her father was a professor of psychology, real estate agent, and public school administrator, while her mother was a drama teacher who hailed from Nova Scotia, Canada. She was raised in a Baptist household and the sisters of Warren Beatty. As a little girl, she had weak ankles and would often trip, so her mother decided to take her to ballet classes. This is where Shirley harnessed her love for performing.


Betty Lynn is a retired American actress whose prime days can be dated back to the ‘60s. Remarkably, she is best known for her TV role as Thelma Lou in the hit sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. However, way before she even joined the show, she had long since become part of Hollywood’s list of top celebrities. In the late ’40s, she had already become part of the acting scene in the films Sitting Pretty and June Bride. She recently received a considerable credit and was given the highest civilian honor by the governor of North Carolina by being presented with The Long Leaf Pine’s Order for her contributions. Betty now lives in an assisted-living facility where she spends most of her time talking with fans in the town of Mount Airy.

Lynn was born in Kansas City, Missouri. As a teenager, she was auditioned to join the United Service Organization’s entertainment. While she was on tour, she visited patients in hospitals and sang requests of over a hundred songs where she also met prisoners of war. She started her acting career when she joined the cast of a daytime drama on a Kansas City station. Lynn made an appearance in Walk with Music on Broadway.


Barbara Walters is considered to be one of the most influential TV personalities of all time. Although she’s long been retired from service, she is still the most respected journalist and broadcaster in news programs. A few decades back, you’ll see her as the leading anchor in news programs, Today, The View, 20/20, and ABC Evening News. In 1974, she made history when she became the leading journalist and the first female to hold a position in an American news program. Walters was given credits and presented a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Science to contribute to broadcast journalism. She was last seen publicly in 2016 and now enjoys private time with her family.

Walters was born in Boston and raised in a Jewish upbringing. With her excellent work, she was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. She was also presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She also took home the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards, a Women in Film Lucy Award, and a GLAAD Excellence in Media award. She was also presented with the Disney Legends award.


Leonard Whiting, although known for his legendary role as Romeo in the 1968 film, Romeo and Juliet, didn’t focus on screen after. He made the most of the credit role given to him and proved himself rightful for it. He claimed that the most sought-after part went to him among all the 300 men who auditioned for it, and even if he didn’t have many movie projects as he focused more on his time on the Broadway stage, the role picked him over the other men. The last time we saw him on screen was in the 2015 film Social Suicide, which we believe was his last public film to date.

Whiting was born in Wood Green, England. His love for performing began to bloom in his local Church and primary school. He performed in nativity plays together with his sister. Whiting tied the knot with model Cathee Dahmen. He then started a relationship with Valerie Tobin. In the ‘90s, he wed his assistant Lynn Presser. They now reside in Steele’s Village, London.


Professional wrestler Lex Luger, one of the prominent personalities in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring, remains to impact his fans. He was first an NFL team player before he ventured into the wrestling world. Reports had it that after a few runs in the field, he found that he didn’t fit well with his team and management, and that’s when he started to consider wrestling professionally. As of late, though he is already at 62, you’ll find him still active in the WWE ring but not anymore as a challenger but as part of the federation looking after the degree of wellness and health of the WWE wrestlers.

Luger was a student-athlete in Orchard Park, New York. He was then admitted to Pennsylvania State University under a football scholarship. After his first year in college, he transferred to the University of Miami when Penn State coaches approached him. Luger became a player for the Miami Hurricanes.


Danny DeVito was one of the most loved actors in the ’70s. It was reported how he became the man who once saved Michael Douglas’s life from being poisoned by a snake. According to the report, Devito saved Douglas’s life by literally sucking the snake’s venom from his hand. It was for that incident that he was considered by many as a true American hero. DeVito rose to prominence as an actor for his role as the taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in the television series Taxi. To add to his list of achievements, DeVito and Michael Shamberg also founded Jersey Films and eventually owned Jersey Television. Even at a ripe age to retire, DeVito never considered doing so. Instead, he actively promotes and digs credit roles in new movie projects.

DeVito was born in Neptune Township, New Jersey, and raised Catholic. He graduated from Oratory Preparatory School in Summit, New Jersey, and studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In his early days in theatre, he acted with the Colonnades Theater Lab at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Connecticut.


Barbara Eden started her Hollywood acting career back in the ’50s. After landing one of her most notable roles in the iconic series I Dream of Jeannie, where she played the lead role as Jeannie, this character that made Eden a household name in the mid-‘60s. In the five decades she was in the entertainment industry, Eden made sure that she could afford a comfortable life and retirement in the future. It’s a good thing that Eden was well able to get herself covered in comprehensive insurance. Today, for sure, she’s doing great with her family.

Eden was born in Tucson, Arizona. Her first major performance was when she sang in the choir church, where she performed in the solos. In her teens, she sang in local bands. She was a graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. She also studied theater at City College of San Francisco. In her youth, Eden had a career as a beauty queen.


Like some artists, Denise Austin also started young in her career. However, hers is one in the fitness industry. At the young age of 12, she started her fitness journey as an athletic scholar at the University of Arizona. Soon, she found her wind, took flight and became a big name in the industry. Austin became the face of fitness in the ’80s through the ’90s. She recorded all her sessions and routines in videotapes and wrote a book and in newspapers’ fitness columns. At her age now, Austin still looks like she’s only in her 30s, and she credits this to her active and healthy lifestyle.

Austin was born in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. She started training in gymnastics, which opened doors for an athletic college scholarship. Her husband is a sports agent and former tennis athlete Jeff Austin. They have been happily married for a number of decades.


Jacqueline Bisset is an English actress from the ’60s. She started with minor roles but later rose to prominence when she landed roles in films The Detective, Bullitt, and The Sweet Ride, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe as the most promising newcomer. Her career continued in the ’70s, and she dominated the silver screen. For Bisset’s performances in her movies, she received multiple nominations for her various roles. Today at 76, she remains active in Hollywood – for sure, we’ll see her name more in the opening credits of movies today.

Bisset was born in Weybridge, Surrey, England. Her father, George Maxwell Bisset, was a doctor, while her mother, Arlette Alexander, used to work at a law firm and later became a housewife. She grew up in Tilehurst. Her mother taught her how to speak French fluently. As a child, she took ballet lessons and started taking acting classes while balancing a fruitful modeling career.


Connie Stevens started as an avid fan of the entertainment world in her childhood. Later on, that interest turned into a reality for her. She became a famous classic American actress in the U.S. Stevens is best known for her credit roles in the movies Young and Dangerous and Hawaiian Eye. She also appeared in Search Engines with her daughter Joely Fisher for the part of Joely’s mother. Other than the mother-daughter duo, Stevens got a supporting role in By the Rivers of Babylon as well.

Even though she remains single at 82, she is never lonely as she spends most of her time with her daughters. She first appeared in the 1957 film Young and Dangerous. Besides acting, Stevens has a forte on singing and made her debut with her first album entitled Concetta in 1958. One of her famous hit singles was the song Sixteen Reasons, which became number 3 on Billboard Hot 100 charts. Age still doesn’t matter for her, and she continued to be part of movies.


Cara Williams is a known celebrity from the ’50s and ’60s. She is the main character in the popular show The Defiant Ones, for which sitcom she was recognized for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress but didn’t win the award. In another CBS sitcom, Williams received the credit role as Gladys Porter in Pete and Gladys. She was again recognized for her acting prowess with an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Then again, she did not win the award.

After three decades in the industry, she pursued another career as an interior designer and enjoyed doing such even in her retirement. Williams was fond of making impressions of celebrities as a young woman and dreamed of being on the Hollywood scene someday. While pursuing her career in films, she was cast on movies and used the screen name Bernice Kay, starting with her debut film Wide Open Town. Her last movie appearance was the 1978 film One Man Jury, officially ending her 37-year career.


American actor Ron Perlman is known for his credit role as Vincent on the TV series Beauty and the Beast. He was recognized for his role in the show and won a Golden Globe Award. Back in 2008, Perlman also got cast in the TV series Sons of Anarchy on FX, where he played the role of Clay Morrow. While we can say that he has had a successful career, his married life, however, quite recently, took a downhill after 40 years of being married to his wife, Opal Stone Perlman. The story about them breaking-up stormed the news.

Despite his setbacks, Perlman’s career was not curtailed at all. He kept his career afloat with his roles, like playing Hellboy on Guillermo Del Toro on two installments of Hellboy. He provided voices on cartoons and video games, most notably as Slade in Teen Titans, Lord Hood in Halo 2 and 3, and as a narrator on Fallout video game series.


Christopher Lloyd caught the public’s attention back in the ’60s when he starred in Northeastern theater productions. His performance stunned many and earned him the prestigious Drama Desk and Obie awards. In the ’70s, he started to appear on TV and big-screen films such as in the comedy series Taxi for his role as Jim Ignatowski. For his performance in the comedy series, Lloyd won two Emmy Awards. In 1975, he made his movie debut in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, followed by his prominent role as Commander Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Probably his most famous movie credit as Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and its sequel Addams Family Values.

In his ‘80s now, Lloyd’s last public appearance was in an episode of Roseanne‘s TV series back in 2018. He is known to many as Doc Brown on Back to the Future Trilogy and continued to reprise that role on the video games based on the movie. In 2021, he is set to appear in the upcoming film Nobody. 


Ann-Margret, who was very famous in the ’60s through the ’70s, became an international sensation credited to the iconic movies Bye Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas, and The Cincinnati Kid. She accumulated multiple awards for her excellent performance, including five Golden Globes and recognition from the Academy Awards, Grammy Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. All through her five-decade career, she has mixed well her talent in acting, singing, and dancing. That is why there was a time when she was referred to be the female version of Elvis Presley and scored numerous hit singles. While pursuing her passions, she encountered health issues, and thankfully she was able to prepare for such circumstances by securing herself with comprehensive medical insurance. No wonder she’s able to bounce back from it.

Looking back at her career, Ann-Margret began her music career in 1961 under the RCA Victor label, and Lost Love was her debut album. Her rendition of Heartbreak Hotel made her often being compared to Presley due to her likeness from the latter. She doesn’t seem to retire yet because of her upcoming film Pine Grove. It was announced in 2018 and is reportedly still under development so let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.


Chuck Norris is widely known for his martial arts and is considered one of the pillars of Hollywood’s action and fighting scenes. He is also known for his philanthropy and partnerships with various organizations, especially those aiming for a better future for kids at-risk and better health benefits for war survivors like him. After playing numerous roles in action films in the ’70s and ’80s, he earned the title “Hollywood legend,” especially that he’d rub elbows with other industry legends like Bruce Lee in the 1972 film, Way of the Dragon.

Some of his best movies are Good Guys Wear Black, The Octagon, Code of Silence, The Delta Force, and Missing in Action movie franchise. To date, he busies himself with his martial arts school, where it teaches the martial art he started called Chun Kuk Do. He was featured on many TV commercials over the years, and his latest commercial was for QuikTrip, a convenience store. Norris resumed his journey as an action star in Expendables as Booker, and he was last seen on the finale of Hawaii Five-0.


Linda Evans played Krystle Carrington in the legendary TV series Dynasty. The beautiful blonde received countless awards for her performance and became a real fan favorite. Evans is still considered to have played one of the show’s most popular characters to this day. In 2009 Evans won the reality show Hell’s Kitchen, and in 2011 her book Recipes for Life – My Memories was published. In it, she shares anecdotes from her life and forty of her favorite recipes. As an exceptional actress, it is no surprise that she also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Evans has been engaged once and married twice. Unfortunately, both her marriages failed, and she has no children. Today, she lives on a secluded farm in the state of Washington. She reunited with her fellow stars on Dynasty in Dynasty: Casts and Caviar. If you want to see what Evans is doing right now, you can check her Instagram account.

Shakira – 43 Years Old

Shakira is one of the ageless beauties the entertainment industry has. She may be 43, but you will never see it in her face or performance. She started her singing career at the tender age of 13. Despite her two Colombian albums’ commercial failure, she became known through her 1995 LP in Hispanic countries.

She rose to international prominence when she joined the English-language market with her 2001 album Laundry Service, which included the hits Whenever, Wherever, and Underneath Your Clothes. From here, the rest is what they say history. She was ranked as one of the world’s highest-paid women in music in 2019. She also performed with Jennifer Lopez for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show in 2020, a massive credit for any performers. However, it wasn’t only the first time she performed at a sporting event because ten years ago, she performed in the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa with her single Waka Waka.


Another figure that helps shape the New Hollywood era is Martin Scorsese. He is often referred to as the most significant and influential director in movie history. His works mostly revolve around the concept of Italian-American identity, mobsters, faith, and redemption, among others. Aside from directing films, he also founded a couple of organizations that would benefit the industry.

The director is best known for collaborating with the same group of actors and film technicians to a certain degree. Most of his films feature Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Leonardo DiCaprio. He has also long been collaborating with the film editor Thelma Schoonmaker. Aside from movies, he is also a massive fan of rock music, directing several documentaries about musical figures, like George Harrison and Boy Dylan, and other musical events. He directed The Rolling Stones’ concert film Shine a Light, where the band’s performance at Beacon Theatre in 2006 was a show. In his 2019 film The Irishman, he reunites De Niro and Joe Pesci, with both being always featured in his previous films he directed. 


You may remember Malcolm McDowell for his villainous roles, but it is only in movies. He has made many controversial roles that catapulted his stardom, like the iconic 1971 film of Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange. He is also the title character in the 1979 movie Caligula and the trilogy, If, O Lucky Man!, and Britannia Hospital. He is also part of the remake of Halloween and its sequel, Halloween II.

In case you did not know, he has also dominated the small screens with TV projects such as EntourageHeroesFranklin & Gash, and Mozart in the Jungle. McDowell then gets credits for being a prolific voice actor in TV series and videogames. At 77, he continuously does his job the best way he can, interpreting Gabriele Tinti’s poetry just this year. Mcdowell is an avid fan of the football team Liverpool FC his whole life. If you are fond of playing video games, then you know him as the voice of Molag Bal in the Elder Scrolls franchise.


Diane Sawyer made a name as a TV broadcast journalist. She has manned several new programs like ABC World News TonightGood Morning America20/20, and Primetime news magazine. She also gets credit for being the first woman correspondent of 60 Minutes on CBS.

In case you did not know, Sawyer used to be a member of former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s White House staff before she started her journalism career. After working for President Nixon, she became CBS reporter and co-anchor for The CBS Morning News during the 1980s. In 2014, Sawyer ultimately retired and said goodbye to her colorful career in the news world, signing off with her usual line, she would say to her viewers “right back here tomorrow night.” Today, she works as the producer of ABC News’ documentaries, interview specials, and interviews with high-profile personalities. She was one of Forbes’ List of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women and made a $12 million fortune from her profession as a journalist.


The music industry would not be what it is today without the degree of contribution from musicians like Paul McCartney. For those of you who do not know, McCartney is a member of the legendary English band The Beatles. They are one of— if not the most— influential rock bands in history. Paul, together with his bandmates, reached the height of their career in the ’60s. In the ‘70s, The Beatles made international headlines when they announced they would be disbanding. This obviously broke a lot of fan’s hearts. However, this also paved the way for McCartney to establish his solo career.

After building a career of his own, he went around the globe touring and making music with other artists. As a songwriter, he penned songs like I Wanna Be Your Man by The Rolling Stones and Fame by David Bowie. Currently, he continues to make music with today’s hottest singers. As fruit for his hard work, Mccartney is one of the world’s wealthiest musicians with a total net worth of £800 million.


Before you know Kelly Ripa as the famed talk show host of the syndicated program, Live! with Kelly and Ryan, opposite Ryan Seacrest, she used to be a famous actress. She once dominated the TV scene, appearing on ABC’s All My Children and Hope & Faith. She then ventured into the world of hosting, starting on Live! with Regis in 2000. From here, the rest is history. Her name became one of the most prominent in the business. She is the co-host of the CNN program CNN Heroes along with Anderson Cooper. Ripa was recently featured in the film The Stand-In, which was released last December 11, 2020.

Aside from hosting, Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, are also into business investments. They are the owners of the production company, Milojo, derived from the name of their now-grown-up kids, Michael Joseph, Lola, and Joaquin Antonio. In 2006, Ripa broke the Guinness World Record when 24 banana cream pies were tossed at her mouth in just one minute on her morning TV show Live!


Who would have thought Kevin Costner is already 65 years old today? How fast time flies! It feels like time had barely passed from when he led the iconic movie The Bodyguard opposite Whitney Houston. Now, he is wowing everyone with his incredible talent as one of the drama series Yellowstone’s cast members.

In his time in the business, Costner has received a lot of credits and accolades. Of course, his talent never went unnoticed, bringing home two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since Costner launched his acting career in the ‘80s, he has put everyone in awe with his excellent acting talent, and after several years, he continuously does so. Moviegoers who are also comic fans can recognize Costner when he played as Jonathan Kent, the father of Clark Kent/Superman on both Zack Snyder’s films Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. His latest film was Let Him Go and was released in theaters last November 2020.


Laura Ingraham has made her way into the entertainment business as a TV host. However, long before that point in her career, she used to be the voice behind the nationally-syndicated radio show, The Laura Ingraham Show, in the early days for about two decades. The host was also the editor-in-chief of LifeZette. Today, she is manning The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel.

Before she rose to prominence as a host, Ingraham used to work for the Reagan administration in the late ‘80s as a speechwriter. After she got her J.D. degree, she started working as a judicial clerk. After that, Ingraham went to the United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In the ‘90s, she started working in the entertainment industry. She began her hosting career in MSNBC in the year 1996 and hosted the program Watch It! You won’t only see her on television because she had a stint on hosting radio programs, beginning in 2001 and continues to do so.


He may be from Northern Ireland, but Liam Neeson managed to make waves in the United States. He conquered Hollywood’s spotlight with his excellent acting talent, getting credits for being one of the Sexiest Stars in Film History. Neeson has also been listed in The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time by Empire magazine. On top of all that, Neeson is also one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. Of course, these feats will never be complete without his prestigious awards.

He took home an Academy Award for Best Actor, a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and three Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama. Although he made a lot of movies in the ‘80s, it was not until he made Steven Spielberg’s iconic 1993 movie, Schindler’s List, that he rose to prominence. He is prominently known to many movie enthusiasts as Gawain in Excalibur, Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins, King Aslan in Chronicles of Narnia, and Bryan Mills in the Taken trilogy. This year, his films are Made In Italy and Honest Thief, followed by The Marksman, which is set to be released in 2021. That is the list of must-watch movies if you are a massive fan of him.


Another prominent star on the list is Michael Douglas. Who can even forget the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest that he produced in 1975? This superstar icon is the progeny of two actors: Kirk Douglas and Diana Dill. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from the University of California, he started his colorful entertainment career and it was a huge success. He began doing acting roles in film, stage, and TV productions.

He got everyone’s attention when he did the TV series The Streets of San Francisco, which also earned him several Emmy Award nominations. Alternatively, his production work let him acquire the rights to the Ken Kesey novel from his father. Aside from acting, he started producing, where he also succeeded. Besides being known as Catherine Zeta-Jones’ partner, Douglas was prominently known to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans’ eyes as Dr. Hank Pym on Ant-Man.


Rebecca De Mornay rose to prominence when she did Risky Business in 1983. From one project to another, she did many movie and TV productions, including The Slugger’s WifeRunaway TrainThe Trip to BountifulBackdraft, and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, among others. Her other film credits were the iconic The Three MusketeersNever Talk to StrangersIdentityLords of DogtownWedding Crashers, and Mother’s Day. De Mornay also starred in the TV series The Shining and Jessica Jones.

In 2012, De Mornay joined the American Reunion movie cast, where she played an attractive older woman who was also lead star’s the love interest. Today, the actress maybe 61, but there is no way that she will retire from acting yet. Her career didn’t stop there because she was featured as Penelope Decker in Lucifer. There is still a long way for De Mornay to go as fans will continuously see on both the big and small screens.


Val Kilmer started in the business as a stage actor until he conquered Hollywood with his comedy films in the mid-‘80s. His first movie came in 1984’s Top Secret! and was followed by Real Genius in 1985. He also starred alongside Tom Cruise in the 1986 iconic film Top Gun and the 1988 fantasy film Willow.

Kilmer has made a lot of notable roles in the past, starting with the 1991 movie The Doors, 1993’s True Romance and Tombstone, and 1995’s Heat. Of course, who could ever forget him as Bruce Wayne in 1995’s Batman Forever? His other film credits were The SaintThe Prince of EgyptKiss Kiss Bang Bang, and MacGruber. This year, he penned a book of his own, titled I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir. Suppose you are a Top Gun fan and longing for his character to return on screen. Well, no more waiting for that because Kilmer will be reprising his role as Admiral Tom Kazansky in Top Gun: Maverick in 2021.


Media proprietor Vince McMahon is mostly known as the chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the pioneer of the professional wrestling revolution in the U.S. Aside from this, he also has other businesses and investments. He is a professional wrestling promoter, an American football executive, and the founder and owner of Alpha Entertainment and other WWE-related companies. With his feats and contributions to the wrestling world, he has become the industry’s most influential figure.

McMahon, who comes from a family of wrestling promoters, has been involved in the industry since he was a child. Just this year, he marked his return to WWE in celebration of his son-in-law Triple H’s 25th anniversary in the business. He is known for his ring persona Mr. McMahon, and you’ll often hear his famous catchphrase, “You’re fired!”. His recent appearance was on WWE Survivor Series 2020 during Undertaker’s retirement ceremony.


Tommy Lee Jones is a legendary, award-winning actor in Hollywood. He has received several accolades and credits from various prestigious award-giving bodies for his excellent acting chops, from the Academy Awards to the Golden Globes. Who could ever forget his role as U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard in the 1993 movie The Fugitive?

Jones has made many notable roles in the past, making a mark as Agent K in the Men in Black franchise. He was also known as the villain Two-Face in Batman Forever, Colonel Chester Phillips in Captain America: The First Avenger, and CIA Director Robert Dewey in Jason Bourne, among others. He has also perfectly portrayed real-life personalities on screen, like Howard Hughes in The Amazing Howard Hughes and Congressman Thaddeus Stevens in Lincoln (which earned him his fourth Oscar nomination), Gary Gilmore in The Executioner’s Song, and a lot more.


Tim McGraw rose to prominence as a country singer and has released 15 studio albums thus far. Ten of those albums have successfully reached the number one spot of the Top Country Albums charts. Aside from this feat, his breakthrough album, Not a Moment Too Soon, topped the country album of 1994. In 1996, he married to fellow country music singer/songwriter Faith Hill.

In total, McGraw has produced 65 singles, some of which have topped the number one music charts. He has also bagged several music awards, garnering three Grammy Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 10 American Music Awards, and three People’s Choice Awards. With his degree of fame and success, he has become one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with over 80 million records sold worldwide. He has also made appearances in films such as The Blind Side, Tomorrowland, and Four Christmases.


Although she rose to prominence as the former wife of the legendary golfer Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren has a successful life story. Her mom, Barbro Holmberg, is a known politician, while her dad, Thomas Nordegren, is a radio journalist who used to be the bureau chief in Washington, D.C. When she was young, she and her sister took a lot of odd summer jobs to fund their studies. They worked as cashiers in supermarkets until Elin started modeling in 2000. She graced the cover of Café Sport magazine in the same year.

After four years, the star finally got her degree in psychology from Rollins Colleges. She also earned an outstanding senior award. Nowadays, Elin prefers to live a low-profile life. Her current partner is ex-NFL tight end player Jordan Cameron. Last October 2019, Elin gave birth to their only son. She also shares daughter Sam and son Charlie with Tiger Woods.


Tim Allen is an iconic actor and comedian in his own right. He has done a lot of T.V. and movie projects throughout his spanning career. He is best known as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing. He is also the voice behind Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise. Kids will also remember Allen as Scott Calvin and Santa Claus in the trilogy movie, Santa Clause. His other film credits are For Richer or PoorerJungle 2 JungleGalaxy QuestBig TroubleChristmas with the KranksThe Shaggy Dog, etc.

With his contributions to the industry, he was named a Disney legend for his work on the Toy Story films and the Santa Clause movie series. He also received a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005. In 2017, he was inducted into the Diecast Hall of Fame. Way back in 2000, Allen won an Annie Award for “Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Male Performer in an Animated Feature Production” for his performance as Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 2.

Britney Spears – 39 Years Old

There is no doubt that “Princess of Pop” Britney Spears is among the biggest and the brightest of all celebrities of the 21st century. She broke into the music scene in the late ‘90s with the release of her very iconic single, “…Baby One More Time”. In the years that followed, she became the center of all media attention, making her life one of the most publicized matters in Hollywood. Of course, over the years, the ruckus surrounding Britney has died down a little bit. So where is the popstar now? Well, Britney has not released any new single in recent years but she remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Nowadays, Britney maintains a low profile and spends her time at a property investment she purchased in Thousand Oaks, California. Britney took part in #DoYourPartChallenge and told her fans to send her a message on Instagram if they need words of wisdom during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Adele really knew what she wanted to do after she graduated from the BRIT School in 2006. The then-aspiring singer signed a recording contract with XL Recordings. Just after a year, she already received an accolade, winning the Brit Awards Critics’ Chose Award and the BBC Sound of 2008 poll. Her debut album, 19, was a certified hit, which turned out to be platinum in the UK for eight times and three times platinum in the US. In 2012, she was listed as one of the highest paid celebrities under 30s by Forbes. In the same year, she also recorded the song “Skyfall” for the James Bond film Skyfall. From there, the rest was history.

Today, fans eagerly await Adele’s fourth studio album. The singing powerhouse has been reportedly working on her new album since 2018. To her credit, she perfectly knows how to excite her fans when she teased her new LP in a social media post. It will only be a matter of time before it drops, and it will definitely cause another cultural reset.


Simpson holds the record for the only professional football player to run more than 2,000 yards on the ball this season. The season mentioned here is not the current 16 games. In 1985, Simpson was inducted into the American Football Hall of Fame. After retiring from professional football, Simpson became a television sports commentator and worked as an actor.

In 1995, Simpson was accused of committing two murders in 1994. The victim was the result of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his friend Ronald Goldman. The Simpson case, in after a long public criminal trial, he was found not guilty because of evidence loopholes. However, in 2007 O.J. Simpson was imprisoned for robbery. He finally started serving in 2008 and was sentenced to 33 years in prison. At the parole hearing on July 20, 2017, the committee decided to parole Simpson. After nine years in prison, he was released on October 1, 2017.


How lucky are we to be able to experience the exceptional talent of Meryl Streep? She might be 71 years old, but her fame and excellent acting skills remain timeless. She is deemed the best actress of her generation and often praised for her versatility and accents. For the record, she has 21 Academy Award nominations and 33 Golden Globe nominations.

At 71, there is no stopping Streep from acting. In March 2020, she announced she was about to headline three films, which would be released in different streaming services. To a certain degree, we are going to continue seeing our beloved actress on the screen. One of her notable performances was portraying herself as the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 2011 film The Iron Lady. Recently, she was cast in lead roles on the Netflix movie The Prom and the HBO Max film Let Them All Talk.


In her seven-decade career, Barbara Streisand has almost done everything. She is a singer, actress, and filmmaker. This celebrity has also achieved the success that some performers can only dream about in their lifetime. She has two Academy Awards, ten Grammy Awards, including the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the Grammy Legend Award, five Emmys Awards, four Peabody Awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and nine Golden Globes. What more can you ask for?

We can only think that she might have made an investment on lavish shelves that could hold all of these honors. Today, at 78, Streisand remains active in the industry. She became part of the new rendition of “We Are the World” in 2010, renamed “We Are the World 25 for Haiti” for the benefit of the Haitians who were affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Her 2017 tour, “Barbra: The Music, The Mem’ries, The Magic” brought in $53 million in sales and was released on Netflix.


Bob Dylan is one of the most critical parts of popular culture, in credit to his great talents as a singer, songwriter, author, and visual artist. In the 1960s, his songs, “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin, became the tune of the civil rights and the anti-war movements.

His lyrics often tackle political, social, philosophical, and literary issues, defying the pop music conventions that make it more appealing to the masses, especially to the counterculture. Today, Dylan is 79, but nothing can stop him from doing what he loves, continuously releasing new songs on his YouTube channel. Some say the song “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” was originally sang by the band Guns and Roses. Contrary to popular belief, Bob Dylan was the original performer of that song. Moreover, Dylan has garnered plenty awards including 10 Grammys. In 2020, he released an album entitled Rough and Rowdy Ways.


Victoria Principal is an American actress, producer, entrepreneur, and author, best known for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the American soap opera Dallas. She spent nine years on the long-running series before leaving the show in 1987. Afterward, she began her own production company, Victoria Principal Productions, focusing mostly on television films. For her works on television, she was nominated for a Golden Globe twice.

In the mid-1980s, she became interested in natural beauty therapies, and in 1989, she created a self-named line of skincare products, Principal Secret, which was acquired by Guthy Renker in 2019. Since then, Principal has concentrated on her philanthropic efforts through her foundation The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence. She clearly has a lot of investment money, as she donated boats to help save those animals affected by Hurricane Florence. In addition, she has a rescue facility wherein she rehabilitates animals.


Diana Ross is a veteran singer born in Detroit, Michigan. She was prominently known as the lead singer of the musical group The Supremes, the best charting all female group in the history of music and one of the world’s best-selling girl groups. Diana Ross’ musical group released a record-setting twelve number-one hit singles on the US Billboard Hot 100. Ross has influenced many singers and songwriters including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé Knowles, Madonna, Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix, Questlove, Ledisi, and The Ting Tings.

She made numerous singles, particularly the song “If We Hold on Together”, the theme song of the 1988 animated movie The Land Before Time and was composed by James Horner. This year, Diana Ross released “Supertonic: Mixes”, featuring nine remixes of her greatest hits. She recently postponed her UK tour of her Top of the World Tour from June 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Hailed the “Queen of All Media,” Wendy Williams is known for being upfront and frank with her audience. She started out as a DJ when she entered the media industry. As she was successful in her radio show, a fan base formed and she became a big hit. In 2008, she launched her own talk show The Wendy Williams Show, which still airs today. She was recognized in the National Radio Hall of Fame for her success. At the height of the success of her TV show, she decided to retire from the radio and focus on her show instead.

Williams has written seven books, has a clothing line with Home Shopping Network (HSN), and has a jewelry collection on QVC. A street in New Jersey was renamed Wendy Williams Way when the famed media personality celebrated her 50th birthday. Aside from her namesake talk show, she made a recent appearance on The Masked Singer.


After years of battling rejection during the early days of his career, Sylvester Stallone would eventually go on to become one of the most popular action stars in Hollywood history. After watching the fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner, he wrote and completed the script for Rocky in 3 days and 20 hours. Rocky earned ten Oscar nominations, 3 of which they won, and was inducted into the National Film Registry.

Recently, the star of Rambo and Rocky attended a meeting along with Jason Blum and James Demonaco, with the latter notable for writing all four films in the Purge franchise. It led to various rumors that Stallone is going to appear in the fifth Purge films. After many years, he also reprised his role as Rocky Balboa in the spin-off films Creed and Creed II, portraying Adonis Creed’s mentor and trainer.


In this day and age, I don’t think there is a single soul on this planet that does not know who Angelina Jolie is. Angelina, who rose to fame as a child model and actress, is now a multi-awarded Hollywood actress and a renowned children’s rights activist. Angie’s acting debut was in the film Lookin’ to Get Out, where she starred alongside her father, Jon Voight. People were quick to notice her talent, so it did not take long for Angelina to earn acting credits even at a young age.

Her big break came in 1999 when she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Girl, Interrupted. Today, Angelina is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses and a passionate UN Ambassador for various causes involving children. One of her prominent roles was Lara Croft in Tomb Raider franchise and Maleficent in the film of the same name. In 2021, she is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and play Thena in Eternals.


If you grew up watching ‘90s romantic comedies, then you have probably developed a crush on Hugh Grant at some point. The English actor was well-known during the ‘90s for being Hollywood’s go-to leading man. Some of his most notable works as a rom-com lead include Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, and Notting Hill, where he starred opposite Julia Roberts. However, Hugh is a much more flexible actor than his romantic comedy background would have you believe.

Throughout his career, Hugh became the recipient of various accolades, including a BAFTA and a Golden Globe. Today, at 60 years old, Hugh continues to beef up his already impressive acting portfolio with more challenging roles. Despite his fame, Grant had a charitable personality and helped funding the Marie Curie Cancer Care in the wake of his mother’s passing and endorsed its Great Daffodil Appeal.


Clint Eastwood is a famous actor and director and first became an international celebrity when he took on the role of the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy back in the ’60s. Of course, Hollywood would never forget how he immortalized in the Dirty Harry series and raked in millions at the box office every single time. He has equal parts success as an actor and as a director, receiving many accolades.

Today, it is safe to say that he has starred in and produced a good number of award-winning and outstanding films out there. His lifelong investment in his career has paid off. In fact, the next Best Picture Award could very well be his. Besides that, he directed various films like Letters from Iwo Jima, American Sniper, Invictus and Mystic River. His movie American Sniper earned $547.4 million in box office, making it the highest grossing film in America and remains the highest-grossing film he has ever made.


Cameron Diaz conquered the big screen in the 1990s to the late 2010s. She made a name for herself as the leading lady of almost every famous comedian back then, including Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and many more. She also starred alongside Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels and its sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Of course, her great talent never went unnoticed, receiving different accolades from the most respected award-giving bodies.

This made Diaz one of the highest-paid actresses in 2013 and the fifth highest-grossing domestic box office actress in the US in 2018. However, in 2017, she eventually got tired of acting and announced her retirement. She is now making waves as an author, using her fame and wit as her insurance to being a bestseller. She also became an author and wrote two books about health, The Body Book and The Longevity Book. Recently, she appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show.


Carrie Underwood used her incredible singing voice as her ladder to success. Credits to American Idol, she rose to prominence after winning the show’s fourth season in 2005. Today, Underwood belongs among the most notable singers in Hollywood. Her debut single, “Inside Your Heaven”, made her the only country artist to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Some of her hits songs that are still known today are Jesus, Take the Wheel as well as “Before He Cheats”. These songs made her the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history.

Aside from singing, Underwood is also an author. Her debut book, Find Your Path, became a bestseller. On September 2020, she released her Christmas album entitled My Gift, which went on to be included on Billboard 200. She starred on HBO Max special My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood and performed songs on her recent Christmas album My Gift.


Martin Sheen, one of the biggest superstars in America, is known for being a charming and legendary actor. You might have been known for his roles in the movies The Subject Was Roses and Badlands, but he received international success for his role in Apocalypse Now. However, he didn’t just dominate the silver screen; he also starred in several successful projects on the small screen such as The West Wing and Grace and Frankie.

Aside from American movies, he also made it on the Irish film Stella Days. Martin has received prestigious awards back in the day, including multiple Emmy nominations and eight Golden Globe nominations. Although he is now 80, there is nothing that can stop Sheen from acting. He continues to act to be a part of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. He is also about to have an acting credit as J. Edgar Hoover in the upcoming film Judas and the Black Messiah.


It’s no secret that Brad Pitt is one of the most admired actors in Hollywood today. After spending 33 years perfecting his craft, he surely deserves a spot in the upper tier of Hollywood royalties. However, Brad’s career has not always been bright and shiny. In the early days of his career, he was not given acting credits for the roles he played in films like Less Than Zero and No Way Out. As a result, Brad struggled to get his career up and running.

For years, he endured small budget roles until he was hired to play Louis de Pointe du Lac in the 1994 adaptation of Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. He starred alongside Tom Cruise, a young Kirsten Dunst, and Antonio Banderas. The film marked a turning point in Brad’s career as it established him as an up-and-coming actor of his generation. Although his acting career has never stopped skyrocketing since then, Brad still continues to build his resume by producing many successful films.


Bill Cosby started his stand-up comedy career when he was working at the Hungry I in San Francisco back in the ’60s. He then became part of the TV show I Spy, which later led him to have his own sitcom, The Bill Cosby Show. The sitcom with title credits to his name ran for two seasons from 1969 to 1971. His career as a stand-up comedian was a success and rocked through full six decades of stand-out comedy and entertainment for the American people.

However, in 2014, after several women made charges against him, he was pushed to hire great lawyers to help him face the cases. In fact, these allegations date back decades, but they didn’t know until 2014. To date, while he is still serving his three to ten years sentence, his attorneys are making advances to get the court to reconsider his case. However, in the face of strong evidence and public voices, this case still maintains the original verdict.


Peter Dinklage has been in the entertainment scene since the ‘90s, but he only received acclaim when he played the credit role of Tyrion Lannister on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Fans started to love the now-51-year-old star for his great acting talent, perfectly showing his character’s wit and intellect with his every move and word. From here, a lot of doors have opened for Dinklage in Hollywood.

Gone are the days that he struggled to find work as an actor because of his condition. He refused to do roles usually given to actors who are stunted in growth, like leprechauns and elves. Instead, Dinklage showed what he got, and everyone saw he was good at it. Now, he is continuously dominating the big screen, one movie after another. After GoT, he did five TV and movie projects, and he still has six more productions coming.


Marie Osmond’s surname will surely ring a bell. She is a part of the famous Osmond family, though she tried to veer away from their prominent singing group. The now-61-year-old star made her own career path in the field of music. Her rise to stardom started when she became a solo country music artist in the ‘70s and ‘80s. She gave a new flavor to the country-pop ballad Paper Roses after making a cover. Marie also ventured into hosting, along with his brother, Donny Osmond, on the TV variety show Donny & Marie.

Fast forward to today, Marie is still active in the industry. She announced she would be working on a new operatic album that might be out soon. She also continuously performs opera on a Christmas album, Broadway, and during her Las Vegas residency. If the said album saw the light of the day, it would be Marie’s 11 solo credit album.


Phoebe Cates was a hot item in Hollywood back in the ‘80s, when she gained popularity playing the high school dream girl in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Due to her performance, she eventually landed several projects such as Paradise, Private School, as well as Gremlins. She then got better roles when she worked with Michael J. Fox in Bright Lights, Big City. Many thought that she would be staying in the industry for a long time, but after marrying Kevin Kline, the actress bid the limelight farewell.

What has Cates been up to all these years? Well, it seems that being an entrepreneur suits her as she has spent her investment money on a boutique called Blue Tree, which can be found on Madison Avenue. She does seem happy with her role outside of Hollywood as her boutique is doing quite well. Family life also suits her, and hopefully, she comes out again to appear on films or TV shows as many do miss seeing her on the screen.


Justine Bateman is an actress, writer, producer, and author, and the sibling of fellow actor Jason Bateman. Her most prominent role as an actress was in the show, Family Ties, which ran from 1982 to 1989. She was also in one of the episodes of Tales from the Darkside, and she was a host in Saturday Night Live. Bateman’s career was going nowhere, but fortunately, she landed roles in the shows Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Men Behaving Badly, and Out of Order.

Justine has also shown her skills as a writer with her feature film, Violet, and when she wrote a short film called Five Minutes. Did you know that her first script was for Wizards of Waverly Place? She has also worked as a producer, which only shows that she is an incredibly talented person. Aside from that, her investments also included a clothing design company, but unfortunately, it closed down in 2003.


Jami Gertz is one of the familiar faces in Hollywood during the ‘80s when she gained attention for her performances in shows like Square Pegs, The Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes, and Dreams. In the middle of the ‘80s, Gertz started to appear in films, too which included Sixteen Candles, Less Than Zero, and The Lost Boys. She then got a recurring role on E.R., Ally McBeal, Seinfeld, Still Standing, and Shark. You would also have seen her in films like Twister and Keeping Up With the Steins.

Aside from her acting career, Gertz is also a sports team owner and an active philanthropist together with her husband. She was quick to offer assistance to various charities, which is a good way to spend her investment money. She has also several real estates to her name, expanding her portfolio throughout the years.


Your 1980s movie viewing will never be complete without Elisabeth Shue. She used to grace the big screen at the time from one movie to another, like Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, and more. The now-57-year-old star was also part of some of the most iconic films, such as The Karate Kid, Back to the Future Parts II, and III.

Today, Shue is nearing her senior years, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing her acting career. She’s still part of some of the famous TV series, like the hit web show Cobra Kai, which was based on the original The Karate Kid films. The actress continuously receives credits for the acting jobs she makes, and the most recent is from another TV series, From Now. Fans are also about to see more of Shue on both the big and small screen with her two new projects coming up, On the Verge and Constance.


As a child, Kaley Cuoco showed great potential as a tennis player and even ranked as an amateur. However, her fortunes would turn when she turned 16 when she stopped playing and decided to pursue another career path in acting. What a risky choice she made! As a teenager, she appeared on the TV films such as Quicksand: No Escape and Toothless as well as on the movie Virtuosity. In the early 2000s, the young actress would play the role of Bridget Hennessey on ABC’s 8 Simple Rules and gain much-deserved attention. At that point there was no stopping her rise to prominence as she would be cast in the role of Penny in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Cuoco’s performances on the series brought about a degree of international fame and further opened the gates to other career opportunities. Nowadays, apart from being an actress, she is a producer on the comedic thriller The Flight Attendant. One thing is for sure, we haven’t seen the last of Cuoco and she will continue to prosper in the industry.


Cote De Pable was born Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez. She is a native of Santiago, Chile and her family moved to Florida by the time she was 10 years old. Eventually, she would land a co-hosting gig for episodes of a Latin-American talk show called Control when she was 15. After which, she studied at Carnegie Mellon University taking up theater and music. As such, her initial career investments led her to several TV appearances before landing her career-defining portrayal of Ziva David in CBS’s NCIS. It was a role she reprised for years. In 2011, she earned an ALMA Award for her performance.

Today the Chilean-born American actress continues to build upon her TV success and has appeared in several films since her distinguished NCIS role. Cote appeared in The 33, The Dovekeepers, and Prototype, among others. She is also a producer for the drama MIA.


Traci Lords is an actress and singer. She made her investments in her acting career by enrolling at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. There, she took up method acting. Her studies would pay off and result in her being cast in films such as Not of This World, and Cry-Baby. Moreover, she would appear in dozens of TV shows such as Melrose Place, Will Grace, Tales from the Crypt, and Gilmore Girls, among many others.

Apart from her acting ventures, Lords simultaneously fostered a music career. Songs from her studio album 1000 Fires were featured in the soundtrack of movies such as Mortal Kombat and Pet Sematary Two. She published her autobiography, entitled Traci Lords: Underneath It All, in 2003. She has also used her platform to to help runaways and homeless teenagers. Currently, she stars in a comedy series.


Back in the late 1970s to through the 1980s, Tommy Chong established a cult following along with Cheech Marin with their cannabis-themed comedy albums and movies as the duo Cheech & Chong. However, the Canadian-born comedian initially set off his career as a musician. He played the guitar for a band called Shades. To their credit, they toured all over Vancouver and garnered reasonable success and, at one point, performed as an opening act for the Jackson 5.

While the Cheech and Chong comedy albums did earn much-deserved acclaim with four Grammy nominations, the comedic duo decided to part ways in 1985 due to creative differences. It wouldn’t be until the 2000s when he would be cast for the role of Leo in the internationally famous sitcom That ‘70s Show, that he would return to the limelight. Though the comedian isn’t as active in the industry these days, he remains to be a big figure in the comedy scene.


Mary Elinor Donahue is a former Hollywood actress who rose to fame back in the 1950s. She was born on April 19, 1937, in Tacoma, Washington, and would land dancing-chorus film roles by the tender age of five. She took up ballet lessons as a child and would have small parts in films when she was a teenager such as Love is Better Than Ever, Three Daring Daughters, and Girls Town. Donahue earned a degree of widespread popularity playing the role of Betty in the sitcom Father Knows Best. It premiered in 1954 and aired until 1960 where she co-starred alongside the likes of Jane Wyatt and Robert Young.

During the 1960s all through the 1980s, Donahue enjoyed TV prominence following the success of Father Knows Best, appearing in a wide array of shows, from drama to comedy and even sci-fi, having guest-starred on Star Trek on its second season in 1967. She continued on in the 1990s starring in the sitcom Get A Life and delving into voice acting in Eek! The Cat!. Her last appearance on TV was on the soap The Young and the Restless, doing 4 episodes from 2010 to 2011.


Barbara Mandrell enjoyed an illustrious career as a country singer back in the 1970s and 1980s. She was born on December 25, 1948, in Houston, Texas. Her father was a World War II veteran and a police officer, who would later utilize his degree of business acumen to successfully manage his daughters’ careers in music for over 30 years.

She initially garnered attention after signing a record deal with major record label Columbia back in 1969. She dished out chart-hitting songs one after the other for the following years and even worked with legendary producer Billy Sherill. By 1975, the Texan singer moved on to the record label ABC/Dot, where she would redefine her music to a more country-pop genre. Here she delivered chart-topping hits such as Sleeping Single in a Double Bed and I Don’t Want to be Right. Through the years, her lucrative career also brought home seven American Music Awards and two Grammy Awards, among many others. She retired from performing and recording altogether back in 1997 and would do the occasional stage appearance throughout the 2010s.


Monica Lewinsky is a TV personality and activist. She garnered international fame as a White House intern after getting entangled with President Bill Clinton in an affair. The controversy led to the American President’s impeachment, which would be infamously known as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

After the international coverage of the scandal, she would capitalize on her newfound popularity and subsequently ventured into fashion design. Her business ventures include a line of handbags, a diet plan, and even enjoyed her stint as a TV personality. However, Lewinsky decided to step away from the limelight and to earn herself a degree in Psychology in London. Upon her return to the spotlight, she would quickly become a public figure against cyberbullying. In 2014, she wrote an article for Vanity Fair entitled “Shame and Survival”, where she talked about her scandal and life in general.


Most of the current generation of moviegoers associate Charlie’s Angels with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, and Drew Barrymore or Elizabeth Banks’ 2019 film. However, connoisseurs of the industry know that these films owe a degree of gratitude to the original TV series that starred Jaclyn Smith. Moreover, the Texan actress was the only original cast of the series to have with the production until its end in 1981. She also had cameos on Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and in the 2019 reboot.

Smith started her career doing TV commercials back in 1969 before being cast for her iconic role amongst the trio of Charlie’s Angel alongside Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson in 1976. The series ultimately propelled her career to greater Hollywood fame, and she appeared in a multitude of TV films and miniseries throughout her career. To this day she remains active in the industry with her most recent appearance on an episode of All American, a sports drama on The CW.


Yasmine Bleeth entered the entertainment industry at a very tender age of ten months. She first appeared on a baby shampoo commercial via the investments of Johnson & Johnson. At age six, she appeared on Candid Camera and in a commercial for the Max Factor ad campaign. And by the age of 12, she landed her debut film role in Hey Babe!, all while continuing to appear in commercials.

While Bleeth started in the industry as a child actress, she would make it big as an adult in the widely successful series Baywatch. She drew the attention of beauty magazines being ranked amongst the beautiful and sexiest actresses in Hollywood. Sadly, due to a slew of controversies in the 2000s, Bleeth would effectively step away from the limelight. Though exiting the industry amid widespread success, fans of the beauty would be relieved to know that recent public sightings of her show that she is perfectly healthy and doing just fine.


Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of the music legend Frank Sinatra. Just like her old man, she pursued a career in acting and singing. Her career beginnings were back in the mid-1950s initially gaining traction all over Japan and Europe. In 1966, she finally found success with her hit song These Boots Are for Walkin’, where she would be featured sporting her signature high boots accompanied by go-go dancers. In the following years, Sinatra would capitalize on this success and release a string of chart-hitting songs and even released a duet with her father titled Somethin’ Stupid.

While establishing her music prominence, she simultaneously fostered her acting career, appearing in movies such as The Wild Angels and Speedway, a musical drama also starring Elvis Presley. In 1965, she co-starred in a comedy alongside her father in Marriage on the Rocks. To her credit, though she is 81 years old, Sinatra remains active in the music industry, releasing remastered versions of her hit songs and other compilations.


Dolly Parton has spent most of her career being country music’s ultimate sweetheart, and with good reason!

The 75-year-old singer broke into the industry with the release of her 1967 debut album Hello Dolly. She quickly rose up the charts thanks to her song Dumb Blonde, a single addressing the common stereotype about blondes. After skyrocketing to success in the 1970s until the 1990s, Parton became a living legend among prominent musical figures. Besides her charms and her singing prowess, the singer also has a heart of gold. Over the years, she has been known to spend some of her investment money to support causes like quality education and disaster relief. Today, Parton is still as gorgeous and giving as she was back in the day. With her grace and youthful glow, it’s pretty hard to believe that she is now in her 70s!

‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil – 54 Years Old

Patricia Krentcil became a media sensation in 2012 for her obsession with tanning. She was dubbed “Tan Mom” all over tabloids, and this turned into a massive hurricane in her life. The 54-year-old star made several appearances on the Howard Stern Show, and the radio host managed to help her launch her very own music career. While she had questionable moments, Krentcil still credits Stern for saving her career.

To this day, Krentcil admits she hasn’t strayed too far from her old habits and still tans upward to twice a week. She also made it clear that during the height of her fame, she and her family moved to Tampa, Florida, to avoid public scrutiny of her tanning obsession and have a fresh start. Since then, she ventured out in the music scene and partnered up with Adam Barta, who wrote, produced, and recorded several songs for her.

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